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Orange Circle With Amber Foxx

9:42 PMDollie DeVille

The weekend of Valentines Day we went down to Orange Circle to pick out wedding bands. While there we had lunch with Amber and Bobby at a little vintage diner. 

There was a soda fountain counter still in operation since it opened. 

Lots of baked goods.....

and retro candies! 

The place was covered floor to ceiling with vintage and retro kitsch. 

Counter service too! 

Amber Foxx and I. Doesn't she always look amazing?

Bobby and Zachary. 

Amber and Bob graciously treated us to the "valentines special" because they know we are strapped trying to save for the wedding. The food was yummy and the portions were huge! 

The special also came with sundaes! Yay! 

Love these guys! 

This place was called Watson's! I think I took this picture to remind me what it was called! 

Then we went to the antique mall and I fell in love with this vintage cowgirl hat that was from the booth of a studio costumer. I wonder which movies it was used in? 

Zack found a cool store that he liked. 

This store was the boy's side, and next door was the girls side. 

Zack window shopping.

Then I went next door the the sister shop, Elseware Vintage. 

So much nice stuff here! 

Hats, jewelry, and more! 

While shopping I ran into some girlfriends- Cara and Sally Jo. 

I found this hat that I adored but had to pass on because we have to save our money. A week later I decided I must have it, but it was sold an hour before! If you have seen this hat, contact me! 

I found this dress that I loved. It is similar to the one I wore at VLV last year. 

After a little shopping we went to an art walk in Anaheim. 

After a few beers we all decided that Amber and Mary should have an impromptu street concert. They even made a few bucks! 

A week later we went back to orange circle to pick up the wedding bands we bought and had sized. 

While there were stopped by the Airliner lounge located in Ruby's Diner to see Amber Foxx play. 

This was my first time in at the Airliner. It was so cute! The main lounge area had a train track that ran along the base of the ceiling and had California landmarks. This one was Hollywood! 

Me, Leslie and Amber. I wore a vintage red rose dress that Amber gave me with a black pill box hat, black fishnet stockings (it was cold) and my remix pollys. 

There was a anniversary party going on that night and they loved Amber! 

The bride, 25 years later, looking way too young to be married 25 years! 


Leslie and Mary- always looking fab! 

The boys 

Brian and Lola- I mean, Reagan. 

We even did a little strolling. 

Reagan and I- Honeybee Besties! 

Amber was so great! We loved getting to spend so much time with all of our friends in Anaheim the last few weekends!


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  1. Great post! I stole pictures. Hehe

  2. Great post! I stole pictures. Hehe

  3. Ohh, Some nice stores! That hat is delicious looking! What a shame you missed it, I hope you find one somehow! :) Good luck with the wedding saving, my fella and I are on the same mission, slowly! :)

    Zoë x

  4. That shop looks great! I see a rack of cute swimsuits?

  5. I've been wanting to go to the Orange circle for so long! Now you've motivated me...I'm definitely going soon.
    Thanks for the fun pix!


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