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JD McPherson at the Troubadour

2:05 PMDollie DeVille

Last week Zack and I went to go see JD McPherson at the Troubadour in west Hollywood. We have loved JD since the Starkweather Boys, so we try to see him whenever he comes to CA. 

Some of my girlfriends met us there- Deen, Sandra and Sally Jo! I wore my "new to me" french sweater jacket and blue velvet pants from Fab Gabs. 

The opening band was Broncho, a sort of indie rock band. Maybe they are trying to appeal to a larger audience. They weren't my style, but it wasn't long before we got to see JD, Jimmy and the rest of the band. 

packed house!

They did a really long set will all of their new hits. They even reworked Abigail Blue for this band and played their new holiday song Twinkle (Little Christmas Light). I highly recommend you check them out or download them on itunes!

After the show I bought the Abigail Blue 45 and a HiStyle Records shirt. 

I had the band sign my record and 

JD posed with me for a photo!

The night was not all fun and games though, as we found out our car was towed while we were busy rockin' out! Apparently the residential area we parked in was permit only and we didn't know because the sign was about 10 feet high and covered by a tree. Then we got the wrong address online and took a cab to the wrong place and had to walk abut a mile in circles looking for the right place. We finally found it, had to pay for the towing and fees, two days of storage (because it was before and after 12am) and a parking fee. After everything this night cost well over $300. And we didn't get home 'till about 3am on a work night. Ehhh. That's rock and roll baby!


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  1. Oh, I wanted to go to this concert so bad! I live like 3 miles away, but my Hubby couldn't get out of work that night and no-one could go with me :-(
    I'm so glad you posted these pix! Now I can look at them and imagine I was there! It looks like it was a fun show! So sorry to hear about your car fiasco...this whole area is a nightmare for parking. Most of the residential streets are permit-only like that.

  2. Hollywood is such a mess when it comes to parking. I could never live there!! looks like a good show though so at least it wasn't all bad.

  3. Great review/pics and sorry about your car :(
    Seeing JD and the guys in London UK for the third time in January.


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