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12:27 PMDollie DeVille

I know I have to tell my side of the story, but I am working up the gumption. I am just so shocked and sad! I don't even know where to start. There is so much to say. I guess it is best to start at the beginning.

This was a good experience up to the point where TLC picked the pilot up. Then TLC chose the producers they wanted. They assured us that they were filming this documentary style and they wanted to show our lifestyle and why we love it. They said people would like to see our homes, unique style, and that people love the 50's. Then we had to sign our life away before filming started. For an airing pilot we got paid $500 a piece. They said it would only be a few days, but we ending up filming on weekends throughout the summer. So it was less than minimum wage after you break down the numbers. That is not including expenses like travel, hair, nails, makeup and outfits that came out of our own pocket.

Then, magically everything changed. They started asking weird questions, clearly working out some twisted plot in their minds. One of the producers was fake and rude, and she got on my last nerve. I came to realize they made up some fake plot that Shelby was "new in town" (false) and that we "were just meeting her" (also false).

The first day of filming was at a bistro on the water. I asked why we were filming there. We never eat at fancy bistros. We all feel much more comfortable in a old diner. They said it was easy to film there and it looked fancy. They had to get releases from everyone they film, so in a lot of cases it is easier to get extras to play patrons. For example, at lunch, the people at the table next to us were planted there. They did nothing but talk trash the entire time, which made it really hard to focus on anything else. They wanted us to do certain things, like toast for them. They told us to say that we are throwing Shelby a birthday party. They wanted us to wear fancy dresses, gloves and sunglasses. Every little thing was carefully orchestrated. They even rented 1950's cars for us to drive in with.

Then they told us that we were going shopping for a party for Shelby at Party City. We asked why we had to shop there, and they said it was because the owner opened up early for the crew and that his family and staff would be the extras in the store. They told us it was a pool party and we were doing a tiki theme. But they told us to all come up with an idea of what we wanted and later agree on tiki. Then they told us to go through the store and talk about how cheap everything was and that it was junk. The whole time Amber and I were laughing, hula hooping and playing with disco dress up sets, but they didn't show any of that. Then at the register they told us to make a big stink of the electronic receipts and demand a paper one. Again they told us what to wear and what to say. Everything was exactly how they wanted it.

Then they said we were going "house shopping for Shelby" because she "just moved to town and needs a house". When in reality she wasn't looking for a new place in CA, she was actually working on moving to beautiful Hawaii! So it doesn't really make sense that we were touring million dollar houses that none of us could ever afford. They were really cool through and we loved seeing them. But, again, the producers told us to point out everything modern and say we didn't  like it. What bothered me most is that I live in a modest two bedroom home that I am darn lucky to be able to afford in CA, so who am I to scoff at these mid-mod McMansions? Not real at all! By this time I knew stuff was up, so I started pushing back. I started trying to fall into the background. I really tired to say as little as possible. They still managed to edit in nasty looking faces whenever they could though! The best part was that these houses weren't even for sale! People rented out the houses and set them up to look vacant and on the market. Even the "Realtor" and "other home shoppers" were fake. It is sad to think, but I bet they paid these people more to use their houses then they paid us!

The next shoot was at What Katie Did. This was my only recommendation they actually took. I asked them to film us at a rockabilly show, antique shopping, or at a Honeybee Ladies Club meeting. But it was clear they had their own agenda and didn't care about our real lifestyles. The whole time I felt like a cheap bit actor in the Real Wives of Vintage. So while I was happy that they were actually letting me go to a store I actually go to, I was disappointed to know that they just wanted some cheap shot of me in a corset (which I don't even wear). I didn't like the idea of being on national TV in my skivys, but they assured me I wouldn't have to show more then I was comfortable with. Which ended up being another lie because the whole time they were trying to sneak a peak into my dressing room and telling me to come out already! Remember that they also had to work this shopping trip into their "plot", so they said we were shopping for a gift for Shelby's birthday. Which even in TV land didn't make sense  I mean, we supposedly just met this girl and now we are throwing her a party and buying her lingerie. Creepy much? So I wanted to buy her a lipstick from Besame, but we agreed stockings were also fitting. They came in a cute stocking holder too! That was nice at least.

After this shoot Amber and Leslie went to a boot camp. This was also staged. They asked us to wear vintage work out clothes. I said I didn't have vintage workout clothes and that I wear normal gym clothes. I was trying to tell them it was a stupid idea and push back against this fake stuff. Instead they just told me not to be in that scene. So while it was fake and the girls didn't enjoy the boot camp scene, it came across really funny. I especially enjoyed Amber running with her lucite purse! lol. Any collector of lucite knows we would never run with one in hand! Silly TV.

The next day of shooting was the "pool party for Shelby's birthday". This was another attempt to see us socializing in a fun retro pool atmosphere. We all knew that Shelby's mom Mary threw her a killer birthday bash at her studio a few days prior. They even had one of my favorite bands, Roy Rapid play. Shelby was so nice and invited us all to her real birthday party, and the camera crew also. But again they said it was too much work to film her party because they would have to pay the band to use their music and get a signed release from all of the party goers. So they found a random house to have the party at. The owners weren't very friendly and wouldn't even let us into the house. Which  made everyone have to sit out in the hot sun all day. We were stuck in traffic for 4 hours the day of the shoot, so I was already frustrated. While in traffic the producers called me 20 times (sometimes as little as 2 minutes apart) to see where I was and when I would be there. I told them to set everything up and start the party without us. When I get there one of the producer opened my car door and immediately says "Are you Bitchy?". Well, I am now! Who talks to someone like that! Before I could even get through the door I had all these friends and family coming up to me saying that they won't let them into the house/pool area and told them they cant leave to get a cold drink, but must sit out in the hot cars and wait until I get here to set up the party. That really set me off. You can't ask people to come to your shoot and treat them like that. It was a very hot day and I was not keen on hearing that my Mom and sisters drove from 6 hours away to be forced to sit in a hot car all day. So I get there hours late and the crew had just been sitting around waiting for me when I told them to get everything set up. They said they wanted to see ME set it up. I told them that this is their party for their show, and they needed to do the work. What happened to craft services people? I didn't want my name on their stupid party. Even though they made us say were were throwing this party, it was really all their plot, so I thought they should be responsible for it. The girls and I went out of our way to make cute homemade treats for the party, trying to make it more fun. It didn't help. The flies got on them so no one could eat them. Double bummer! After everything that happened that morning I was so peeved with the producers and venting it at this stupid plastic tiki-bar in a box that they bought and told me to set up. I said it was stupid because Shelby has a real vintage tiki bar and some plastic one is not going to impress her. The whole time I was venting saying that I was upset at the way the producers were running things, and that knowing them they were going to edit it to look like I was mad at Shelby because it was her birthday. And you know what, they did just that! They cut out what I said to say "I am pissed at Shelby because it is her birthday" What? That sentence doesn't even make sense! I said, "I am mad at the producers and I know they are going to turn it around and make it look like I am pissed at Shelby because it is her birthday, like I hate Shelby and I don't want to be planning her birthday party". How right I was!

