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The Day Before Our Wedding

12:35 PMDollie DeVille

On Friday April 20th we woke up in our hotel in Mariposa, CA. We had breakfast in the hotel, packed up the car, and headed out for a little more antique shopping. 

Zachary, looking dapper as always. 

There was a sleeping kitty in this store. 

What a sweetheart! 

Then we hit the road to our next stop- 

The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias! 

It is one of my favorite places to stop. 

Zack next to a fallen sequoia. 

"The bachelor and three graces". 

The biggest sequoia in the park...

The Grizzly Giant 

There was even still snow up there. 

Then we headed up the road to the Wawona Hotel, which was built in 1879.

It is a beautiful hotel. I have always wanted to stay there. 

But today we were just passing through and decided to get out of the car and look around a bit. 

The main hotel lobby. 

We got one photo together, thanks to the camera timer! 

The hotel even has a pool, but only for use in the summer. 

Then we drove another few miles to our next stop- Tunnel View. 

All smiles here! 

I wore my new favorite hat and an old dress I got at an antique mall. 

Zack wore one of his favorite atomic print shirts. 

Then we got back in the car yet again headed for our final destination- 

Yosemite Valley! 

The beautiful chapel. 

We finally made it to our hotel- the historic Ahwahnee Hotel. The hotel was opened in1927 and lodged many affluent travelers since- Such as Queen Elizabeth II, Wald Disney, Lucille Ball, and John F. Kennedy, among many others. 

And now WE finally get to stay there. Look out, the Rockabilly Socialite is in town! 

4/21 - our wedding date! 

They even use metal keys at this hotel, what a novel idea in this day and age! 

The bed- soooooo comfy! I really think it had 20 layers on it- sheet, sheet, sheet, blanket, sheet, blanket, sheet, comfortor, sheet, duvet, etc. You just sink when you lay on it, just like a cloud or something. 

sitting area 

The bathroom had a ton of vintage charm. 

I love all of the tile work. 

Big TV- may not be vintage but it sure looked nice! 

The view from our room.

My flowers made it through the trip pretty well. 

The room had vintage doors and tons of built in space. 

The staff left us a gift- chocolates from their sweet shop. 

They even had robes for use in the hotel. They were the best robes ever!

Ranger rubber ducky! 

After settling into our room we headed to the complimentary high tea. 

They had coffee, various teas, and biscuits. 

We decided to have our tea in the solarium. 

So fancy! 

Then we headed to the pool.

The pool was almost a big round hot tub. It was so warm that it was like bathwater and you could see steam coming off of it. 

It was heaven! 

The view couldn't be better either! 

Very relaxing start to the weekend. 

After swimming for awhile we headed back to the room to shower and change for dinner. We went to dinner at the Mountain Room in the Yosemite Lodge.  

Gaberdine in Yosemite- Yes he did! 

I wore a silvery gold brocade dress with matching jacket. 

Zack got their take on chicken pot pie, it was delicious! 

I got some sort of steak, potatoes and asparagus. 

We finished our with the biggest and yummiest mud pie ever. 

Then we went back to the room to get some beauty rest for our BIG day tomorrow. 

Our wedding day post is coming up next!


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  1. My goodness, that place looks amazing! And I cannot wait for the wedding post!! :D

    1. It was! It was the nicest hotel evvvveeerrrr!

  2. Beautiful scenery, wonderful hotel, everything is perfect.


    1. You need to visit Yosmite Tatsuo, if you haven't already!

  3. Wow, what an utterly romantic place. You both look divine.


    1. Thank you! It was very romantic and relaxing. Absolutely perfect!

  4. I've always wanted to stay at the Ahwahnee, ever since I found out it was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in one of my favorite movies, The Shining! Thanks so much for the sneak peek! It looks lovely :-)

    1. It really is the experience of a lifetime!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am pretty fond of it also. ;)

  6. The pictures are beautiful! i love your swimsuit!


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