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Post Viva Las Vegas parties!

7:01 PMDollie DeVille

We went to a few post Viva Las Vegas parties so I thought I would just throw them into one post. 

On the Friday after VLV we went to the Fish Fry Hollywood Speakeasy. Since it was the weekend after VLV a lot of out-of-towners were still in town and in attendance making it a smashing record hop! 

It was raining really hard that night so I wore a vintage black wool dress with my grandmothers vintage mink coat. I also wore the vintage leopard hat I got from Fab Gabs while at VLV.  

Zack with Chris Whitfield, the man behind the fish fry. 

There was also lots of dancing! 

Jiving with Richard. He is a great dancer! 

Lots of strolling too! 

Lucky La Rocka DJing and keeping people on the dance floor. 

This Fish Fry was the best one yet! It was great to see everyone again post- VLV and get warmed up for the Post Party the next night: 


The Official Post Viva Las Vegas party at Di Piazzas in Long Beach! 

Our friends the SideWynders were the opening band. 

Zack and Sally Jo

I wore a vintage squaw dress I got at VLV. It had a cute print, red details and a matching bolero! I got it from the Boss Vintage booth. 

T-Bone jiving. I love her outfit (her name escapes me at the moment), looks great on her! 

The head liner was none other than Ray Campi! 

Rip Masters on keyboard 

Some new friends from Australia dancing. They were pro! 

The bar was packed and everyone was having a great time! Thanks to Tom Ingram for putting on a great Post Viva Las Vegas party! 

The next Wednesday we went to Bigs in Fullerton because Chris Sprague and His 18 Wheelers were playing. 

Look who I ran into- Katrina of Rockabetty Bags!

Deen, Sally Jo and I. 

The 18 Wheelers 

Miss Amber Foxx enjoying the show. 

I wore a blue striped vintage house dress from my friend Leslie! 

Of course, we HAD to get amber up on stage to sing a song or two! 

Karling hosted a great show, as always. But this time was extra fun because it was our last single night  out! We ran off the next day to get married! More on that in the next post......stay tuned!


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