When the party actually started they had two cameras. One was instructed to follow me at all times. Why, I don't know. I wasn't even doing anything and there was a lot more exciting people and things to watch (like Amber's band for one). I needed a moment to try and regain myself, so I tried to dodge the cameras. Later they tried to make it look like I was dodging Shelby. In reality I explained that Shelby had just driven 10 hours from Sacramento Swingtime to come here, to a "birthday party in her honor" full of a bunch of people she doesn't know, and that I thought it was a good idea to give her some space once she got there. As expected, once she was settled we got time to talk. Any everything was good. I don't have any problem with Shelby at all. In reality she is one of my favorite models and I was glad to be able to shoot with her. I adore her Shaheen collection also! The producers really worked hard to edit in clips of audio and video together to make it seem like stuff was said that was said in a completely different context. For example, when they asked about why "we" were throwing the party I said that "I don't know why the producers made this plot for us to throw a party because its not like ...."Oh Shelby, you don't have any friends or family that want to throw you a party so we will throw you one" because her mom did throw her a huge party!". Then they edit it to just say "Oh Shelby, you don't have any friends or family that want to throw you a party so we will throw you one" Greaaaatttt. Thank you so much for that.

Then after the party we had a interview footage day at our houses. I requested that the producer I was having problems with was not the one to interview me. Anyone else would have been fine. But of course, they didn't care and purposefully made her interview me. She really tried to get under my skin and make me frazzled, which she did. She kept leading me, making me rephrase stuff, and try and make me say mean things. I tried my best to say only nice things and be very careful that I said. At one point I was so upset I started to tear up and asked to take a break, which was denied.

Then they said we were done filming. Yay! But wait.....there is more. I get another call from a NEW set of producers saying that all this stupid made up plot stuff was horrible and they were sent in to fix the show. They blew all this smoke up our ass about how they were going to throw out the whole fake plot and include more interview footage of us at home. When they came over they were really cool. They asked great questions to really get to the root of why we love to live this lifestyle. All of the sudden our hopes were renewed that maybe this show would actually be good. Maybe it would actually capture the real us and tell our story. Maybe they would end all of the stupid plot and fake drama.

Then it went to 3 weeks of editing and was submitted to TLC. Once they got it they do even more editing to it, as they see fit. We were worried so we asked to see the show in advance, but were denied.

We watched it live with the rest of America. To say the least, I was horrified. I didn't know the whole time they were trying to make me out to be the villain. Now I know why they worked so hard to make me mad, so they could turn it around and make me look like I hate Shelby! I have never, and would never, say that I hate someone, or most of those things for that matter. You can tell they edited sentences together because the grammar wouldn't make sense and my tone would change all of the sudden. They would also move from interview footage to a clip, masking that it wasn't a seamless sentence. I knew to some extent that they can edit stuff, but I didn't know how much they really can do! At one point at the party I was talking to my mom and they put in audio from a complete different person like my mom said it!

And remember the new producers that got all this nice footage and nice answers and the REAL me? The only show a brief clip in the intro, when I am wearing a pink lace dress. The rest never made it in. All the nice stuff I said never made it in. The real me never made it in.

What a shame too because we were lied to from the beginning . I was just a pawn in their game. We were told that it would be a nice show. We were hoping to be good role models to kids, unlike those other drama reality shows. We were told we could explain our unique lifestyle to people. We were told it was documentary-style. What a sham. I had such high hopes and was so let down. It really could have been great it they really just followed our real lives instead of making "more exciting" stuff up. I told them that from the beginning too. I was the one always pushing back, fighting to really represent the rockabilly lifestyle well and this is what I got. I will never watch TV the same way again, that's for sure!

The Aftermath: No matter how much I try and tell people that everything is fake and made up on TV, they don't believe me. I have tried 'till I am blue in the face to tell people what really happened. All of my friends who know the real me are sticking up for me. But people see one thing on TV and all the sudden they think they know you. While I am getting a ton of sweet messages, I am also getting a few nasty ones. I even got a few people telling me to kill myself.

That's right, kill myself. With all the terrible stuff in the world, kids being shot at school, people setting fires to trap and kill firefighters, people without jobs, people sick, people starving, there are still bullies online telling people to kill themselves. I may have appeared snobby on a fake edited TV show, but I am not a mean, nasty and sick person like these other people in the world.

So believe it or not, that it my story on how it really happened. I wish I could have vented and told you all sooner how my summer was ruined, but I was sworn to secrecy until it aired. Now the cat is out of the bag!


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  1. I am so sorry. It was obvious to me how much editing they did and how this was not at all an accurate representation of who you are. Those greedy producers were grasping at straws to try and create drama for the sake of ratings. What a bunch of jerks! Stay strong and take care. xoxo E

  2. Hey there! I frequently visit your blog. I'm a rockabilly gal myself who loves the lifestyle and scene. I enjoy your blog and feel bad that this show did this to you. My fiance and I watched it last night. Got a kick seeing familiar faces. We knew something was up though. We didn't believe everything we saw. Just wanted to say, keep your chin up. Thanks for sharing the real behind the scene drama. Hopefully people will stop harassing you.

  3. That is all just terrible! I was contacted twice by tlc in the past 6 months to appear on an episode of my crazy obsession but after seeing how the made gorgeous,sweet Doris look, I said hell no!! They also told me that it would be done documentary style in just two days but as we all know, tlc is all about being shocking and dramatic and twisting everything to look as riduculous as they can. I was also afraid of how a reality show would reflect the vintage community as a whole and I didnt think I could manage to keep my composure as gracefully as Doris did once they started throwing the crazy into the mix! Im so sorry to hear about the awful messages that youre getting. Just ignore them, focus on the positive and keep showing the world the real you. Every cloud has a silver lining and Im sure that some good things will come of it!! Hugs!

  4. Hi Dollie! I'm a long time follower of your blog and a fellow vintage lover. I watched your show and was really shocked about the whole thing. I just knew that wasn't the real you. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. It's unfortunate that tlc felt the need to twist things in order to create "entertainment". Definitely makes me think twice about all the reality shows on tv. Thanks for sharing your side of the story. Stay strong and know that truth always prevails.

  5. I'm sorry to hear all the rubbish you had to go through just to appease the tv ratings and producers who have now cast a unfair taint on you character and personal life. We ( New Zealand rockabilly/ vintage community) have been looking forward to watching the show here but I dont think I would now that I know it was a contrived affair that was at the expense of those involved. Kia Kaha ( Stand tall, stand proud) you have our support here xxxx

  6. I am SO glad that you posted this and told your side of the story. My husband and I watched the show last night and even though, we don't know you or any of the others personally, we kept saying, "This is edited" and "You KNOW that is fake and they totally made them do that!" To me it was just really apparent. If I were you, I'd feel so sad but mostly angry. What they did to you all was completely inappropriate, unfair and destructive and so, so low-down. And TOTALLY the way it is in the media world. The really stupid part is that all of your lives are no doubt interesting and would have made a perfect TV show if they were portrayed honestly. They're jumping through hoops for nothing so that good, vintage loving folks are made to look like Real Housewives or something.

    Uggh...I for one can say that 1. It was obvious that they were faking everything and that 2. If you want, we can all write letters to TLC and post on their Facebook page saying that they're full of B.S. and that they need to make things right.

    Also, those people who have the audacity to contact you and tell you to kill yourself?! Let me just say that I know from experience that as long as people can remain anonymous, they say THE cruelest things and a lot of the time, it's out of pure old jealousy.

