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Have you heard Caro Emerald?

9:47 PMDollie DeVille

Who is Caro Emerald? I had never heard of her up to this point so I am thinking you may not have either. A few months ago  I was sent two Caro Emerald CD's to share with you, courtesy of  Republic Media. After listening to them for quite a while and sharing them with a few friends, I am finally ready to share them with you! 

In short, Caro Emerald is a jazz singer who hails from Amsterdam. She is not rockabilly, roots or even traditional jazz, but you may like her unique sound. The album Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor conjures up thoughts of a dimly lit cabaret. It makes you want to slip on some strappy heels, drink a martini and prowl for well dressed men! While her sound isn't completely vintage jazz, she is heavily influenced by it. She adds in a healthy dose of modern production, beats and sound effects. 

You know what it really sounds like? It sounds like a Marilyn Monroe musical meets Lady Marmalade. Or maybe that is just what it reminds me of. In other words, the album sounds very much like show-tunes to me. If you like show tunes, hip-pop and girl power and whatnot, then you may really like this 12 track album. Personally, it sounded much too produced and effect-heavy for me. But I am very picky any overly traditional in my music taste. 

That is where Republic Media thought of everything. They send me another album that was a little more my speed: Drum Rolls and Heart Beats. This album is a collection of songs that inspired Caro to make Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor. This two disk set contains 33 vintage tracks and finished with one Caro Emerald track. This compilation features songs from the likes of Les Brown, The Andrew Sisters, Doris Day, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday and more. I found these records to be great driving around town music, and even better for entertaining! 

I thoroughly enjoyed these albums and am glad to offer my thoughts on them. Ultimately these opinions are only my own. Only you can form your opinion! Visit Caro's website at: to hear it for yourself. You can also buy the music there and get her FREE Christmas download!



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  1. I first heard Caro Emerald last year (my other half is in the music industry and is always introducing me to new things!) and I really love her voice, enjoy most of the tracks but there are a few where I agree that there's a bit too much production going on. Still, an enjoyable experience and I look forward to seeing what direction she goes in with her future projects.

    Porcelina xx

  2. I've got a friend who recommended Caro to me. I do like her stuff.


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