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Nikki Hill at Viva Cantina

11:21 PMDollie DeVille

Have you seen Nikki Hill yet? Even though we were friends, I didn't know that she was such a great singer and performer until I saw her live at Viva Las Vegas last year. She blew me away. I knew she would be a big hit! She has been getting around since Viva. She recorded a single and has been playing around the country. When I saw that she would be touring the west coast I was ecstatic! I couldn't miss this show, especially since Nikki and her husband Matt were crashing at our pad for a few days.   

If this show wasn't already the bees knees, Big Jay McNeely was opening for Nikki! I had stopped off to see Zack's band play before getting to Viva Cantina so it was packed by the time I got there. 

We ran into a few transplants you may remember from Minneapolis- Stephanie Weber, Kevin O'Leary,  

and Doris MayDay! We are so happy to welcome them all to California! 

Sally Jo, Bobby, Chris and Amber looking fab! We got a nice little group together to celebrate my 25th birthday! 

And my dear Alana!! I missed her so much! 

Alana surprised me with a beautiful cake. 

It is simply darling! Thank you Alana!! 

Everyone sang and I blew out the candles celebrating my quarter centennial. 

With Big Sandy, what a treat to get to catch up with him! 

Paul and I are all smiles but Deke looks rather serious. 

Finally after some boozing and schmoozing we got to see Nikki Hill perform! Nikki does covers from artists such as Little Richard, Lavern Baker, and Little Walter as well as originals. She puts her own rock-n-soul into the music though! 

Words can't describe the awesomeness that is Nikki Hill and her live performance, so I thought a YouTube video is the next best thing. This one is from the same bar, but two days later. You will get the gist though: 

We're way too happy about that! 

Nikki's husband, Matt Hill is her guitar player and a super star in his own right. He can rip on that guitar! This was my first time seeing, but now I am a fan for life. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Cool photos right? This is the benefit of being in the front row. 

They were also having a ball! What an amazing performance! 

Nikki and Matt have the best chemistry on stage, it's palpable! They have some new records out, which I will share with you as soon as possible. Stay tuned! 

Then Karen pulled the two birthday girls, Dijana and I, on stage for a public humiliation. 

After a crazy hot show, we needed to chill on the patio to cool off. With Chris, Robert and Brian. 

We built up quite an appetite after that show, so we took Nikki and Matt to a southern California landmark: 
Bob's Big Boy!

We were so happy to have Nikki and Matt Hill visit California. We hope to have them back real soon. They made quite a stir around town for a while after their visit. Make sure to catch them when they are in your town, or at Viva Las Vegas 2013! 


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  1. Good good good !!! I'm impatient to had the opportunity to see Nikki Hill on stage :)

  2. I've heard soooo many good things about Nikki Hill, I can hardly wait to catch her at Viva next year!!!!


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