  7. I feel so sorry for you! I have not watch the show (because I live in Denmark and it is not airing on TLC yet), but by following your blog I know that you are NOT that kind of person, they are portraying you to be! I know that I do not know you personally. But when you follow a blog you get "to know" the person a little. I love your blog, your style and you seem like a really nice person! Do NOT listen to all those haters, they just need to get a life! Forget those idiots! Hope you feel better and have a lovely New year:)

  8. Now, I will never give an interview without thinking about your story... I don't like when jouralist ask my questions because I always don't know how they will understand my answers!
    Don't worry people will forget about that show really fast and your friends or followers know your true self, that's the most important!

  9. Like Brittany I've also been contacted by some of these types of shows and learning your experience makes me THAT much more thankful that I've always told them "no" or just ignored them.It was weird to watch the show because in your blog you seem very bubbly and happy and the show made you look catty.Unfortunately that is how "reality" tv works,its not very realistic.People that know you or know you via your web presence on your blog here can tell it was staged.I hope the rest of America that watched "reality" tv knows there isn't much REAL about it.

    I am so sorry to hear the did this to you and that its attracted such mean spirited people that are harassing you. :(

  10. It is never ok for someone to say 'you could hang yourself and it wouldn't bother me.' That person, whoever she is (maybe I know her??), will get her karma returned to her. Thats just evil.

    I didnt have high expectations for this show from the things you and Amber said about it. I knew they were going to make you look bad. Don't worry about it too much though. If being called a bitch is a bad thing I wouldn't have the majority of my friends!! Besides, we aren't bitches. We just don't take shit from anyone and we stand up for ourselves. I'll take being called a bitch over being called fake any day of the week!!


  11. Hi Dollie,

    I'm a new reader here. I have no idea how I never found your blog before now! You really have something special going on here.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with TLC and the Wives with Beehives show. That is truly deplorable. I'm glad that you wrote a piece to expose your side of the story. I can't believe people are sending you death wishes, etc. I hope that you will not take it to heart.

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading!


  12. You saw my comment on Foxy Fox Hole on FB and I'm sticking to that! Haven't seen the show myself yet but know too well how they edit away your personality and make up a new one! It's disgusting! :(
    I can imagine how heartbreaking it must be to get nasty comments, but try to ignore it, people really don't understand the editing and doesn't know better... It's terrible to hear that what could have been a great fun experience turned into this staged show. We are tons of vintage loving gals who would loved to see your life's as you are. Vintage is interesting without the freak show factor they apparently added. keep your head up girl!! Hugs// Tifa

  13. I'm so sorry this didn't turn out like you hoped. Like many have said, it was neat to see you and other vintage lifestyle bloggers on television, but it was obvious that TLC conjured up these things for you all to do. And for the record, I thought your pineapple was much more cute and 50s then the other items they made you have for the party.

  14. This is completely horrid how they depict something we enjoy. Your better then them, stay beautiful

  15. Thanks for this blog entry today...watched the show last night and you have been on my thoughts all night and today...wish I could give you a hug...stay strong... love your blog :)

  16. Firstly, it is unimaginable to me how cruel people can be and how naive they can be in understanding how TV - especially reality TV works; folks, it ain't real. Secondly, listen to Eartha (I believe everything she says). Thirdly, even if half of the stuff they edited together was true, it really wasn't bad enough to garner anger and hate mail (people be trippin'). And fourthly, I know it is easy for us to say keep your head held high when it isn't our lives and reputations that are being called into question, BUT if nothing else, you will discover that you have a great support system and plenty of true friends.

  17. Sorry but I think you should grow some balls, if you knew it was wrong you always have the choice to withdraw. You always have choices in life and are in control of your life. I believe everything you said about the show and it's producers but what I cannot believe is that you let it continue. It's a disgrace to women and especially women who love vintage.

    1. She literally said they made them sign their lives away so, maybe you should take that into account since you clearly know nothing about contractual obligations.

  18. Oh my. Fortunately, I don't have cable so I missed out and was looking for someone who dvr'ed it so I could watch it, but at this point I'm SO GLAD I didn't. I can't even believe. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! It's awful. Know that WE all know it was edited horribly. Poor dear.

  19. I really like your blog, you seem like an absolute doll. I didn't watch the show. Although I think a reality show based on vintage lovin dames would be awesome in theory, I figured out a long time ago that in practice reality shows are never real. Especially if they are going to be on TLC. Sadly a large percentage of the American public prefers drama, bitchiness, and behaviour over getting to really learn about other folks lives, and the networks are more than happy to dish out this trash. Personally, I would love to see good documentary style shows on folkjs lifestyles. I'm sorry you had to go through this experience, and it really sucks that you have to deal with some nasty folks. Can you sue them? Keep your chin up and F*&% the haters.niymay 2

  20. Dollie,

    I also saw the show yesterday. What that network did to you ladies was an absolute travesty. It was an obvious fabrication with an overwhelmingly negative spin. I cant possibly imagine you four being like that in actuality. You all seem like kind, gracious people!

    The sad reality, however, is that this show has cast the entire rockabilly/vintage crowd in a very negative light. It makes us look like overly judgmental, elitist weirdos with a penchant for harsh criticism. In my opinion, we have two choices.

    1. Perpetuate the false stereotype.

    2. Prove the stereotype false.

    I suggest option 2. Actions speak louder than words! We cannot change what the masses saw last night. My wife and I didn't buy it for one second, but my younger sister (who has just barely started like all things rockabilly and vintage) was very turned off by it...simply because she failed to see past the lies.

    Let's take this distastefully edited show as a challenge. If we see a newcomer to the scene who might not be dressed in perfect head-to-toe vintage attire, lets make an extra effort to welcome him/her anyway. What about a rockabilly musician who might not be playing on a legitimately vintage instrument...or the wrench turner who couldn't afford the "exact replica" or original rims for his/her vintage ride?

    I know that the overwhelming majority of us abide by these rules of thumb on a regular basis...all I'm saying is that we should use this negative event as an inspiration to make an extra effort to be positive!

    - The Old Soul

  21. Oh my gosh. I just... can't.... wow.
    I'm so, so, so sorry that this happened to you. I watched the show and enjoyed seeing familiar faces on there from real life and blogging (including you, of course), but it was so obvious to me that they edited it to death, and the "story line" was so fake.
    If they had stuck to a documentary style show about you all, it would have been much more interesting and less hurtful to everyone involved. I'm so sorry.
    I am glad you posted this. I posted on my facebook about the show, and I'm going to link your blog post underneath it. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
    Big **hugs**

  22. Dreadful!! Yet, having lived in LA, not surprising, unfortunately. Good for you for telling your story here, though. You are amazing!

  23. Holy Crap! I knew from the beginning it was just a pile of crap, but I can't believe they did all of that to you! I admit, I was skeptical, from the minute I saw the title. They weren't really interested in our lifestyle, just looking for their own bunch of Jersey Shore meatheads. Well, in spite of the rotten things they did, they didn't get what they wanted. Keep your chin up, Dollie. By VLV, it'll all just seem like a bad dream. You did us Rockabillies proud!

