Nikki Hill Returns to California

8:26 PMDollie DeVille

At the end of November Nikki and Matt Hill returned to California. They had such a good response from their last tour that they found their way back for another West Coast tour only 3 months later. We were happy to see them play at Viva Cantina again. Matt Hill and his band opened for Nikki. This time around they were able to bring their own band, instead of joining up with various bands on the road. It was great to see them with their band, more comfortable and in tune with each other. I especially really liked their drummer! 

The crowd agreed! The dance floor was packed.  

Then Nikki took the stage and wowed the crowd as always. 

Then Big Sandy made a guest appearance on stage and they sang a song together. 

It was great show all around. Especially a great time for a Thursday night! It looks like Nikki and Matt are busy in this coming year, so the next time we will catch them will be at Viva Las Vegas. If you get a opportunity to see them, make sure you take it! For all my overseas friends, she is playing in Spain for Screamin' 2013! Since I can't go, I hope some of you can!

Even if you can't catch a live show, you can buy their records! Thank you for supporting the music!


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  1. Greetings from Brazil!
    Congrats, beautiful blob!

    About Nikki Hill, EXCELLENT POST!!


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