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Viva Las Vegas XV: WED

7:45 PMDollie DeVille

I was a terribly busy leading up to Viva Las Vegas 13 and never did any Pre-VLV posts like I normally do. I did, however, attend and take lots and lots of photos for those of you that couldn't attend this year. 

We got in Tuesday night and went to dinner at the pub around the corner from The Orleans. Then we went to the strip and won a little money gambling. Not a bad start to the weekend! 

Shorty Poole was the first person we ran into- of course!

I wore a blue Kamehameha sarong dress with red accents. Gotta represent the red, white, and blue!

There were already cars parked outside. 

Magner's and Smithwick's- ready to start this party! 

On Wednesday afternoon we had to get up a bit early by Vegas standards, 10:30am, to get ready, eat and meet everyone by noon to head over to Rockin' Ronnie Weiser's International Meet and Greet. 

Then I ran into my Australian friend, Ramona! From about this point on we were inseparable, so I had to make sure she came to Ronnie's party! 

Sweetpea had arranged for us all to take a "party bus" to the Las Vegas sign, party, and Frankie's Tiki Room after. What a gal! This way we could all relax, drink, and not worry about driving/getting a cab.

We had way too much fun on the bus. Such a great mix of people! Sweetpea even announced our upcoming wedding and gave us a card. She is too sweet. 

Here we all are at the famous Las Vegas Sign. Some Seattle people, two LA people, some North Carolina people, some Australians, and some Brazilians. Isn't the rockabilly community great? We should form our own UN!

With Sweetpea herself!

Dancing on the lawn on a beautiful day!

Live music!

My handsome fiance. 

Nice crowd this year. 

My Southern friends. 

Sean Law and I reenacting the beer spilling accident that occurred minutes prior. 

Ghost and Suzy!

The host with the most- Ronnie Weiser of Rolling Rock Records.

Cutest pinup blogger ever. What a sweetheart too!

I was excited to see Lance Lipinsky there and hoping he would play. His new girlfriend (?) is a real cutie. 

Then Mrs. Nikki Hill took the stage. She sings authentic rhythm and blues like no other female is doing it right now. I am officially announcing that she is the girl to watch. She is amazing and word of her spread like wildfire at VLV. Everyone is talking about her and demanding to see her play next year! I agree. Tom Ingram: book Nikki Hill!!!! 

Loved these cute colorful girls, and I thought you would too. 

Lance did get up and do a few Jerry Lee Lewis tunes, much to my (guilty) pleasure. God bless him and his cocky stage presence. Only youth can make you that cocky. And to youth, we thank you! 

Had to snap a quick photo with this cool car. 

Nikki and I 

The Southern Crew, Ronnie, Lance and I. 

Who took this photo? How ruuudde!

This is right about the time the bus got crazy....

Sweetpea and the rest of the bus drunkingly sang "The Land of The Lost", "Baby Got Back" and Sweet Child Of Mine". This is the definition of "epic". 

I love this sassy redhead Lola Devlin. 

Ramona, Me, Angel, Nikki and Sweetpea at Frankie's Tiki Hut. 

Not that we needed any more drinks. These hit you hard too!

Don't know what is happening here...

Then we headed back to the hotel, freshened up, and then hit the Mexican restaurant in the hotel for dinner. 

It was sooooo slow and not that good, but the company was great!

Julie of FabGabs always looks posh. 

Roy Rapid opening the official Pre-VLV show at the Orleans. 

Love these girls! I wore a Kamehameha sarong but I didn't get many good pics of it. 

The boys don't take quite as interesting photos. 

Ramona dancing. She is the best!

I loved Smokehouse Dave and made sure to buy his album. 

Sally Jo and I

Deke showing off his new friend, Little Billy Horton. 

Watch out girls, he is a wild one!

These are only about 1/2 the photos I took, but I don't want to overwhelm you with any more photos. Over all it was a great start to the weekend! Ronnie always throws a great pre-party with as much food, beer and music as you could want. The party bus and trip to Frankie's was just the cherry on top. The official Pre-VLV party at The Orleans was a great addition, but I heard that the WILD pre-party was awesome too. The best part of the day was spending so much time socializing with old friends and new!

Up next, Thursday!


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  1. oooh love you too hot mama!!! xx

  2. Great post! I didn't get to go to Viva this year, but in previous years never knew there was so much going on, on Wednesday....I will definitely be making sure to research what's happening on Wednesday next year! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Boyfriends/husbands look taking pictures of our bums when we're not looking.

  4. Great pix! Thanks for sharing them!
    I think Nikki Hill was standing in front of me when I was watching Duane Eddy at the car show...I noticed her because she had amazing style and presence, even just standing there. I'm going to go see if I can find her on youtube!

  5. Woah I was going to comment on the girl in the leopard pants and say how she really drew your eye in. Lo and behold she is a performer! I will keep an eye out for Nikki Hill.

  6. Looking at this brings me right back! Next year cannot come fast enough. Yes, Nikki is on youtube. But, I gotta be honest, the sound doesn't do her justice. You have to hear her live!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Dollie!

    It was so nice to meet you in person. Your blog is really inspiring! Hope to see you on the next Viva!

    Best reguards from sweden!


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