  24. Hey Dollie - I think what bothers me the most is that they compensated you so poorly. I think it is very obvious that the story is contrived and fake but if they weren't going to represent you properly the least they could have done is compensated for your troubles. Hang in there and trust your blog always shows how fun and good-hearted you really are :)

  25. I just can't believe there are people out there who are so stupid they think "reality" TV is real (like the morons telling you to "kill yourself"). I watched the entire thing last night and I laughed and rolled my eyes the entire time. not because I actually believed what I was seeing, but because I knew it was so fake and made by people who have NO CLUE (nor care to have a clue!) I liked how they made vintage out to be a competition, myself ;)

  26. I have only seen the clips from ads on the TLC website because I don't have TV, but was wondering how much they were going to spin everything. I could tell even from watching the brief intro clips that everything was really forced (and having some family who have worked in the film and beauty industry for years, I know just how much goes on in post-production to alter the original film). It's really a shame that you were all put through all of that, but from TLC it doesn't surprise me one bit. That channel bears no resemblance to the educational "Learning Channel" that it once was. I know it's a difficult thing to combat all that negativity projected on national television, but you are all better than that and should try your best to not let it bother you. Those who will believe the way you are presented on television without taking it upon themselves to educate themselves more about your societal niche are not worth your time and worry. You're not going to change them. All you can do is do your best to continue to be the positive and honest person that you seem to be and try and counteract those negative images in any small way that you can. Whoo. That was long. Anyway, try not to let it get to you too badly. What's important is the positive impact you have on people in your own life, and not what the television tries to say about you.


  27. Wild Kat. It is easy to say I could have just "stopped it". Ask anyone involved, I pushed back on everything. But at the same time, I had a legal binding contract. They could sue me if I just decided not to show for filming. Then at some point they make up what they want entirely. I am looking into getting a lawyer to get me out of the contract I signed should it go forward.

    Old Soul- I agree 100%. I really try and be as upbeat and friendly as possible. A lot of my readers that have met me can attest to that. I remember when I was first getting into rockabilly. I would have loved a blog like this to read. The last thing I want is for anyone to get the wrong idea about our lifestyle. Everyone really is very friendly!

  28. Dollie,
    So sorry that this happened to you. As a part owner of a hi end vintage and antiques store in California I watched the show last night and thought to myself " Who are these people? I cater to the Rockabilly crowd and have several dear friends who "live the life" and all of what I was seeing came across as totally plastic and fake.
    Unfortunatly it sounds like the typical "reality TV" scenerio.
    Your story of misrepresentation and twisting of your character is not the first time I have seen this situation happen.
    I had a really dear friend who TLC did a documentary of last year and by the time they finished it was a 1/2 hour of an unrecognisable person who only looked like my friend.So your experience sad to say is not uncommon. Its all about the story in TV land and usually theres no room for the truth. Hopefully you will be able to put this behind you and move on. If it helps looked super cute! as did all the cast.
    Black Cat collective vintage emporium

  29. I really hate this for you!! I was so excited to watch this when flipping through the channels. Once I started watching it was just really hard for me to believe that you would all act like that. I mean I don't even know you and I could tell it was fake. I found your blog because I follow Lisa Fremont Street on Facebook. I'm so glad you posted your side of the story. I always knew reality t.v. was edited but not to that extent. Just keep your head up and ignore the haters. Your friends and family know the real you and that's all that matters.

  30. Dollie,

    Keep your chin up! I watched the show and I was so pissed at how horrible they made you look, but on the bright side, your hair was fabulous! Sending good thoughts your way from Texas.

  31. :( I'm sorry to hear that! It was clear how forced and edited everything was...nothing really matched up. I would've loved to see an actually TV show portraying the Rockabilly culture more than catty, vapid woman. Too bad!! But you looked poised and all of your buds as well. Thank you for sharing the real behind the scenes with us! :)

  32. You were butchered! I'm so sorry they did such a shoddy job. You deserved better! You all did. They made each of you to look like fools and it was just a complete travesty

  33. I watched the show last night and was appalled by the way they portrayed you girls.I was so angry.I could see the editing and when I first saw the preview I thought this will be cool.I thought they would interveiw each of you and show tours of your lovely homes and tours where you shop.but they brought the drama and it was so ugly.I am so sorry they did that you you girls.big hugs.xx

  34. Great post Dollie, I think it all needed to be said :) The whole time watching I could easily see it being myself and my friends, and the things we say when out of context can just sound so odd! It was obviously heavily edited, but really they should have come to Portland for some actual cattiness, every vintage lover and her mother sell vintage, my goodness the competition! So in that sense I saw it could have been true "drama", but the producers forced it quite a bit. I don't think there will be much filmed documentation on the lifestyle without making us look kooky, so I just have to sigh and move on. Hang in there, the storm will be over soon. Hope you have a really enjoyable New Year :)


  35. Hi Dollie,

    I just found your blog from a tweet by Vixen Vintage. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I'm a video/film editor so I know how easy it is to make people look good or bad (I choose to use my powers for good though.) The sad thing is that a lot of viewers think that reality tv is real when it's absolutely contrived.

  36. Well my gosh that is TERRIBLE! I hate that they took your personal life a cut it up Jersey Shore style, that's just not right! From what you said, it sounds like it would have been a much better show if they had just let things be. I've read your blog for quite some time, and though we've never met- I could tell what was BS on the show. At one point my girlfriend and I looked at each other and said "That doesn't sound like Mrs Dollie at ALL!" not that it helps, but it WAS just a pilot after all. So now its over right?! Your followers know you, we know you, the cool kids know you and that's what is important right?! Sending good thoughts your way!

  37. Darling this upsets me so much. I was so excited when I heard about the TV show because I thought it was a fantastic idea! I love your blog and really wanted more of a glimpse into your fabulous life (and all of your outfits!!)but this is just awful.

    I live in Australia so I haven't been able to watch the show and was waiting for it to become available to download, but I definitely wont be watching it any more. I am disgusted with the way you and your lovely friends were treated and made up to look like monsters. I was so eager to watch it that I read all of the reviews and articles on it I could find and the first thing that struck me was how negative everyone was! I was so shocked by what people are saying but at the same time I know your blog and just thought that people must be over reacting.

    Well, I know now that you and the other girls were cruelly exploited by the greedy producers and it is just so disgusting. You are a lovely person and it saddens me that you were exploited in such a way. If I see someone talking crap about you and the girls I will make sure to link them back to your blog so that they can take a good look at the truth.

    Stay strong sweetheart, thank you so much for sharing this. It must have been really stressful for you to sit down and write this, but you are so brave to give everyone an inside look at the awful people who make these shows.

  38. So sorry to hear that, that really sucks! Of course 'reality T.V' is anything but.

    Of course I haven't seen the show as I'm Australian, but I think it's fair to assume that any reality television show should not be taken at face value. It is all smoke and mirrors and at the end of the day it's all about how much money they can make by entrapping unsuspecting people into these situations.

    Chin up, and remember why you got picked in the first place :)

  39. Hi Dollie
    Thank you so much for sharing with all of us what really happened! I think it is horrible how they portrayed you and mislead all of you.

