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Viva Las Vegas XV: Sunday

12:12 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday we slept in a bit, grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to the tiki pool party. Since we got there late we were not surprised to find that the pool was at max capacity and there was a line to get in.

While we waited to get into the pool party I ran into some friends and snapped some photos. Here I am with Ashley aka Lisa Freemont Street.

Mary and I really do dress alike often! I swear not on purpose! 

With the queen of the jungle Franny. 

Zack and I when we finally got to the pool!

Then I found a pleasant surprise! There was a couple there selling books with photos from the pool party last year. I was on the cover and in about 5 pages. I wanted to buy on but they told me they need them for display but I could order the prints from them online. If you look close you can see me in the book. 

My next stop was to see the girls in the vintage bathing suit contest. Doesn't Ramona look stunning? 

My suit didn't make it into the swimsuit contest this year, so I was living vicariously through the other girls this year. 

I had my favorites all picked out before they went on. :)

And of course, I had to support multiple friends I had in the contest!

I love the first three in this photo here. The yellow one with the matching coat is a very rare Shaheen and I love it. Any chance you want to sell that to me Miss?

This was another one of my favorite suits, worn by the lovely Lola Devlin. It had a beautiful lace overlay of little spiderwebs and rhinestone "dew" all over it! The ruffle neck it sweet too. 

This Alfred Shaheen is another favorite, worn by Monique. 

Some fun ladies watching the contest from the pool.

The crowd

Top 6!

Kesha and I

Enjoying the pool!


Love the accessorizing of this suit!

This was the first place winner- Alisha from Minneapolis. This suit wasn't my favorite one necessarily, but I will say, it totally suits her body, style, and personality. It couldn't possibly look better on anyone else! Congrats to her! 

Ramona in her beautiful suit. 

Look at the figure on these girls- Monique and Stephanie- wowza! 

With my favorite girls! 

Look at Charles Phoenix's Easter Sunday suit! Amazing, right? 

Then, with no time to change, I ran upstairs to watch the jive competition. 

The top couples got narrowed down to....

The top three! There was a little mix up when announcing the winner, but I believe the 1st place winners were T-Bone and his partner. They have needed to win for years now, so congrats to them! Make sure to watch the videos of them dancing on YouTube.  

Peaster bunny!!! Isn't her dress perfect? Just like an Easter egg!  

Then we changed, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to see Si Cranstoun.

This show was a must-see! If you have never heard his music, or seen his live performance, it is very much like Jackie Wilson. You can tell that he is a major influence for him. He even says on stage that his is a huge Jackie Wilson fan and always wanted to emulate him.  

Alana and Sandra enjoying the show with me. They love Si! 

He also plays guitar! I always like to see that the front man can also play an instrument, even if he doesn't use it on most songs. It is almost a must for me. 

Si Cranstoun is a showman- he makes his live performances something worth seeing. The entire show he was dancing, moving around the stage and engaging the audience. He has so much ENERGY! 

You can tell that he was so excited to be at VLV, he said so multiple times!  

The audience loved him! So, while I may get slack for this, I have to be honest to my readers- I personally put Si's performance above JD's. Si just had more energy and seemed more comfortable on stage. I like to see my musicians cutting loose and having a blast on stage, which Si did. Si left everything he had on that stage and would have kept going if they let him. He loves the audience!  He also shook his butt a lot, which is funny. But if we were deciding based the album, JD's is leaps and bounds above Si's. When Zack asked, I put JD as my 3rd favorite performance of the weekend, and Si as my second. Who is my first pick you ask? Read on! 

Slim and I watching the next act- The Legends of Rockabilly! 

Billy Harlan singing "School House Rock". 

Don Woody!!! He was fantastic! He had great energy, remembered all the words, and loved preforming. He did all my favorite songs- "Bird Dog", "Barking Up The Wrong Tree", and "Make Like a Rock and Roll". Don Woody was hands down my favorite performance of the weekend. He KILLED it! In case you missed it, here is a great video: 

The all star band is always the best- Ashley Kingman on guitar, Shorty Poole on slap bass, Carl Sonny Lealand on piano, and Bobby Tremble on drums. 

Next up was Ray Campi 

Royce Porter! 

With Ashley AKA the lovely Doris MayDay! 

With Franny! Cutest girl EVER. 

Group photo! 

Amber, Dollie, Deen and Sandra. I am wearing the Shaheen dress Zack bought me for Christmas! 

With Chris, the life of the party! 

Chris and Bobby having a moment. 

Jack Baymore was the last band of the weekend- a great way to end a great weekend! 

I love Monique's leopard jumpsuit. Looks great on her! 

I need one photo with my main man! 

Then, for some reason, the boys decided that Zack needed a "bachelor" moment and took him up on their shoulders and paraded him around the ballroom. It was pretty funny! 

Then there was more dancing until the ballroom promptly closed down. 

Doris dancing. 

Ashley from Lisa Freemont dancing! 

Me dancing too! 

We also got to catch up with some friends before the weekend ended, with Del Villarreal! He announced on his Motor Billy radio show Go Kat Go about our wedding, how nice of him! 

Zack and Slim having a male bonding moment. 

We were big rollers and decided to gamble a little bit more before the weekend ended. 

Then we hung out at the down stairs "PBR bar" until about 5am.

The dance floor was to crowded to dance.....

So I just socialized with everyone! 

Last pic of the weekend with Zachary! 

Last crowd shot! 

The next morning we look our tired selves out of the Orleans and to the strip for more drinks....and lunch! 

Thank you to Tom, the staff, all of the bands, DJs and vendors for another amazing Viva Las Vegas! I loved seeing all of my far away friends and meeting many blog readers. Until next year!


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  1. LOVE all the outfits, and the swimsuits! Tasteful and beautiful! No wonder I have loved vintage for so long!

  2. LOVE all the outfits, and the swimsuits! Tasteful and beautiful! No wonder I have loved vintage for so long!

  3. you are too cute!


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