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11:39 PMDollie DeVille

I must apologize for my lack of blogging activity this summer. I alluded to the reason, but was not able to fully indulge you.....until now! The big announcement is that my lovely friends and I will be featured on a special called Wives With Beehives airing on TLC next week!

It may come as a big surprise to my readers, but it has been a long time coming. It all started in Sept of 2011 when I got an email from a show runner. She said she worked for GRB Entertainment and was looking to make a documentary style reality show based on wives living the vintage lifestyle. But why me I asked. How did she find me I wondered. I came to find out that she found me from my blog! In my wildest dreams I never imagined my little piece of internet space here would take me so far. Back to the story.....She asked if her and a camera assistant could come to my house and take some footage to make into a casting video. I figured it couldn't hurt so we set a date. When they came over we had a nice quiet breakfast of homemade cornbread and coffee. I shared my stories, my view on love and life, and my home. We laughed and had an over all fantastic time. We also managed to get some of that on camera (not that that footage ever made it past casting reels). They loved my quaint home and didn't want to leave! 

I believe I converted her to our way of life that day. When Halloween came around she emailed me asking for advice on a 1950's costume. It was very endearing! I told a few very close friends about it, including Miss Amber Foxx. I told her they were looking for other girls for the show, and that I wanted to refer them to her. We both then referred a few more friends, including Leslie Buckley, who then referred them to Shelby Loveland. Before we knew it this camera crew had met all of our friends! Ultimately they submitted about 6-8 casting videos for the network to choose from and they were charged with narrowing it down to four wives.

Once the network picked the girls we got the go ahead to film the pilot. We spent a lot of time over the summer filming it. I cannot give you all the details (yet) of what we filmed, but it was quite an experience. I learned first hand what goes into making a show like this. I will never be able to watch "reality" TV the same way again! While the people are real, the situations are sometimes not. They really are like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. So please, when you tune in on December 27th remember that.  I trust that you all know the real me and can tell what is and what is not real. They won't let us see it before the air date, so we will be watching it right along with all the nation. 

Dinner after filming with some of our friends on the show.

My livingroom with all of the equipment set up. 

A still from the footage. I later decided this combo was not right for filming. No wonder they wanted me to wear this! They said it was sexy. I see why now!

In the mean time, here is a video preview of the show:

There has also been a ton of articles posted online. Here are a few links:

All and all, the girls and I did have a lot of fun filming and it really brought us closer together. They couldn't have picked a more fun mix of girls. The show airs on TLC on Thursday December 27th at 10pm Eastern. I imagine I will have a lot of fun facts I can share after the show airs, so stay tuned!


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  1. Oh my! This looks absolutely awesome. This is unbelievable. The one hiccup for me is that this won't be airing on Australian TV and I presume it will be tricky to track it down online. If you have a way of doing so, I would love for you to let me know.
    How exciting :D


  2. I will certaintly watch it...I am a new follower of your awesome blog and you and others have inspired me so much. :)

  3. how exciting! I can't wait to see it. I love that outfit you were wearing in the back yard. I'd love to see more pics of it.

  4. Ooooh! I guess that means I get to see it before you do!!!

  5. I've read your blog forever so I was really excited to see you on the preview for that show! Congrats!

  6. I'm a little worried with how they will represent you. I know they like to twist 'reality' to make better tv. Luckily I know you enough to not let it sway me. I don't know Ashley that well either but I know her enough to know that the way they showed her on that Obsession show was twisted a bit. Its all in fun though!

    The name still bugs me though. I really wish they would've come up with something more era appropriate.

  7. Sounds like a fun show and I look forward to seeing it. I've already got it set up on my DVR.

  8. So excited for you and the show. I have already planned to make the debut of the first show a family affair. Looking forward to it!

    - Suz

  9. that is the coolest! congrats! i can;t wait to watch it!

  10. So exciting! I've got to go set my DVR right this second, before I forget.
    I agree with Tempermental Broad, though...you never can trust those editors. I'm hoping they do you right!!
    Congratulations :-)

  11. How Terribly exciting! I will be sure to tune in!

  12. Just discovered your blog ad LOVE it! I also did a blurb on the WWB special tonight. xoxo

  13. Just finished watching. Must they include all the faux drama? Just a simple documentary on your very interesting lifestyle would have sufficed. I found it very intriguing. Good job!

  14. Had my DVR set a week or so ago and got to watch it this evening! I would love to see a "Real Housewives" type show made from this, but more about the vintage lifestyle, tips, tricks and how to. Y'all looked fantastic! Congratulations on an awesome special.

  15. Congratulations! That's awesome! Looking forward to watching it, although I'm Australian, so I might have to find it on you tube...once it has been aired, would you possibly have a link from your blog?

  16. Dollie,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog this morning. I hope that the real you comes out in the show -- such a bummer how the producers portrayed you. However, you do have great hair. :)


  17. I watched the show last night, and was kind of caught off guard as I wasn't expecting all the drama and pettiness.

    Wish it would have none of that 'cause that would have made it so much better.

  18. Hey Dollie!
    I just caught the last 10 mins or so of the show and looked a few of you girls up. I can tell from some of your posts around the internet that you a very upset about the way you were portrayed. I am so sorry this happened to you. It sucks that they can defame you in that way. But know that in the end "the people who matter don't mind, and the people that mind don't matter!"
    Just be yourself and let fools talk. Their talk can't change who you really are. hugs!

  19. That is just so sad! I heard about the show from reading Eartha Kitsch and Wacky Tacky's blogs. I was hesitant about how TLC might try to spin it and looks like for good reason. I was out of town and had taped it but I won't bother watching it now, it would be too hard to see knowing how terribly they manipulated you. Too good to be true that it would show your real lifestyle, I guess they just wanted to turn us all into yet another subset of the population they can make fun of in reality tv. Disgusting what they can do really, without any thought to how it would affect your lives. Hope you're able to put this unfortunate experience past you, rely on your true friends and know there are those of us out there who don't even know you personally who are standing by your side. Hope 2013 brings better things for you and distance from that craziness!


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