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Thanksgiving Eve

11:43 AMDollie DeVille

The night before Thanksgiving we went to check out the Chills and Fever record hop at Monty Bar in downtown LA. Chills and Fever is always on a Wednesday night, so we normally don't end up making it. Since it was the start of a 4 day weekend, it seemed like an appropriate night to check it out. The traffic down there wasn't bad at all. I think we actually spent more time looking for a parking spot once we got there. 

Even though it doesn't look like much from the outside, Monty Bar is a cool place. Monty Bar is the type of place that inspires martini drinking. It is dimly lit with a dark wood bar along the right wall and big cushy booths along the left wall. There is a big wooden dance floor that runs the length of the bar in the center. The decor was rad, but the drink selection was the most unexpected stand-out. They had a unique selection of beers on tap and bottled, a lot which were local. They were a good price too, like Olympia of Irwindale, CA for $3. 

When we got there, we seemed to be the first people there for the record hop. The DJ had started, but no one was dancing. We thought we were there a little too early, and that it would pick up later in the evening. We sat there drinking for a few hours, and it never picked up. I am not sure if it was  dead because of the holiday, or if it is always like that. No one was dancing, even though the DJ was playing some good stuff. It's not a rockabilly record hop per se, but more rhythm and blues. The regular clientele seemed to be of the hipster variety, which is not exactly my scene. 

Eventually we left and decided to head to see Roy Rapid at Joe's in Burbank. 

Did I mention I got a cute new vintage purse for Thanksgiving? 

A few minutes later we were at Joe's, where people were actually dancing! We would always rather see a live band anyway, especially a great band like Roy Rapid! 

The SideWynders were there too, so Ramon got on stage and did a song. Not well to be honest, as he was a few drinks in. 

Then Rip Masters did a few songs. 

While Chills and Fever was a let down this time, we are going to check it out again sometime. Joe's is always good time though, and saved the night. We didn't get home until after 2 am, making waking up early to start cooking a real challenge. 

More on that coming next! 

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