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Let's Elope Baby!

8:17 PMDollie DeVille

One Thursday morning we decided to run off and get married. Okay, not really. We had to plan our elopement a year in advance because the location is so popular and books up fast. But we wanted it to have the feeling like we just woke up one day and decided to get married. We took it as far as even wearing clothing that two young kids in the 1950's may have already had hanging in their closets when they decided to run off.....prom outfits maybe? After the car was packed up with our outfits, mini homemade cake, and a bottle of champagne.....we were off! 

Our first stop was Lady Di's cookies. A cute local bakeshop for some cookies for the road. Not necessary, but fun and delicious! 

Our next stop was the local flower shop for my wedding bouquet that I had custom designed. 

We also had a matching boutineer made for my groom Zachary. 

Then we were on the road again! 

We passed the worlds happiest cows. Just had to share one picture taken from the car. 

We finally stopped in the small mountain town of Mariposa, CA. It is possibly the cutest and sweetest little town ever. 

Our first order of business was antique shopping. What more would you expect from us? 

 This little shop called Chocolate Soup was adorable. 

Then we went to the nicest restaurant in town, Savoury's. 

We started with fancy cocktails. This was an occasion after all. 

This soup was so fresh tasting! 

We were happy campers. 

Zack got a pasta dish and I got chicken marsala. It was the best chicken marsala I have ever had. One of the best meals I have ever had actually. It was so delicious! 

The staff was so nice and treated us to a free dessert too! It was lemon souffle.

After dinner we headed to our hotel- The Miners Inn. There were pacific dogwoods everywhere. I LOVE dogwoods! 

Then we went in the spa and relaxed. Ahhhhhh. After all, we had a big weekend ahead! 


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  1. such spontaneity (although planned a year in advance, haha). you're looking as gorgeous as ever!

  2. How wonderfully exciting! Hope you have a dreamy weekend sweetheart! x

  3. It seems that you will have a lot of nice souvenirs of your wedding trip!!!!
    In France it's not possible to marry someone on the same day you decide to. You must register in your town hall and wait 2 weeks to know if nobody is against this wedding. It's what we did with my husband, we was married about 2-3 weeks after having decided to!!!!

    1. That is so funny! I never have heard of that before. :)

  4. I'm not sure I can handle how awesome your sunglasses are. They are one of the most fantastic pairs I have ever seen.


    1. Why thank you! I think I got them from a friend. Friends are good like that. :)


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