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Palm Springs Honeymoon Part 2

6:23 PMDollie DeVille

The next morning we woke up in the Frey Lounge at the Orbit In to a beautiful day. From the patio you can clearly see the Frey House II on the hill behind us. The room has photos of the Frey House I and II on the walls and a book about Albert Frey-I learned a lot about the popular Palm Springs Architect on this trip! 

Every morning the hotel puts out a complimentary breakfast that you can enjoy on the patio or in your room. It was very fresh and delicious! 

Afterward we took a little dip in the pool. 

While we were swimming the staff moved our luggage into our next room, the Atomic Paradise. 

This room also opened up toward the pool with a nice view out of the window.

We really liked the Frey Lounge because of the fireplace and the outdoor shower, but the Atomic Paradise room felt most like home to us. This room is very much our style. 

Atomic print couch, boomerang table, and a vintage Vegas cocktail tray. 

Another comfy bed. 

The pair of lamps in this room were killer! I would love a pair like this for our house. 

Another bar area, with Moet! 

Built in magazine rack-neato! 

All of the rooms also come with record players and the front desk stocks records for you to listen to. We knew they had players, so we happened to bring a few of our favorite 45s.

This hotel room also had a darling pink bathroom. I would much rather give my money to a hotel who appreciates a vintage bathroom than one who rips one out! 

Great sink area with built in cabinetry.

The room also had a little eat-in kitchen.

The kitchen had vintage metal cabinets that were stocked with pots, pans, dishes and silverware. There was a mini-oven, 3 burner stove.....

and a built in mini fridge! This hotel room has everything you need for an extended stay. Or at least I got the feeling that I could stay forever. 

The back of the room had a private patio with some patio furniture.

While Zack was swimming I got a private in-room massage. Massages can be booked through the hotel with a massage therapist. She was great! Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold during the reception, so at this point of the honeymoon I was a snotty mess, which interfered with my enjoyment of the massage. I never get messages so I couldn't bear to cancel it, especially because it was a wedding gift from my girlfriends. I did still enjoy it though, but wished I didn't have a head cold during our honeymoon. 

After my massage we went to town for lunch and a little antique shopping. The hotel has beach cruisers you can borrow for free, so we took a little bike ride!

We found a little Mexican restaurant where we got margaritas. Can you tell I have a head cold? I felt terrible but I tried not to let it ruin our honeymoon.   

But chips, salsa, and drinks helped me feel a little better!

After lunch we went to a few mid-mod furniture stores, but mostly browsed. 

After the sun went down we went back to our hotel to freshen up before heading out to dinner.

I wore my favorite dress and paired it with a wicker hat, bag and shoes. In Palm Springs it's pointless to do your hair because the heat and water will just ruin it, so I decided to rock a hat most of the time. 

While walking we found the Palm Springs walk of fame, and Mamie Van Doren, one of my fav blonde bombshells. 

Zack found his fav too, Marilyn Monroe! 

We both love Frankie Laine too! 

We also found the giant Marilyn sculpture, which Zack was pleased as punch about. 

She was so big we couldn't even get all of her in the picture! 

Then we finally made it to the restaurant, Tropicale, another Orbit In recommendation. 

This tropical themed restaurant had some cool vintage decor.  

I really wanted to steal this lamp! 

They had cool figurines on the back walls too. 

The bar served up great cocktails!

We sat on the outdoor patio, which was beautiful. It had lights, a fountain and lots of landscaping. 

We had some amazing coconut mojitos, Thai peanut chicken skewers and chicken tikka masala. It was a great restaurant for atmosphere and food! I can't wait to go back!


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  1. Looks like a lovely time and I would love to get my hubby to go out there. How are the prices??

    1. I would say it is expensive. Not the most expensive hotel I have ever stayed at, but definitely a special occasion price range. I think average is about $200 a night. Sometimes as low as $180 with special rates, and sometimes as high as $250...if I recall correctly.


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