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Our First Day As A Married Couple!

10:44 PMDollie DeVille

We woke up on Sunday April 22nd to a beautiful day. It was our first official day as husband and wife and the last day of our stay at the Ahwahnee hotel in the Yosemite Valley. I let Zack sleep in and I explored the hotel solo. I wanted to make sure I got plenty of pictures. Now I am posting them all here in this very long picture heavy post so I can never lose them or forget about our amazing wedding weekend. 

Every hallway is sunny with a view!

The hotel had complementary coffee, tea and hot chocolate for hotel quests. 

There were also two large fireplaces going. 

Enjoying the view with my morning cup o' joe.

The outdoor bar 

Then I decided a morning swim sounded nice. Because, heck, why not?
Especially with a pool this nice! I wanted to all the bang for my buck. 

View from the pool.

Maxin' and relaxin', vintage style in Yosemite.

Wedding ring photo op! 

I couldn't help myself. I am a newly wed after all! 

Seriously, best pool EVER!

After my dip in the pool a took a stroll back into the hotel to check out the Mural Room:

Love that copper fire place! 

The Solarium.

The Lounge.

By this time Zack was ready to wake up. I brought him coffee and we got ready for the day. Our first stop was the hotels sweet shop.

Then we went to see the Mariposa Symphony. They were great!  

Then we went on a little stroll outside while we waited for our breakfast reservation.

Squirrel! I love squirrels! 

My hubby

I wore a vintage white linen dress, vintage white pollys, a vintage lampshade hat and matching gloves.

 I loved that I got to combines my two loves- vintage and Yosmite. I really enjoyed wearing vintage on this vacation as apposed to practical camping outfits. This is probably the only time I will ever get to do that. 

Then it was FINALLY time for brunch. 

We got a great table again. 

Life piano music 

Fish ice sculpture!

Brunch was an all you can eat buffet for about $40 per person. 

I wish I could eat this all over again. yum!! We had to get our money's worth after all. 

He is such a dreamboat- I can't stand it! I am so lucky to be married to him. 

Then we checked out of the hotel and went to the museum. Here is Zack with John Muir! 

Seeing the sighs one last time before we hit the road. 

The Merced River.

Playing in the water and tossing pinecones.

Then we hit the road only to find out that the only road out of the south end of the valley was apparently closed due to a drunk driver who overturned his big rig spilling agricultural chemicals. It was so sad to hear a fire was started by something so senseless. We had to turn around and go the long way around and missed work the next day. Even with the hiccup, it was positively, absolutely, the best weekend of my life! So relaxing, beautiful and perfect. 

Once back at home we were full steam ahead planning our reception. That post is coming, stay tuned!



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  1. What a beautiful place, and couple!

  2. Gosh I am speechless-what an amazing setting for your elopement! You both look incredibly happy! congrats! xx

  3. Terrific pictures! What a great honeymoon.

  4. Aww you guys are breathtaking! I am planning a 30s/Old Hollywood wedding right now and due to our work schedules we probably can't do a big honeymoon till a month after the wedding. I was just showing my fiance these pics as an example of how you can run away for a few days and have a really gorgeous memorable time, and so we may do a "mini-moon" similar to your elopement. I think seeing another vintage couple enjoying themselves helped him visualize us doing it :). And you guys look so happy and relaxed and adorable! Exactly how I hope my day will be :)

    1. I agree! A minimoon is a great idea. The main thing is to have a few days to yourself. No matter where, time alone is really important after planning a wedding. Congrats to you!

  5. Congratulations, y'all! I am so happy for you and your adventure honeymoon at Yosemite! I ADORE photo 34, it should be a postcard!

  6. Looks like you had a great holiday!
    Wish you all the best :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Congrats on everything!

  8. You photos were equal to the wonderful area we call "our back yard"
    Since you were in our neighborhood, I'm sorry you didnt stop in !
    Love your site and will be checking in often !
    Best Wishes, Sierra Sue

    1. Thank you! I am soooo jealous you get to live there. I could think of nothing better! We try and visit as often as possible.


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