  40. Sounds like the same scenario that happened with the ladies from the UK's Time Warp Wives :-(

  41. I didn't watch it as I figured reality TV would F it up somehow, maybe I didn't want to be disappointed. However my sis watched it and made a post to fb where people stood up for you who knew you.

    I only know you from your blog, and it's plain that you are like the sweetest, nicest person, so it really sucks what happened, but you are a bright star who will inevitably shine through their muck.

    Big shots, eh...sorry about that Dollie, gee.

  42. Dollie,

    I'm so glad I found your blog. I watched the show last night and was startled at how catty you were portrayed. Your blog shows the real you for sure and I'm thrilled that youre really not so catty :)

    <3 a new fan

  43. Hang in there Dollie. I LOVED the beginning of the show (and that cute pink shirt). I have watched it a few times now (with different people) and the more I watch it, the more I realize how much of your conversations were pieced together. Not to mention, pasted in when you weren't even talking. I am sorry this has been such a bad experience for you. All of us love you!

  44. Poor Dollie
    You seem so nice in your blog and although I have not seen the documentary being in Australia it sounds like they completely misrepresented you.

    I have to say that perhaps you were a little naive going into this project but I can see how these things snowball out of your control. The same thing happened to the women that were in the UK 'documentary 'Time Warp Wives'. Joanne Massey aka Lola Lamour has been trying to set the record straight ever since its airing. You can see her interview about it here: -

    I hope this experience and peoples negative comments are not hitting you too hard. Anyone with half a brain knows how much TLC warp their 'reality shows' so chin up and heres hoping it will soon be old news! x

  45. Wow!Dollie I am so sad to hear that TLC tore you apart like that. I do not own a tv so I did not see the show. Also for people to say they wish you would commit suicide, they are just horrible human beings!!! They should be ashamed of themselves! I wish that a good videographer would come along and do an actual legitimate documentary portraying the real you. I have always enjoyed your blog a lot. Just continue to be real and people will see your inner light that shines through you.


  46. Wow! That is all so unbelievably horrible. I always thought that I could spot a set-up, fake drama on "reality" tv shows. And I've often gone along with them a bit, hating the villian the way the producers clearly want me to. But now I know that it's all absolute rubbish regardless of how bad the try to make someone look.

    As horrible as it all must feel now, in six months time nobody will remember it and you'll have a great story about "the time I was in the worlds worst reality show" to tell at parties.

    Whatever nasty things people say, don't respond. Just wait for it to go away. It might not feel like it now but it will.

    All the best - Jen

  47. Hi Dolly. When I first read that you would be in Wives With Beehives I vividly remember saying to my boyfriend "oh look they're going to make a version of Time Warp Wives in America." If you ever get a chance to look it up on you tube I highly recommend it.
    Time Warp Wives was made a number of years ago and heavily features a lady called Lola Lamour she and her friends were also very upset with the editing of the programme though it sounds like your situation was much more extreme. I just wanted to let you know that even though Lola and her husband Kevin did not like the show at all and how they were portrayed it is one of the main reasons I "found" the vintage lifestyle. I have watched the show over and over and they soon became almost heroes to me and I have never been happier now that I have my vintage lifestyle.
    I have since met Lola and Kevin on a number of occasions and have found them to be two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I just wanted to let your know that the same situation has happened to others but to me I feel that just by inspiring my life for the better it's all worth it and I'm sure you will inspire others in the same way too.

  48. Dear Dollie, I read your blog but don't comment much. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this has happened to you. I certainly won't be watching the show if/when it airs in the UK.

  49. Omg, dollie how terrible for you. I haven't seen the show, i dont have cable i was waiting for it to become available but now i dont think i want to. Im only a recent follower of your blog but i can see that your not a mean person. Its too bad they cast this negitive look on vintage lifestyle. Stay positive.


  50. I am so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately that is Hollywood. I suppose the only thing you can do is take it as a lesson learned and make something good from it...make your own show! Who knows...maybe it was a blessing in disguise!

  51. I think you and I have been cyber pen pals for a while now, and when I watched the show, I didn't believe for one minute that was you. I know it's hard to ignore those nasty people but you have to try and I believe you have way more supportive people out there then haters. Hopefully, they won't pick up the show for anymore episodes. Hang in there you rock the rock a billy lifestyle!

  52. Hi Dollie!

    TLC should be ashamed of themselves! I was so excited to watch the program. I have not recently watched any programs on TLC because I feel that the quality of their programming has diminished and they shouldn't be calling themselves The Learning Channel (TLC). When I noticed that this show was about ladies who love vintage and also that it was listed as a documentary I thought this show was going to be something really different and interesting. I liked the opening few minutes where they showed you at your home with your hubby and thought I had finally found the perfect show for me. Then as the show went on I was so disappointed in the portrayal TLC put together of you ladies. It was obvious that this was staged by producers that wanted to have yet another show where women are mean to each other. The media needs to stop making these kinds of shows where women are reduced to being catty and jealous with one another. Instead the media needs to show how women can join together to create lasting friendships and enjoy being in each other’s company. It was clear TLC produced another “reality show” under the guise of a documentary. I feel terrible that you ladies had to put up with this kind of trouble and that you have been receiving nasty comments from some viewers. I have been reading vintage blogs for a while and have now only discovered your blog and I think it’s wonderful, keep up the good work! I read your post on Thanksgiving and that was the kind of thing I was hoping this show would be about. I will now be a loyal reader of your blog : )

  53. Hi, I wanted to address your comment about Shelby living in an "apartment" above my shop. I have a design studio in Orange with a warehouse space. Shelby does not now, nor has she ever lived or stayed there. When she is in town, she works at the studio designing and producing her Loveland & Sea clothing line, but she stays elsewhere.


  54. Hey Dollie!
    I like to read your blog but I don't think I've ever commented before.

    I just want to say that I'm so sorry for what happened to you and the guys who participated into that production. It sounds like such an horrible thing to live!

    TLC, you should be ashamed of yourself! :(

  55. This is just so sad! I am really sorry you had such a horrid, horrid experience. I was approached by a girl doing a documentary and had a wonderful experience, she really let us dictate where we wanted to go, and say whatever we wanted to say. So there are some good "show biz" folk out there.

    I didn't catch the show, to be honest. I was fearful it would make us vintage gals out to be freaks.

    I sure hope this doesn't catch on and become a real TLC show and that this was just a one-off. It sounds so terrifying and exhausting!

    Once again, I am so, so sorry. We're all behind you!


  56. Anyone with half a brain could easily see how chopped up and twisted everything was. If not... well, that's just too bad for them.

    Unfortunately, a show about gals who are friends and share the same interests (and that alone) won't appeal to the general public. These days, it's fashionable for women to be catty, stuck up bitches. I can remember a point in time when the term "frenemies" didn't exist. It seems that's how ladies (term used loosely) are expected to treat their friends in this day and age. Nobody cares about anything if there isn't drama or controversy involved. It's pretty pathetic!

    I never will understand why people won't just walk away when they see something they dislike. It's much more fun to create drama from it, I guess.
    I can't count all the Facebook posts I saw about it, or the private emails I got.

    "They are making US look bad!"

    Said the same people who moan when the "squares" or "normal people" start liking what we like.

    "What a bunch of dumb bitches!"

    Change the channel! Go play outside or something.

    "Yeah right, they don't do EVERYTHING vintage!"

