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A collection of my favorite Viva Las Vegas outfits!

11:10 PMDollie DeVille

In honor of Viva Las Vegas 16 being just 9 weeks away I wanted to make a collection of my favorite Viva Las Vegas outfits. But in order for you to really appreciate my best Viva outfits, you would have to know where I started. I didn't always have the best fashion sense. I also didn't know the importance of foundation garments! Lastly, I didn't always know how to do my hair and makeup the best wait to suit my face. But of course, as a naive young-in' I thought I had it going on. I was happy at the time at least, so that is all that really mattered. 

Here are my least favorite outfits:

I have posted this photo before. This is from my first VLV. This is a repro dress from a popular company. At the time I thought it was my best dress. Now I can see how unforgiving those stretchy shiny fabrics can be! I am also not a fan of the black stockings, my hair and my makeup. All I can say is, what was I thinking? 

This is another outfit from that same year. I used to love this dress. I think I got it at the mall. I should have left it there! 

This is another one of my worst-dressed picks. This is where the saying "just because it is vintage doesn't make it good" comes to mind. I bought this dress that same day up in the vendor room. I couldn't wait to wear it even though it needed a belt, so I bought this one to go with it. I thought it matched at the time and that I looked so good, but in retrospect I was way off the mark. It is not a bad dress, but it never fit me right and it need a skinny belt. Now I have a rule not to wear anything I just bought. 

Now on to my favorite Viva outfits!!
This was also from my first VLV. Proof that not all of my outfits were misses my first year. This was my first vintage dresses. I still really love it. 

From my second VLV. I love that barkcloth skirt! 

From my third VLV. You can see how I am starting to find MY style. I wish this dress still fit, but I ended up selling it. 

At this time I still didn't really know much more then basic makeup, but my hair was getting better! This is when I started loving gloves. 

This was my first Hawaiian dress. I think I wore it at the car show to my 2nd and 3rd Vivas until I broke the zipper. It was a repro from Canada. 

This was my first deadstock dress. I still have it with the tags but it doesn't fit anymore. This was my first really fancy schmancy vintage dress. 

This was my first playsuit with matching skirt. It started my obsession with collecting them. This is still at the top of my list for favorite outfits of all time. My hair and makeup was considerably better at this point. 

My first pair of Freddies of Pinewood jeans! They look really cute with this vintage top and made a perfect late night dance outfit. 

My first gabardine dress. I took this one in, I could never sell it! 

Another cute two piece outfit! 

My favorite top with some deadstock shorts. Once I lost weight I really liked wearing shorts (for the first time in my life basically).

Kamehameha playsuit and matching skirt.

My first vintage gold lame pants and vintage bra top! 

My favorite Shaheen. Zack got it as a birthday gift to me. 

Shaheen playsuit and matching tea timer. My addiction to Shaheen and multi-piece sets was in full effect at this point. 

My first vintage prom dress!

Deadstock Ruth Clarage 4 piece set. 

Shaheen playsuit with matching pool coat. 

Shaheen hostess pant set. 

Another Shaheen from Zachary. 

I know I forgot some, but these are most of my favorite outfits from VLV past. It is fun to look back and see how you have changed over the years. I would love to see some other bloggers post their favorite weekender outfits! 


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  1. Oh no on the first lots of outfits!! We all have our more than fair share...I am so embarassed by what I thought was lovely at the time and looking back is just so wrong!

  2. Your outfits are amazing! Do you wear only Vintage or do you allow some re-production items as well?

  3. What a courageous post!!! I don't know if I would want to show as many pictures from my past.... It's always fun to see pictures from some years ago and how we can change so much!

    When was your first VLV? Mine was in 2008 and my first R&R weekender was in England in 2003, you can see my favorite outfit of that time at the end of this post:

    My first vintage dress was in 2001, you can see it there:

    We will be in Vegas in March but it's always more difficult to plan many outfits when we are in the USA for 3 weeks with a small suitcase!

  4. Im absolutely crazy about the white wiggle dress and the ship in a bottle dress. Ive started seriously focusing on fitness and weight loss, so im looking forward to a whole new world of authentic vintage and not just relying on my own hand made reproductions
    <3 MystiLuxe

  5. Fantastic outfits! If only I had that many Shaheen pieces! I've been wearing the same one for years now though I still love it.

    I remember the days before I knew that 'just because it's vintage doesn't make it good.' I used to just buy anything that would fit. I do not have many old outfit pics since back in those days of viva nobody had digital cameras so all my photos are in a box somewhere. I do have some old photos I scanned and more recent ones at the following location...

    Now it's time to plan what to wear for this year!

  6. What a great post! Since Derek and I have been going back and forth about going to VLV this year, we are starting to lean towards going. As we just got a room to share with a friend of ours. Sharing wasn't what we expected to do, but it's better than nothing. I guess. I should have booked sooner instead of waiting.

    But since you did such a wonder post on past VLV wear, you should do a post on what the gentlemen should wear. Especially the bigger guys with a little more junk in the trunk. And yes, I am referring to dear ol' Derek.


  7. I am probably going to do a post like this too. It helps me decide what to re-wear again.

    I love your gold lame pant outfit. I just think it is really flattering on you. My other favorite is that 3 piece yellow play suit. You know how I love play suits!! Its funny, but that pic of me in my Freddies and striped top--I got so many compliments on that outfit! Its so weird cuz thats actually just a modern top I sleep in. Lol!

    9 weeks!!

  8. I'm dying over the gold pants. And I'm not desperately searching for someone that reproduces them! Eeek!

  9. Your newer outfits are simply smashing!! I must say you look wonderful! Glad you found your own style-it suits you! How fun VLV looks to be!!

  10. I love seeing the progression of your style through the's reassuring to see that a lot of us have gone through that progression in vintage styles and fashions. Amazing Shaheens!!!

  11. You look so cute and happy in every picture, I love seeing your outfit pictures & posts. I love that silver dress you called one of your first fancy schmancy dresses its just darlin' and the neckline detail on it is killer. Your collection of clothing is to die for, Im definitely envious of so many of your outfits. You have perfect taste for sure.


  12. Those gold pants are killer! You look amazing. I am really nervous about heading to Viva for the first time this year, as my clothes are going to be very dull in comparison to gorgeous people like you. Can't wait!

  13. How stunning you look, especially in your golden pants! And it is very interesting to see your changes throughout the time. It 's quite encouraging for the "vintage beginners'!

  14. Best. Playsuits. EVER! You look stunning in all of them!

  15. You are a Shaheen QUEEN!!!!!! I went through a similar process....thank you for sharing your HITS and misses!

  16. I think we all have those outfits we'd like to forget! Your hair and makeup has come so far from your early days in dressing vintage, I hope eventually I can get to where you are now.

    I must say your collection of playsuits is adorable! The yellow set with the cropped top is my favourite, it looks so great on you :)


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