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Viva Las Vegas XV: Thursday

3:24 PMDollie DeVille

On Thursday afternoon we ate lunch in the hotel room, picked up our wristbands, and then I went down to the casino to hand out flyers for the Fab Gabs trunk show at the Palms. Then we headed to the Hooch and Smooch to hand out more flyers!

With Julie of Fab Gabs. Check her out on etsy!

Mary and Chris Simich

I wore a novelty print dress with drums and maracas. I think it is a Kamehameha. 

I love her turtle purse. I need this to go with my two fish purses. 

Brother and sister dancing- so precious! 

Roy Rapid

Holly being a good band supporter. 


Thea and Angel

More lovely ladies

Holly "Temperamental Broad" and I. 

After watching a few bands and socializing a lot at Sweetpea's Hooch and Smooch I caught the vendors right as they were opening. I went to two booths, Boss Vintage and Sneaky Tiki, and spent all of my spending money in abut 30 mins. While I love what I got, and knew someone else would snatch them up if I didn't, I was bummed to be done with shopping so early in the weekend. Afterward I didn't want to look around at the vendors anymore because it was depressing me, so I just snapped a few photos for you. 

This blue beaded Asian dress was so cute and a great price. I saw it on a cute Asian girl that evening and I am glad she got it. It looked much better on her then it would on me. 

I really like this two piece set and wedges. Now one bought it surprisingly. Maybe it is still waiting for me. 

This dress was pink with eyelit fabric and every eyelit had a rhinestone in it- swoon!! Luckily for our wallets, the hips were too small for all of us!

Zack did some shopping too!

Then these two lovely ladies came to chat- Doris Mayday and Alisha Kindvall. Aren't they the cutest??? My night time outfit was a Hawaiian novelty print with wahines, angel fish, and men fishing on it from Kamehameha. 

The Side-Wynders, Zack and Chris

Then we headed to the buffet at the hotel.

This was his first time to the buffet- he loved it!

My plate- Salad and shrimp. Yum!

Francoise (sp?) always looks great

Chris with his Dollie DeVille special cocktail- Mojito with home grown mint!

My hubby is so cute. I swear he even dresses himself!

Kyle Kettner (or Jitterbug Joe as I think of him, because he reminds me of that song), Don Jacobs (DJ Luckily LaRue), and Zack. 

Alana and I.

DJ Luckily LaRue in the pub. 

Then somehow I ended up with Chris Sprague in the pub doing way to many Jack Daniel's "Pickle Dick Shots". 

I loved them! Probably because I love pickles!

I am still waiting for him to forward me all the stupid videos we took!

With Sally Jo

Cara Koppel looking fab as always 

Stardust Ramblers

Amber and Zack

Big Sandy!

Mary looking glam 

with my fellow Bride Emily!

Lookin' good Robert!

The Orbitunes 

After all the bands we went to the cafe (abut 2-3am I think) with Reagan and Brian. What a blast we had! 

Next up, Friday!!


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  1. ALL look so great! I'll bet the bands were fun! I so miss doing those kinds of things! All those great clothes in one place makes me swoon!


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