    Duh, they're just like the rest of us who like the same sort of things.

    What you ladies said on the show was true-- even though the 1950s were a turbulent time in history, family and life values were a lot different. People like us pick and choose what positive aspects we like from that time and apply it to our daily lives.

    I took on the role of HOUSEWIFE because I WANT TO, not because Franco puts a gun to my head and makes me do it. I raise my kids with morals and values. I discipline my kids. I use nothing but vintage Pyrex to store my food because the new stuff is ugly to me. Modern clothing doesn't suit my figure and I like looking very put together. ... and so on.

    The naysayers can live their lives the way they want to, and I'll live mine the way I want to (and trust me... as long as I've been this way, there have been a lot of naysayers. TV show or not!)

    Unlike many others, I choose to take what was positive about the show and remember that.

    Fabricated or not, it was leagues better than seeing slutty girls beating the crap out of each other or obese redneck babies.

    I was approached a while back by a major network about a cooking competition show. Which was creepy... because my love for gourmet cooking is not something I broadcast to the world! I considered doing it for only a moment before I saw it for what it was. Another person they approached/picked had zero cooking skills. However, she was loud, eccentric and very unusual.
    So they wanted her, the crazy broad, and me, the tattooed retro freak. Plus, the expected me to leave my work and kids for six weeks for menial pay? No thanks.

    The thing that pisses me off about all of this are the sick, jealous JACKASSES that came out from under their slimy rocks to spread their hatred.

    Unfortunately, I saw that coming.

    Not everyone has a thick skin. Regardless, nobody deserves to deal with that.

    I am sick of dramatic, negative crap like this. I can't wrap my head around the idea of disliking something so much that one would have to lash out in the nastiest way possible. To dwell on it like that. A lot of it IS jealousy. Whether or not you were portrayed badly, you were still on TV, and it's sad to think that people are bothered by it so much.

    I tend to ignore the things I dislike, life is easier that way. But, some people are so unhappy with their lives, that they strive to make other people unhappy, and derive their happiness that way.

    I hope the sick comments and hate have stopped. Nobody deserves that. Just keep in mind that these people have a problem with themselves more than they have a problem with you.

    Write this one off as a learning experience. Besides, not everyone can say that they were on a national TV show!

    You and Zack both know what type of person you really are, and that's all that matters.

  57. Oh how horrid! Hollywoodland is such a fickle, mean and twisted place! We all know that's what you're like and I hope others realise it is isn't you at all, and really is just a television show!

    I've just flicked through a few comments on this post so my next point has already been made, but they did the same thing here in the UK with "Time Warp Wives" - such a shame how they represent such a lovely community!

  58. Hello Dollie, I have been a follower of your blog for quite a while now, and have previously even commented on some of your post. My husband and I are huge fans of this blog and always rave about how awesome you and your hubby live. In a way, I look up to you because my husband and I live a life surrounded by vintage everything. We are more in love with the 1930s, so I can only imagine what I people would think about us. Well Dollie, I just want you to know that I think you are one of the coolest chicks in the planet. I don't know you personally, but I think you are awesome. And just to prove to you how great I think you are, I would love for you to follow our humble blog.

  59. I think the internet ate my previous comment, so I hope you don't get this twice. Anyway, I think you should be poring over that contract trying to get out - surely there should be some legal recourse for the fact that they lied to you about what the show would be, and editing you to that extent seems almost slanderous. TLC has a whole slew of horrible shows like this, so I would have been running for the hills as soon as they signed on board!

    I think this should be a lesson to anybody with an 'alternative' lifestyle to be careful about what they let the media pressure them into doing. I've had friends in a very similar situation. They wore costumes to the new zealand premiere of the hobbit, and were interviewed by a camerama who asked them to do certain poses and say things. When the clip showed on TV here, they were mocked by the hosts who implied they were gay, awkward virgins. It was just horrible to watch. Because they are so widely known in the cosplay community, we flooded the show's facebook page with comments shaming them about their bullying and correcting perceptions of them. They never apologised, but I think they'll be more careful in future. I hope! The friends ended up not caring because the positives (being photographed by Elijah Wood, who was so impressed with their costumes and then featured on the official lord of the rings blog) outweighed the negatives. I can only hope it ends up similarly or better for you!

  60. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience D: I've been reading your blog for a while, and I can't imagine you being anything but sweet in real life. At least you have a pretty popular blog to share your side of it

  61. Hi Sweetie First Off I like to Commend u On a wonderful Job u did explaining those of Us who Know u Love u & Know u r the most Sweetest Giving Nicest Ladies in the World. These Shows thrive on Drama & Fakeness! Reality TV is Pure entertainment they tell u what to say how to say it, & what to do. U r 100% right about there is so much more in the world for someone to say "Kill Yourself" that is horrid and Pure Jealousy the ones who create trouble or give nasty comments they r Pure Jealous, this is TV People Get a Grip!! They should of Shot more on the Music maybe even at viva or Pinup Contests or The Jiving Competition!! You Ladies r Amazing Lovely, Sweet!! I Comment U all for being Yourselves!! Dollie U did a amazing job letting The Cat Out of the Bag!! hhehe Love ya Hunny ps Loved seeing yer lil dollie on tv that was cool xoxoxoxx Christie

  62. I am so sorry about that! I think the show looks interesting although I don't plan on watching after this post. I'd way rather just read your blog to get the real story on how your life works! Looking forward to happier posts, and again I'm so sorry that TLC made it seem like you guys were all catty. I guess that's just be expected these days. :/


  63. Oh, Dollie, I am as sorry as could be! You could tell how they faked everything and tried to make you the villain. It is just a real waste...They could have taken that time, money and effort and created a show that showcased some amazing people doing cool stuff, but no. It's too bad how they couldn't see that the real rockabilly scene is way more interesting that some stupid, fake Real Housewives plot. I am so sorry! I'm a longtime reader of your blog and I just knew that this show was not "you."
    Keep your chin up--Lauren T

  64. I think the evil first set of producers purposefully set out to make you look bad since you wouldn't go along with all the ridiculous situations they wanted you all to act out. That might be construed as malicious and libelous since you were so badly misrepresented on that show.

    It is obvious that they were trying to do some sort or "Real Housewives" type of show, using rockabilly girls. It must have been so disappointing to them to discover that most of us are nice, and genuine. Also, they must have also been disappointed to realize that we DO live in 2012, sometimes drive new cars, use department store make up, wear pajamas purchased at Target and actually own and use computers, Iphones and other modern electronics. We just do it with more style.

