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Tiki Oasis 2012

3:02 PMDollie DeVille

For my birthday I wanted to head to San Diego to check out Tiki Oasis. We had been meaning to go for years, but never have. The host hotel was already booked solid, so we booked at the Kings Inn across the street. 

Kings Inn is a mid-century hotel with a cute boomerang pool!

Next door to the hotel was Albie's Beef Inn, a fun retro steakhouse. 
We decided to have a nice steak dinner there. 

The restaurant is known for is rich wood, leather booths, and nudie velvet paintings. While we were there they had a live pianist, which also added to the cool atmosphere. 

I was really happy to be having a nice dinner with my husband for my birthday. 

Bacon wrapped filet mignon with burgundy sauce, twice baked potato  glazed carrot  salad and wine- always my favorite meal option! I was so stuffed, but it was worth it. 

After dinner we called the free shuttle to pick us up outside the restaurant and take us to the host hotel-The Crown Plaza. The minute you walk into the lobby you know you are at Tiki Oasis. Tiki Oasis is different than other weekenders in that they do a different theme every year. 

This year the theme was "Secret Agent" and they did a great job of making the theme apparent everywhere! All of the decorations also make for great photo-ops! 

With my handsome husband. Did I mention I adore him? I wore a Kamehameha playsuit with matching skirt.

We headed outside to the pool and a lot more surprises.  The pool was full with floaties and all of the balconies were decorated! That is a little different, especially for a nice upscale hotel like this. I guess they really let Tiki Oasis take over! It was really cool and put you in the mood to party. 

Tiki Oasis has the bands, DJs and vendors outside on the grass next to the pool. The weather was perfect that weekend so it wasn't a problem. I am not sure what they do if it rains though.

On either side of the stage there was a platform for go-go dancers!

I don't remember who this band was, but they were good. I liked their Swedish accents. I tried to imagine it was Domestic Bumblebees. 

Kay, in a fun costume. Everyone says Viva Las Vegas is a costume contest, but it is actually more true of Tiki Oasis. There is literally a consume contest with prizes! 

More go-go dancers! 

After the bands finish on the main stage the 'dance party' begins inside the hotel. They played some rockabilly music, but also R&B, blues, and 60's rock. When they did play songs I liked, no one knew how to dance to them. We actually saw people bumping and grinding to Tallahassee Lassie. I have never seen that before. 

Burlesque is a big part of Tiki Oasis. It was very crowded, but we did get to catch one great performance. Violetta Beretta did a "Goldfinger" routine and it was the best we have ever seen! 

The next morning we went to breakfast at Ricky's diner for some old fashion diner food! The service was great too! Then we walked back to our hotel and took the shuttle over to the host hotel.

During the day all of the vendors are set up on the grass selling tiki mugs, decor and clothing. I got a few good vintage clothing items while there. 

Of course, there are bars around every corner too! 

Shag always has a booth too! 

Shelby, looking very gold and sparkly! 

I wore a Shaheen playsuit with matching tea timer. I accessorized with a mai tai. 

Tiki Oasis has an art show with some great art for sale. They also had a "secret agent case" contest, which our friend Jay won with the case above. 

The car show is held in the hotel parking lot. 
It was small, but had quality cars, motorcycles and motor homes. 

The spy theme was still present, even at the car show! 

See, costumes were all the rage! 

After getting cleaned up we headed inland to see Big Sandy play at the Parlour Party. I guess these dinner dances are thrown monthly at an Elks Lodge. We thought we would check it out since we weren't too far away. 

The theme for dinner was Polynesian, which was fitting. 

They had lots of yummy homemade options. 

They had a card board cut-out too!

We didn't know it, but Lil' Esther and the Tin Starts were opening up for Big Sandy. How lucky were we? Seeing two great bands in a private party type setting, 

The reason for the "private-party" feel? Everyone was celebrating a birthday! 

I guess the people that put this event on are all swing dancers. They do lessons and have a dance troupe. So for the birthday girl they gave a special organized dance as a gift. It was very sweet. It was strange for an outsider like me though, who is not used to seeing organized dance numbers between bands. 

Finally Big Sandy got on stage! 

The dance floor was so packed, but I got in a handful of dances. 

Then they brought out a cake for the birthday girl. 

Then Robert did a very sweet thing. He was talking about his busy touring schedule preventing him from attending events his friends invite him too. He said he was sorry that he couldn't come to our wedding reception. We were so surprised! We were even more surprised when he called Zack on stage with him to sing "Feelin' Kinda Lucky" to me. It was a hoot! I was cracking up so much! I recorded it but it didn't come out right. Robert is such a sweetheart though. What a nice treat! 

More dancing! 

After the show we headed back to the hotel to see what was going on. Nothing much, so we headed to bed. I realized I didn't have photos of  myself from the evening, so we snapped one here before we left. I wore my Alfred Shaheen Asian dress.

The next afternoon we checked out of out hotel and went back to the host hotel for lunch. 

They have a nice restaurant in the hotel, so we thought we would eat brunch there. The food wasn't anything special, so I guess you are really paying for ambiance. The restaurant had a tropical feel and it opened up to the pool, so it was nice.

After lunch we headed back to the pool. 

I got a new swimsuit while I was here for the weekend (with money my coworkers gave me!). It's a Janzten, my favorite swimsuit brand. It fits really well, but it will look even better once I lose the 5-10 lbs I gained during the wedding. I will start after this weekend...because on the way home we stopped at one of my favorite restaurants in LA, the Stinking Rose. I had a giftcard, so why not? 

We had our own little tent at the Stinking Rose.

If you haven't ever been to the Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant, you should check it out! 

Zack got the meatloaf and I got the lamb. We both even had leftovers for dinner the next night! 

The staff even sang happy birthday to me, gave me garlic ice cream and gave me a garlic hat to wear. I am never to cool to wear a garlic hat! The garlic ice cream was actually good too! 

All and all, Tiki Oasis was a fun weekend. It was better than anything else going on anyway. Next year the theme is Tikibilly- that is right up my alley! Hope to see you there. 


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  1. This looks like an absolute blast!! And your hair is fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing such fab pictures!


  2. That black Asian Shaheen is SICK! Glad you had a good time. You looked great all weekend :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I wish we had fun events in NM. I'm jealous! :)

  4. It looks like fun but I think a few more of us need to go next time and we can show them how to get party time!!! Thanks for the report!

  5. That asian Shaheen looks HOT CHA CHA!!!!

  6. Great post! I live on the wrong side of the country. :)


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