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Shuck and Jive by The Royal Rhythmaires

10:39 PMDollie DeVille

A long long long time ago I was sent this CD to share with you. I ended up getting busy with wedding  planning, show filming and my husbands bands, so I never posted about it. The entire time I enjoyed the CD though, so I wanted to make good on my word and share it with my readers.

The Royal Rhythmaires are a roots Rhythm and Blues band from Texas. They are inspired by Lavern Baker, Sam Taylor, Ruth Brown and Little Richard. 

I have never seen them live, but the album they released earlier this year is the next best thing. It has almost as much energy as I imagine their live show would. The album cover art is classic yet youthful at the same time. I love the muted tones.

This CD is full of winners, but my favorite songs are Shuck and Jive (of course) and Cajun Boy. 

I love Jai, I wish there were more front women like her!

The Royal Rhythmaires are Jai Malano-Vocals, Alex Hernandez-Bari Sax, Douglas Brown-Tenor Sax, Damian Sisca-Piano, Ed Cannon-Bass, Brendan Fenno-Drums.

To hear them yourself, visit:

And for all of my overseas friends, see them LIVE at Rhythm Riot!


November of 2013 we will be performing at UK's biggest and best 50's R&B and roots rock and roll festival!!

Who's coming with us!

If you have this album, let me know what you think about it in the comments below!


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  1. Ooh, I shall look forward to seeing them at next year's Riot! :)

    Incendiary Blonde

  2. Jai and Alex are close personal friends of mine. They are amazing talented musicians and have written most of the songs on the album. We'll be traveling with them to the Rhythm Riot next year. They will NOT be a disappointment <3


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