    Kisses to you and Zack. See you in Vegas xx

  65. I talk to Leslie quite often, so I had a bit of the back-story before the show aired... but even so, I was shocked at how blatantly they used & abused you gals! When they made you shop for cheap tiki stuff, I said to my hubby "You know darn well one or more of them has all the REAL vintage tiki stuff they could use!". I have met most of you gals at one point or another, and I knew none of you were like they were portraying you.
    Such a shame.
    You should be able to sue them for defamation of character!! It's just not right.
    The only plus side was that you all looked lovely & I had fun identifying items that came from our shops. :)
    Ignore the mean people. They don't deserve your attention.
    All the best...
    Elsewhere & Joyride Vintage
    Orange, CA

  66. Shame on the producers for treating everyone so horribly and for deceiving you all...that's not even professional and it's definitely not cool! I happened upon this show and was really excited about the premise because I love vintage clothing and wanted to see and learn more about the vintage/rockabilly scene on the west coast. As I'm sure you all thought when you first signed up for it, this could have been a really fun and exciting opportunity to share your passions on tv...and dispel any of the rumors/stereotypes that sometimes go along with it and instead they tried (I say 'tried' because it was really, really horribly done...) to make it into some Real Housewives-style franchise full of cattiness and clearly staged drama. EPIC FAIL! It's bad enough that TLC even aired it but I imagine it's a million times worse that there are people out there that saw it and actually believed the 'plot' and the answers given during the 'interviews' because it was soooo poorly edited that none of it made any sense! (Seriously, it was almost comical how little sense it made between the spliced dialogue and the whole birthday party story arc!) But. NONE of that should be a reflection on you (individually, since you were apparently cast as the villain) or, collectively, your co-stars! I still can't believe how badly this one missed the mark... But on the plus side, I discovered some new vintage blogs!

  67. Mary- sorry about the mistake. I must have miss understood, I thought Shelby said she stayed at the studio whe she was in town. Thanks for reading!

  68. I'm an Independent TV producer based in Los Angeles and have a blog & record label of punk & rockabilly subculture from around the world called "Punk Outlaw". Everyone in TV knows (and many viewers know) that even the most tame "reality" TV is NOT real. Yet, just like viewers watch wrestling, they watch these fake shows for the pumped up fake drama. It's a shame and it's sad that there is so much of this on TV these days. Its really a lack of creativity and imagination on the part of the networks and the producers, who's talent at creating interest from authentic, real stories are obviously lacking.

    I'd love to get your real POV on camera for "Punktology" the documentary I'm producing on punk/rockabilly and underground music from around the world. We can even tell your side of the story on this experience to show how mainstream media so often stereotypes subcultures like rockabilly.

  69. I saw the show, but it was obvious some of the scenes were staged - like asking about the electronic receipt at Party City. Why would a cashier ask that if you're paying with cash! What a shame the entire show was fake. I would have enjoyed a nice honest look at your lives, without any of the drama. I'm sorry this was such a bad experience for you and the other ladies.

  70. I am so sorry they did this to you. All I can say is most intelligent people know that TLS is a freaking joke! Too bad they picked the show up, it could have been really good in the right hands. I guess it's too expensive to hire actors and have them just play the part they would like. Then they would have to rent costumes and pay writers rather than use nice well meaning people. Don't worry, we can see through it. Anyone willing to blindly believe the TV is not worth knowing!

  71. Oh my, Dollie! and I was so looking forward to seeing this! Well, it doesn't surprise me one bit that any TV show would warp our lifestyles like this. Most of those housewife, etc...aka reality shows only want to attract people who want to see misery. Not the cool, fun lifestyle it is so obvious you lead. I'd still like to see it, if only because I want to see the cool houses, clothes etc. But definitely keep in mind that this isn't a REAL picture of you and your friends. Sorry for your discomfort they put you through, but keep smiling and posting your cool blog! Zootsuitmama~!

  72. Don't worry yourself with the sick people. Your family, friends, and fans that truly care about you know the show was being ridiculous and love you still.

  73. I have not seen the show, but I had read various comments about it on my Facebook newsfeed. There was a link to this blog. I am really sorry that this happened to you. Pay no attention to the naysayers. They don't know you and can't claim to know you based on a scripted TV show. Unless they were physically there, they have no business saying anything. The only people who matter are those who know you and care for you. As long as you have the support, you'll get through this. Many blessings to you and yours and a Happy New Year. Cheers!

  74. Well, I just discovered your blog a short while ago & even posted about the show! Love your blog & I love the concept of the show.... I did realize that it was trumped up & figured as much. I love vintage & the retro scene, so I was excited to see it! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Learning about the culture & your friends would be far more entertaining than the Real Housewives crap they pulled. Anyway- stay positive & know that a lot of people are on your side! xo

  75. hi dollie,

    i watched the show the other night and i'm simply devastated for disgusting a thing to go through!

    i love your style and was immediately inspired upon seeing you ladies on tv. i could tell right away that something wasn't quite right with the editing - it was choppy, conversation didn't make sense, etc. i put two and two together pretty fast and realized things had been fabricated quite a bit.

    i'm in love with all things vintage and i'd simply LOVE to adapt more of the lifestyle...i'm just not sure where to start! i'm so excited to have found your blog.

    i'm 32 years young - revamping a new style might raise some alarms with my family, lol! but you (and the other ladies) inspired me to come out of my shell and show the true me.


  76. Honey, I believe you 100%! ID did a show with my family when my first book came out and they completely botched it up. You don't have to convince me...

  77. I'd like to address the nasty comment by Wild Kat who doesn't have a clue of what she speaks. NO, you do NOT have the option to QUIT. Dollie signed a contract and had to honor that or she would have been in big trouble - possibly sued.

  78. Oh honey, I don't know you but it was pretty obvious the producers manipulated the footage. And it was TOTALLY obvious that the birthday girl was NOT new to town. I have worked in Hollywood and I am shocked about the way they treated your friends and family on the day of the birthday shoot- that is crazy. And $500! That is way below scale. I was so excited to watch the show and I am so disappointed in the way TLC manipulated you ladies to get a story. The real you must of been a MUCH better watch. Ugh. So sorry you had to go through all of that.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  79. I am so sorry you had to go through that horrible experience. Tv is just interested in getting viewers to get good ratings... but fortunately people who are true rockabilly heart and all understand the lifestyle. I love the lifestyle, clothes, music. I watched the show only because I wanted to see the fashion. Stay strong and show that a true rockabilly lady stands her ground with strength and class.

  80. You know what? I apologize, Dollie. I wrote about the show on my blog and I wasn't kind to you. I regret that.

    I had no idea.

    You just proved, yet again, that no one ever knows the real story.

    I wish you ALL the best in 2013. I'm sorry for your negative experience.


  81. I am so sorry. The best way to counterattack their gross lie to you and to the country is to post your words as much as we can and everywhere you can. After all, the web is a great tool for that!!! I already posted it on Jezebel.

  82. Oh dear Dollie! My heart is so very sad for you all. I too was hounded to do this show... Let me say it again hounded!!! After many questions of sugar and spice they producers started asking for drama... Does anyone fight you on your lifestyle? Do friends support you? Family drama. Quickly I stopped answering their phone calls & emails. DaddyO & I have such fun and joy living the way we do I just wouldn't allow media to spoil it! I am so sorry you are hurt!

    Now that said you are an amazing and wonderful kitten & no small experience or hurt will stop you! You are adorable and such an amazing example of the true vintage lifestyle! You inspire gals in this world through your blog & don't let them have a second more of you and all you offer! Huggs to you my dear! Cat

  83. Hello Dollie,

    I too have been reading your blog for sometime, I have never commented but I read your blog almost everyother day. Its fantastic, you seem to me like an authentic, kind and fun loving human being. Its sad how TV distorts life, but most people should know that what you see on TV is often skewed by the people creating it, not the guests.

