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Vive Las Vegas XV: Saturday

8:54 PMDollie DeVille

On Saturday we slept in a bit, had lunch at the Oyster Bar and headed to the car show. 

I knew I had to get a photo with these two sailors in front of the Sailor Jerry car! I wore the 4 piece Ruth Clarage of Jamaica set Zack bought me. Around the casino I wore the cover up dress. Then to the car show I wore the playsuit with cover-up top, and then to the pool I wore just the playsuit- so versatile! I wore my hair up in pincurls because the night before I fell asleep in the bathtub (eek! small amount of very cold water though), and woke up about 7 am and got into bed with a half wet head, so my wet set was screwed. My solution was to bathe again and set it in pincurls while wet so it would be curly by dinner. Worked like a charm! Gotta improvise sometimes!

Zack buying his sweetheart some ice cream. 

Some cool roadsters 

The Ventures! 

We missed the original Flyrite Boys, which was disappointing, but we just couldn't get up that early with the night we had before. But we did have a lot of fun watching The Ventures as we are big fans, but it was hot and crowded so we gave up after about 30 mins. At least we caught most of the set. You can hear the music all throughout the car show while you mingle, which is nice. That is how we heard Duane Eddie too (we have seen him before, same with Nokie of The Ventures). I am not into neo that much, so we didn't stay for The Polecats. But the people that saw it said it was great. 

With the VLV car. You can never have enough pics with this car!

Then we headed to the pool party. All the cool people where there as you can see!

The Hula Girls

The spa looks nice....

Nice to rest your feet in after a long day standing on the asphalt.

Of course you always run into friends!

After a while at the spa I went back to the room to get ready for the night. First stop of the evening was Deke's Guitar Geek Festival:

We were so lucky to be there and see the special guest.....
Drum roll please......

JD McPherson!!! We were going to see him that night anyway, but it seemed extra special to see him before anyone else did! It was a delightful treat!

He played a Little Richard song.....swoon! 
JD + Little Richard=  Happy Dollie

Front Row! 

There were a ton of great acts at The Guitar Geek Fest this year- maybe the best yet!

The next show we went to see was our good friends The SideWynders!


Me, Franny, Amber and Chris


Reagan and I. 

Huge crowd ready to see JD!

All the girls and I made sure to get front row parking. I had to take photos for all of you that couldn't be there!

JD McPherson!!!

I have to be honest- We were half expecting him to suck. I know the album is the best ever and his YouTube videos were great, but he has been touring non-stop and that can take a lot out of a person. We though he might be tired come Viva. We thought it could all just be hype that blew him way out of proportion. 

But, I am happy to report that he was way BETTER than I was expecting!

The band was high energy the whole time. JD was jumping around the stage, Jimmy was hamming it up on the bass, and Alex was killing it on the maracas while also drumming! The crowd was digging it too-cheering and singing along to every song, to the point that JD just put the microphone into the crowd and let them sing. It was fan-freakin'-tastic! Way better then I was hoping for!

Taking a bow

I guess purple was the color for Saturday! 

Zack got some love too- from Jason. 

With Kim Smallwood

Mary is my taller twin sister. I wore an Alfred Shaheen two piece pant set and she wore an original Mr. Tiny version with a crop top- soooo cute!

Let it be publicly known that I am over Crazy Joe. My new nerd boyfriend is Alex Hall......he just doesn't know it yet. Yes, you can quote me on that. Don't we look cute together? We already have matching tee shirts too!

One more photo with the lovely Holly. 

Then I decided it was time for a little dancing! I made time for it, I should say. 


What the boys do while we dance- sit. 


My new friend Kescha. He liked to play the air guitar while bopping- I loved that move and decided we needed to be friends.

Mary and Chris jiving 

Alana and Deen dancing

I got one photo of me goofy-foot jiving. 

Dancing and frapachinos make us happy and wired! 

I am so happy that I actually got to dance on Saturday. Each night about this time I left my camera and purse in the room and went to the Big Easy record hop. I like sitting in there, chatting and drinking, but I didn't like dancing in there. I am a dance floor hog and can't dance on a crowded floor like that. So after doing that for a while we always ended up eating something and getting to bed about 5am or so.  
Pretty standard for Viva. 

Saturday really was the best day band-wise. But, I have to be honest (and I may get shit for this) I was much more impressed with a set on Sunday......

Stay tuned!


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  1. beautiful! i want to be there and look like you haha!


  2. truly wish events like this happened in Australia. This looks so amazing and you are the epitome of glamour, especially by the pool. and the photo with the sailors is priceless.

  3. Purple wonder twins activate!!!!!

  4. I just love you blog and I also am sitting on pins and needles just waiting for your next post.
    luv-Misty Sno

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast. I WILL make it to Viva in the next 3 years. Aren't The Hula Girls great? I saw them at Don The Beachcomber, in Huntington Beach, in November.

  6. Saturday is the only day we really went to the car show. Derek and I weren't even suppose to be at VLV this year, because we were moving less than a month later. But we still had a great time and I got a bunch of shopping in. And it was great meeting you and your honey. Derek and I are sorry that we're going to miss your reception, due to him having to work.


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