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Hosting Thanksgiving- Vintage Style!

1:59 PMDollie DeVille

As a newlywed it was my pleasure to host my first Thanksgiving this year. I was looking forward to it for weeks and spent a lot of time planning little details. I am new to Pinterest and found a lot of inspiration there. I don't like spending money on things I don't need so I didn't want to buy a lot of  typical Thanksgiving decor that won't get used year around. I especially wanted to avoid colors like brown and tan that wouldn't match my house, which is anti-neutral. I know my non-traditional holiday color schemes (especially for Christmas) drive my husband crazy, but he always comes around in the end.

 I knew I would use the Noritake china my grandfather bought his mother as a gift while he was in WWII. The vintage crystal I used is also a family air loom from my great grandmother  Zack's dad gave us the silver from his mother so we polished all of the pieces and put them to use. This is a perfect example of making use of vintage items passed down from the family instead of buying some cheap new stuff that all the stores are pushing this time of year. I reused the tablecloths from our reception (buying was the same price as renting and I knew I would use these again), so the only thing for the table I needed to purchase was place mats and napkins. Instead of buying a new set I found a ton of really nice large vintage sets for much cheaper. I bought a teal set that would match my house because I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. The set came with 8 place mats and 8 napkins for $12. That is cheaper then buying at the dollar store! They were in perfect condition too.

With all of this teal, I knew I had to use orange as my accent color. It is a complementary color and suitable for the holiday and my decor. I decided to bring in the orange with the menu and place cards. My crafty co-worker gave me some leftover paper she had so it didn't cost a penny. I found the idea for the place cards on Pinterest. They each have unique Thanksgiving themed silhouettes. 

For the centerpiece I used a funkin leftover from Halloween and added flowers I got for 50% off from Michael's. I also picked up a few gourdes, corn stalks and a orange soy candle from the market. Simple, right? Did you notice that in our holiday haste we switched the fork and spoon on the place setting? No one even noticed! 

We invited over some friends that didn't have family dinners to attend on Thanksgiving- Chris and Sandra Sprague and Sally Jo Burns. It was a great mix and a manageable amount to host for. I wore my vintage "Thanksgiving dress" and Zack wore a matching gabardine shirt and slacks. I was so busy cooking I didn't even have time to style my hair, so I just added a vintage pearl comb.  

Got these $20 gold pumpkin garlands at Michael's for $3 and added some lights we already had. I made one for above each door. I got the scare crow at the dollar store. For the coffee table I got a cornucopia and poinsettia at Michael's for 50% off. Placed it on a matching place mat to tie it in with the table.

Another lit garland here with scarecrows from Salvation Army. 

Because our house is so small we use every bit of space we can for entertaining.  Hifi turned dessert bar-I needed room for the coffee and pie!

Appetizers on the bar: cornbread crackers, goat cheese dip, parmesan pastry pups and spiced cider sangria. 

Sandra made these cute little penguin appetizers! I am thinking this is a must this coming Christmas. 

Zack is great help in the kitchen. 

Go Team!!! 

Chris and Sandra

The little touches count! Pumpkin soap scented like pie. 

Cutting the bird! 


We set all the food up in the kitchen, buffet style. 

New England roast maple turkey, cranberry, apple and sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry, pecan and orange sauce, rolls and maple apple brandy gravy! 

Winespodeeodee, drinking wine!

And the ending to the perfect meal? Board games, coffee and maple pecan pumpkin pie! Our Thanksgiving was beautiful, and I hope yours was too! 


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  1. Everything looks wonderful, especially that pumpkin pie, wow!
    I can't get over how gorgeous your hair looks, makes me a little sad about chopping mine to a bob :P

  2. Love love love. I too prefer to find excuses to use my vintage pieces as much as possible rather than buy cheap seasonal products. Love those place mats!

  3. wow! i cant believe how cheap you scored everything. congrats on your finds! man... this looked like the cutest thanksgiving ever.

  4. I cooked for 7 people and our 5 month old son. It was decidedly less glamorous than your party!

    I did manage to get dressed up and get my pin curls set in time, but I didn't bother decorating for the holiday.

    Then again we always put up the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving evening, and as far as un-traditional holiday color schemes, we have a pink tree with all pink and teal ornaments!
    I even hand glittered a Christmas village to make it candy colored.

  5. Dollie, I dont know if i've ever told you... but I LOVE your house! You and the Mr. have so much fun, and Dinner looks great!

  6. I don' even like Thanksgiving food and I am hungry after seeing all your culinary bounty!!! It looks like you guys had wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't think I didn't notice your cool apron!!!

  7. Looks wonderful! Kudos to you for getting it all done and having the time to take photos. I never seem to get that and the pics. ;-)

    BTW, it's heirloom (not air loom).


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