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My Vintage Wedding: Prom Attire!

10:52 PMDollie DeVille

I knew I always wanted a 1950’s prom themed wedding reception, that is why I bought the perfect white prom dress when I found it at Viva Las Vegas in 2010, before I was even engaged! The seller that I got the dress from, Boss Vintage in Denver, suggested it was not actually a prom dress because an all white dress was too mature for prom.  Rather instead that it was probably a graduation dress (because we mature so much in those few months between prom and graduation, right?). No biggie, it looks like a prom dress to me, so I am sticking to it!

I think it will be so cute to see all the girls in pastel colored dresses and me in a big white poofy dress, ballet length of course! I am so looking forward to the prom dresses that I plan to make a “best prom dress contest” to encourage people to go all out with it! 

The boys will look so dapper in white dinner jackets (that is at least what Zack is wearing), fleck suits, and heck, even tuxedos!

I am not one of those crazy matchy-matchy people that insist my bridal party wear matching outfits, so I told them to wear whatever they want. Some of them already had appropriate prom outfits in their closet, which is awesome because I don’t want anyone to spend too much money. Heck, I only spent $90 on my dress, and I am the bride! 

Love his two tone look with the white bucks-sharp! 

Nice white jacket! 


I had to include one Cry Baby photo! 


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  1. Ohhhh, I wish I could marry again (with the same guy of course...) in order to have this style of party!!!

  2. You are so much fun - and one of my favorite bloggers. Your wedding is going to be lovely.

  3. I wanted to do this too! You're going to have a blast

  4. I wanted to do this as well!! You're going to have a blast :)


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