    I wish you all the best in 2013, and dont let the naysayers beat you up. Its not neccesary and none of you deserve it! I live in Canada and have not seen this show, and now I have no reason to. I will however continue to read your blog!

    Best Wishes from Canada - Michelle

  84. Unsolicited Commentary.

    I did not see that farce of a TLC show last week--thankfully--but I came across the promo on the Glamorous Housewife's blog.

    I have never met you nor do I know very much about you, but the promo alone looked so very contrived making you sound like a vapid cave-woman. I was embarrassed for you!

    I could see the barest glimmer of your good intentions buried beneath contrived garbage. I only wish you were able to sue (but I'm sure the pages of legal agreements and whole $500 will not allow that) for defamation of character, as no doubt this tragic characterization will long-lasting repercussions.

    Thank you for your side of the story.

  85. I am so sad this happened to you. Not did they manipulate you and your friends but also fans of your blog and fans of the rockabilly and vintage subkulture. I haven't watched the show but reading this and temperamental broads post I'm glad I didn't see it. Keep your chin up. Things will get better and I hope they don't pick it up as a series.

  86. Good luck with your show. I was intrigued by its premise: young women embracing the dress and "vintage" lifestyle of the 1950s. Fortunately, I also realize much of this program must have been scripted to include "drama." I grew up in the 50s, so it was fun to look back at some of the things that are normal and commonplace to me. Too bad ladies still don't wear hats and gloves daily.

  87. I just wanted to say thank you.
    Really... thank you.
    I realize that a lot is overdone and sensationalized on tv, but smack in the middle of the program was a nugget from you that I was blessed to see.

    When y'all were shopping and you tried on the were talking about your weight loss and how you felt about yourself and this joy of fitting into more vintage garment just adding on to it. It caught my attention as I've been near to giving up my efforts (both to lose weight, and to be a part of our local lindy hop scene). But it was the bit about you not liking the accentuated figure resulting from the corset and prefering your own healthy (and wonderful) figure... that stuck out and for me, was the best thing I could have seen or heard all week.

    I felt like maybe, once I was back on track with my health goals, I might just rediscover my love of dance, or allow myself to enjoy clothes that look (and make me feel) good.

    So again, even if this is just between us and never gets posted... I just really wanted to thank you.


  88. Ashley, you just made me feel all warm and fuzzy! That day was also my favorite day of filming. It just felt most like ME. Glad I could inspire you! I hit Rick bottom when I tried on a dress for valentines day and it wouldnt zip. I knew I had to make changes do I joined weight watchers. That is the best thing I ever did for my health. Also, keep dancing! If you are interested in it and willing to learn, other people will support you in it and help you reach that goal.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments here. For some reason I can't comment on each one individually, but know that I adore each and every one of you! So far I only had one nasty FB message and the rest have been positive. Thanks to everyone that stood up for me!!! Love you all!

  89. Just know that even with all their horrible editing you "shined" . The way your husband looked at you and you looked at him during the pool party scene showed what a truly great lady you are. I watched the show with my daughter and she noticed how your voice would change and your expressions didn't match your words at times.
    As a mom I try to teach my daughter life lessons and good values. You showed that being "old fashioned", as my daughter puts it, is cool B-) .. I am grateful to you for reconfirming what I tell her. New is not always better, time taking care of your home is something to be proud of, home cooking is not a lost art and it does not come from a can, and last but not least that having curves is attractive.
    Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with us all.

  90. Dollie
    I always admired the 1950's lifestyle and was so excited to watch this show. I was hoping it would be documentary style depicting your lifestyles. It was clear to me that it was horribly fake. I actually said to my friend that it appeared as if they were trying to make it like a Real Housewives show with fake drama. So sorry for your experience and that we missed out on seeing an accurate depiction of your awesome subculture.

  91. I'm so sorry for you Dollie. But you will see, these TLC people will had to paid for the bad things they done one day.
    Keep your beautifull smile.


  92. you girls were great, retro take is so much fun, sorry producers could not let it just happen more naturally and that you had to take all that agro;). keep on rockin..........jack k

  93. Theres more then enough catty chics in the scene. The whos more rockabilly crap that have the people in the scene deserting it on its own. Shoot VLV is just a catty mess of gals dressed to the 9 s in 120 heat most the time. Why dont TLC just go there for the catty. Cliqish crap. At least its over. You looked edited like a saint compaired to more then half these rockabilly scene girls. Keep your head up your one of good ones and it beats Springer or My Weird Obsession 500 dollar check. Most scene gals go on theses shows for the money anyways and to let the other gals in the scene know they are the current IT girl. By the way your self presentation hair dress ect looked awesome.

  94. I'm disgusted at what they did but unfortunately not surprised. I am a journalist and refuse to write untrue material so I would never be involved in a show like this if I were asked to make stuff up or twist it. Years ago at my wedding I had 'wedding stalkers' - nothing sinister, we all were members of an online wedding forum and brides would extend invitations for other members to come along and be part of their wedding ceremony. They sat at the back and didn't attend the reception, and it was by invitation only. I was working for a paper at the time and they wanted me to write a story about the phenomenon, which I did, but they then wanted a photograph of the 'stalkers' hiding in the bushes with binoculars and overcoats! I refused so they didn't run the story! You have my sympathy, I know how the media can manipulate their editing so the show is what they want to portray, whether or not that bears any resemblance to reality.

  95. Poor Darling,

    I just want you to know that I was watching the show I felt the work of the editors. I still enjoyed seeing other women who embrace the same things that I do.I am sorry that you had such a hard time. You shouldn't feel that there are people thinking ill, y'all still came across as ladies which is more than can be said for anyone else on television.Have many happy tomorrows.

    With Well Wishes,
    Mrs. Adia Martin

  96. I was so excited to see this because I have been following your blog for a while now & you always look so happy & joyful & friendly. Everybody around you always looked so happy to know you & I always thought how cool it would be to hang out at some of those rockabilly events with you & your friends. So when I heard about the show I really wanted to see what your life was like & was kinda confused & knew right away there had to have been some serious editing to make you look like a villain, because there is no way someone like that has as many friends as you do! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, how terrible. I wish you the best of luck in life & many happier days ahead.

  97. Hello,
    I am glad that I read your blog and know the true story. I was to disappointed in the way they portrayed you all on the show. They made you mean and I was like she looks so sweet. Chin up and I did see you at Viva but was shy to ask to take a pic with you. I'm glad that I found you on Instagram, I'm nlomeli1955.

  98. Thank you for writing this. These "reality" shows are very exploitive, and more people need to realize this. Lives are being ruined, and these scummy producers just laugh all the way to the bank.

  99. Hi Dollie! I know this is long overdue, and old news to you I'm sure...but as a fellow television producer, I'm sorry this has happened to's all too common. We're not all that horrible :( I would never think of conducting a shoot like that....if someone is letting you into their home, as a producer, you need to show some respect. There is absolutely something to be said about being wary and having your guard up, but I hope it doesn't completely turn you off to television, because you do have a very cool life to share.

  100. I do feel for you but come on, you had to know they wouldn't break the cardinal rule of "reality" tv by actually acknowledging that you were filming a tv show, right? hence any comment referencing producers or a "plot" was certainly going to be edited out. Oh well, try not to obsess, and I guess lesson learned??

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