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Viva Las Vegas XV: Friday

7:49 PMDollie DeVille

We started Friday afternoon at the pool party. I wore the deadstock pink and white seersucker 3 piece set I got at VLV last year. I paired it with a vintage pink hair scarf and pink and white vintage boat oxfords. 

With my honey 

Pablo and Zack, two good looking guys!

The Hula Girls

I wore my Fifi two piece from Vintage Suits By Mary. I have never got so much attention in a swimsuit before. I swear everyone wanted to take a picture with me! I think they were hoping if they looked hard enough it would become see-through.....nope, not even in the water!

After the pool party I headed back up to the room to change and there was a practice session going on.  While Blue Collar Combo practiced I decorated the hotel room for my bachelorette party that night. 




and games! What more could you want?

I wore an atomic novelty dress with ships in bottles. 

Then I made it back down stairs right before Blue Collar Combo went on. 

Backstage posing for photos. 

No idea what is happening here.

Sandra, Ramon, and Chris

Blue Collar Combo: Zack Simpson, Chris Sprague, Travis Mullins and Brandon Dixon

Robert and Pete

Blue Collar Combo finally on stage. 


Reagan and Brian

Amber and Chris

They had a huge crowd!

Jim and Kay

My main man! Sorry ladies, he is taken. 

Mary, Alana and I. 

Deen, Dawn, and Kat

Just some of the girls.

As always, Blue Collar Combo killed it! Everyone loved them. 

Big Sandy pimping the new CD. I will post about the CD asap, with a possible giveaway, so stay tuned!

After a great show and encore, BCC when out to the lobby to sell their new CD. 

I helped them sell the CDs and we did great! They went like hot cakes! 

Me with Des of The League of International Party Girls. I was rocking a vintage veil, LIPG pin,  and sash for my bachlorette party.

This girl was the cutest ever. I love her dress!

After that great show we went back up to my room for a little bit of bachelorette fun!

My Honeybee VP Reagan made the best bachelorette-themed cake pops! Not only were they super cute, they were super duper yummy!

Who knows what these two hens are squawking about. 

Reagan and I posing with her cockpops. 


I needed a new jumping on the bed photo. 

I have such fun and cute friends. I am so lucky!

Then we played a game involving eating cake pops blindfolded. 

Most of the photos are just too over the top to post here. ha ha 

So, I will only post these few. The last thing I need is some deranged fan to photoshop real body parts into the photos and spread them online.  Oi vay.  

Then we played pin the kiss on the man! 

Zack came back to the room to drop off his guitar and the girls pounced on him. You would think they had never seen a man before!

Deke even got in on the cake pop action! He preferred the boob pops though. 

Planet Rockers 

Cara and her french friend

Holly with her super secret dress on! Looks fab as expected. 

Si Cranston's first set of the weekend. More on him on the Sunday post.

Right about NOW is when I stopped remembering the night. ha ha ha. Here we are doing more "pickle dick shots". I loved those little suckers and bought way too many that weekend. But this sweetheart bought us all a round on her! 

Then we were lucky enough to catch a small secret show in the pub featuring the Go Getters!!!

I feel lucky whenever I can catch them in the US. 

Stephanie and Kevin. Steph always has the best clothes. I love her style! See the dress in the background? I almost bought that dress, but I think it looks better on her anyway. Sooooo cute! 

With my sweet little Franny! She wears fringe better than anyone I know.
At some point I changed into this vintage wiggle skirt and League of International Party Girls shirt. I had intentions of dancing the night away, but ended up chatting with everyone, having more shots, and taking more stupid photos.....

Why are we taking bathroom photos?

I swore I only had one "Pickle Dick" shot that night, but Deen corrected me in the morning. She swore  we had four, and look, she was right! There was proof right on my camera!

Then I had the immense pleasure of seeing Nikki Hill sing again, packed up my one of my fav guitarists, Tommy Harkenrider. 

Why must she always look amazing? Even without having to do her hair? No fair!

Love that dress. 

At this point I ran into the hubby and he escorted me back to the hotel room before I made a drunk fool of myself. Overall, it was a pretty PG bachelorette party! If I could do it all again, I would get a shirt printed up that said: If lost please return to Zack Simpson. Ha ha ha!

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my last single weekender! Many memories were made and lost!

Next up Saturday!


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  1. What a fun time! Everyone looks great! Congrats!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun sweetheart! You looked gorgeous as always! :) Have a lovely weekend! :) Zoë x

  3. This was such a fun read - you and your friends always look so cool. I can't wait to see your wedding photos.

  4. Ok, I really may have to sell my Atomic dress because there is NO WAY I will ever fill it out the way you do!! Lol!!

  5. Your swimsuit is amazing! I'll take that and your sunglasses, please. :D

    Looks like you had a fantastic time, thanks for sharing with those of us on the other side of the world, unable to attend. :)

  6. thank you for introducing Nikki Hill to my life, her voice is amazing! I can't stop listening to all her youtube vids.

    You all looked beautiful! :)


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