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Palm Springs Honeymoon Part 3

9:29 PMDollie DeVille

The third day of our honeymoon we had breakfast in the kitchen of the Atomic Paradise room at the Orbit In. They serve a complimentary breakfast every day with bread, bagels, yogurt, granola, fruit, juice and coffee. 

Our breakfast also included Moet & Chandon which we brought with us. The hotel did provide a bottle of wine as a honeymoon gift though! I love the cute little dishes that came with the room. 

After breakfast we moved over to the Orbit In's sister property, The Hideaway. We were having so much fun at the Orbit It that we didn't want to leave, but we did want to experience the Hideaway. 

We actually got lucky because when we checked in we found out that we were the only guests so we had the entire hotel to ourselves! You can't beat that for a perfect honeymoon! 

The Hideaway was very similar, but the rooms were larger and a few years older. 

Noguchi coffee table! 

The furnishings weren't as mid century looking, but they were still modern looking. 

Bar counter top with stools. 

Entrance off the pool with built-in cabinets. 

Walk-though closet that leads to the kitchen

Lots and lots of storage here! 

Super cute kitchen, right? I like the cut-outs on the vintage cabinet doors. 

The bathroom had the same charm.....

with blue tile this time! 

The only thing these hotels lack for me is a bathtub. I am not much of a shower girl. Since I had a head cold I would have loved a hot bath. The showers were nice after swimming though! 

This room also had a private patio with lounge furniture. 

For lunch we found a little 50s dinner and got some burgers and fries. 

Oh, and beer. I was totally being bad. It was a vacation after all. 

After lunch we enjoyed the Hideaway pool, which we had all to ourselves! 

I loved the grass and shade trees, perfect for an afternoon nap! 

I wore my vintage Cole of California. I thought it was very suitable for Palm Springs, but I found it a little short for my torso. I'm selling it if anyone is interested. I actually have two (this one and a smaller identical one). 

I have always wanted one of these! 

Zack, in his palm tree shirt and new fidora, very sutable for Palm Springs! 

Once the sun was going down, and it was a little less hot, we took to the streets for a little walk to dinner. 

Spotted this cool car on the way! 

Zack and I had chosen Copley's for a fancy-schmancy dinner. 

Copley's restaurant was formerly Cary Grant's guest house. Cool, right?  

Most of the seating is outside, with the bar, kitchen, bathrooms and limited seating inside the actual guest house. Because Palm Springs is so warm, it was nice to sit outside once the sun went down. 

Cheers to us! 

I ordered a fancy wedge salad which was delicious! 

My main course was a lobster pot pie. It looks really cool, but it was just okay. I probably wouldn't order it again. 

Zack got a pork chop, he wasn't really impressed either. The ambiance is great, but I have had much better meals for the price. 

After dinner we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the complimentary tea and Smartwater. I was still felling bad from my head cold, so I had some Yogi "Cold Season" tea and dayquil. The hotel also had games and movies located in closet that anyone can borrow. We chose to watch Sleepless in Seattle. Did I mention we also had picked up some Cold Stone ice cream that stashed in the freezer? It was a relaxing and fun night for sure! 

The best thing about the Orbit In is that it may be a little pricey up front, but while you are there they don't try and nickle and dime you to death. Breakfast, cocktails, entertainment, snacks, coffee, tea and pop (located in a fridge near the pool) are all free, all the time! 


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  1. Looks like a fab time! Very cute kitchen esp!

    1. The kitchens were my favorite for sure!

  2. The exterior of that hotel is amazing!

  3. This looks like such fun! My other half and I are hankering after a US road trip, I will have to make a note of all these places you go as inspiration!

    Miss P xx


    1. I'm so glad! You can't go wrong with Palm Springs, especially The Orbit In!

  4. I love Woody's! We go there regularly. I see someone got the Hawaiian burger... that's my favourite! Even though it's local for me, I've been dying to stay at the Orbit Inn. Maybe some day soon!

    1. It would still feel like a mini vacation I imagine. The hotel is so nice you never want to leave. We had to force yourself to head into town!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. We spent a few days in Palm Springs in April 2008... We really loved the architecture... the city was so quiet... absolutly no activities after 7PM... I like how they choose to preserve everything from the mid XXth!


    1. Very true Laurance! I think that is what makes it so relaxing.

  7. Derek and I are really glad that you and Zach had such a great honeymoon in Palm Springs. I love it there! It's one of my favorite getaway spots, especially when Derek used to live out there. It's a shame you got sick, but at least you still got to enjoy a little bit of midcentry capital of the world.

    Take care!


    1. I never knew he lived out there- lucky duck!

  8. What fabulous pictures! The hotel and surroundings look beyond heavenly! I would love to have my home decor look like that! It look like it was a lovely time despite the fact you were sick!

    1. I would love it too! We tried to bring a little bit home with us!


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