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Collin's Kids, Dave and Deke, and Ray Campi at Joe's

1:22 PMDollie DeVille

Last week we went to Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance at Joe's Great American Bar. This is one of the last Barn Dances, so they wanted to go out with a bang. For the big event they booked Russel Scott, Ray Campi, Dave and Deke and Larry and Lorrie Collins.

I wore a salmon pink squaw dress, black shorty boots and a black cowgirl hat.

First on stage was the Ronnie Mack band, then Russel Scott and then Ray Campi.

Everyone was in a celebratory mood, including Jason Eoff, who thought it best to order the pitcher instead of wait at the bar many times. The venue was so packed that there was hardly any walking room.The line was out the door because they could only let a certain amount of people in at a time due to the fire codes. Then other people were only let in once other people left. I have never seen it so packed!

Next up was one of our favorite bands, the Dave and Deke Combo!

While Dava and Deke were playing I did a little quick change because......

They asked me to come on stage and go go dance for them to The Hillbilly Twist!

I couldn't say no to Dave and Deke! So while I do not consider myself a go go dancer, I got up there and did my best. It was a ton of fun actually!!

Finally Larry and Lorrie went on!!! I love love love The Collins Kids.

Larry has not changed a bit. He is still an excited little kid like he always was. Lorrie voice seems a little raspy (smoker maybe?) but she is just as beautiful as ever. I feel very lucky to have been able to see them yet again. Ever year we lose more and more legends, so make sure to get out and see them whenever you can!

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  1. KILLER line-up! That reminds me, I need to break out the Collins Kids CD for my future spawn. ;)

  2. Your hair is soo long! Lucky ducky. Looks like a fun time!

  3. Gosh I am so incredibly jealous, what a show that must have been. I would love to see the Collin Kids!

    & You look adorable in that gingham two piece outfit.

    xo Darla


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