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Christmas Day 2012

4:23 PMDollie DeVille

The long awaited morning was finally here! And it was a beautiful day here on Christmas. 

We always start the morning with coffee and opening presents. Then we finish with mimosas and a fun breakfast. This year we made Dutch apple pancakes in a cast iron skillet in the oven. They were very yummy! 

We are such kids who want to get right to opening presents, so we wear our jammies! 

We had to let the real "kids" open presents first though. This is beau opening one of his gifts. It took him a while, but he finally got it open. It was a dinner plate full of a stuffed fried chicken, corn, potato and roll. He loved it. 

Gravy got a catnip stuffed sushi set.

She loved it too! 

Then we got to open our presents. I loved this cute wrapping paper. 

Zack got me a cute cotton house dress.

And this super cute pink flower celluloid necklace! This is coming to Viva Las Vegas for sure! 

With this Vintage Catalina Swimsuit in harlequin print! I love the colors. Hopefully it looks good on me at the VLV Pool Party! 

One more thing that is hopefully coming to VLV- this cool teal lurex dress! My husband is the best shopper ever! 

He got some cool stuff too- a Johnny Horton tee, a Charlie Feathers tee, two gabardine shirts, and a ricky jacket. He had to wait until that evening to open his big gift though. 

We are so crazy that we like to give our vintage gifts in vintage boxes! 

So we collect and save them whenever we can. 

Here is the stuff Zack got me! I didn't show pictures of all of them, so here they are. On the top left are two lucite picture frames to hang our wedding photos in the hall. The top on the bottom is a pink White Stag sailcloth bra top. It fits like a dream. That is going to be worn a lot! He also got me some Benefit and Besame makeup and some new fake eyelashes. The last thing is a lucite purse that looks kinda like the $1,000 bee hive lucite purse I want, but was a huge steal. 

Then we got ready for the dinner we were hosting for family. 

Table setting

I used my Shiney Brite ornament tree as a center piece.

Every guest got a unique menu and place card. 

Dessert bar on the hifi again. 

The turkey didn't look quite as good this year, I think our oven needs to be re-calibrated  The heat is all over the place all of the sudden. 

The food tasted great and was beautiful as well. 

After dinner Zack got to open his big gift that I spent a while saving for:

A new guitar! It is the Epiphone Emperior Swingster that he wanted. 

My boys had a great Christmas. My job here is done!


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  1. Your Christmas looks like it was fabulous and you both made out like bandits!

  2. very nice christmas presents for sure :) your dishes are adorable :)

    1. Thank you, they are a family heirloom and my most prized possession!

  3. Do tell me more about the Dutch apple pancakes in a cast iron skillet

    1. I got the recipe off You can google it under that name. It was super yummy!

  4. The lurex dress is divine! Merry Christmas to you and Zack, and thank you for sharing your lovely house with all of us :)

    1. It ended up being an inch or two too small in the butt, even after losing 18 lbs. Can you believe that? Breaks my heart!


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