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 Last Saturday we had an outta site time at Big's with the Outta Sites! 

The opening band for the evening was Ding Dong Devils. This was my first time seeing them. They do tiki style lounge music. They have a lot of interesting instruments that they use and they rotate instruments a lot. They are very unique and kitschy! 

They also had custom drink coasters made with cool shag-like art. 

Then, the main event took stage- The Outta Sites! If you haven't heard, the Outta Sites are the coolest new band in town. This is an all star band consists of Chris Sugarballs Sprague on lead guitar, Zack Simpson on bass, Pete Curry on drums, and Jason Eoff on keyboard. They play 1960's mersey beat stuff that really gets you moving. 

When the Outta Sites hit the stage everyone else hits the dance floor and stays there the entire night. Their music is contagious; it's impossible not to move to! They encourage audience participation also by doing their own dance moves on and off the stage.  

Reagan and Brian looking cute! 

My hubby, always well dressed! 

Karlin, Reaganm Sandra and I all looking very swingin'! 

After the show I displayed my keyboarding skills for Sugarballs.

 I look like I would fit right in with a 60's girl band. 

What a fun night! I love the Outta Sites, they are my favorite new band. If you want to hear some great new music, check them out on YouTube or download their debut song "Martian Jive" on ITunes! 


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  1. Marvelous Beat Gal !!! you look like you are done for that !! Magnifique !!!


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