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The Tonga Hut

3:45 PMDollie DeVille

Last weekend we visited the Tonga Hut for the first time. Who knows what took us so long to visit this awesome Tiki Bar in North Hollywood. The Tonga Hut was opened in 1958 and is the oldest tiki bar in LA that is still in operation. I loved it so much, and I knew you would too, so I took some photos for you. 

Map of Hawaii with carved wooden tikis from each island. 

vintage leather chairs

The room is long and thin, with the bar is located to the back of the venue. 

Across from the bartender is a built in water feature....

with a babbling drunk stone-like tiki!

In the hallway they have a case full of unique tiki glasses for sale. 

The bar

Taking all of these pictures built up quite a thirst, so we ordered a few seasonal drinks off the menu. This is a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Rum cocktail. It was AMAZING!!

Sandra and I with the girls of the Ding Dong Devils. They are very cool! We were wearing some swinging 60's clothes to see....... 

the Outta Sites!

Pete Curry on drums

Jason Eoff on keyboard

Zack Simpson on bass.

Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague on guitar and lead vocals.

I think they got just about as many people in there as they could. It was a packed house!

We still made room for some dancing. People can't help but dance to the Outta Sites!

Sandra and Amber

The second drink we got was the 151 Swizzle. These drinks will kick your ass! They make them very strong there.

Amber, Deen, Sandra and I

Bobby Foxx!

Even the band can't help but dance!

Sally Jo and Deen

Then Amber got up and did a song, whatta' treat!

The Tonga Hut is a great gem. If you are in Southern California you should check it out.

I am thinking of making this "my" place! Hope to see you there real soon.


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  1. Geez! I live 3000 miles away & I've been to Tonga Hut 3 times! lol Try the Mai Tai, but be careful! The Tiki culture is addictive! Oh, and the Taco Lady out back has great food.

  2. This is Dan's home away from home! As a Tikiphile this is THE place to be. Also, check out Tiki Ti's in Los Feliz. It's about as big as a closet and it's the only place in LA you can smoke inside. But, the owner's Dad was the one of the original bartenders at Don the Beachcomber!

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! We have some great bars in New Orleans but I'm pretty sure nothing like the Tonga Hut. Soooooo cool!

  4. Tonga Hut is great! Have sadly only been there once but definitely plan to return one day! I cannot go without also mentioning the Tiki Ti. We make an annual pilgrimage down to the Ti from up here in the Bay Area and it's a must if you have not already been. So many drinks to choose from and always entertaining when someone orders an Ooga Booga or a Blood and Sand!

  5. Looks like a hoot and the drinks look delish!


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