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My Vintage Wedding: Bridal Shower

5:44 PMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago one of my bridesmaids, Miss Amber Foxx, threw me the best bridal shower ever! It was at her lovely home, the perfect setting. She had decorated it all in my wedding colors: light pink, teal, white and gold. Everything was beautiful! Even though Southern California was in the middle of a horrible rain storm, most people made it to the shower, so it was nice to see my friends and family come together for the first time. While you can't experience it fully though photos, I knew you would all love to see it! 

The present table.

She makes the best cake pops ever! 

This is Kathy. If I had a flower girl, she would be it! 

I wore a vintage pink leaf novelty print dress I got from Calo Style Vintage in Las Vegas, with a vintage pink sweater. I accessorized it with a vintage pink hat, vintage white heels and vintage gloves, and vintage Lucite earrings. Sandra wore a dress I made for her using a vintage Butterick pattern. 

Amber had a fab candy buffet, all with pink candies! There were little bags so the guests could pack up their own favors to take home. 

The guests loved it, especially the little ones! Yes, that is a ring pop and they were delicious! 

Amber also had another unique thing in store for the guests and I. She printed retro images on paper and attached them to pink a teal pipe cleaners. What for you ask? 

So the guests could write me little notes on marital advice as a keep sake! Some of my favorites:
"My grandparents were married 67 years and said the key was for both people to have their own tv", "Remember what you love about him now and remember it forever", "Be good in the kitchen, great in the bed", "Put on your best face everyday and greet hubby with a smile and a kiss", "Keep making those great recipes", and "Drink your milk for a beautiful family".

 What is your advice to a bride to be?

Ms. Leslie Buckley showing off Amber's new fridge. 

Amber had a beautiful spread out for lunch. 

Pinwill wraps, sandwiches, dips, fruit, veggies.....

Everything was served in cute vintage dishes-

with cute custom made signs to say what the food was! 
I will have to steal this idea. 

There was also this yummy jalapeno cheese bread, I couldn't get enough! 

With some of the girls. 

Then Amber did a few games. One was a matching game where you had to match famous couples in history, like Lucy and Ricky, Romeo and Juliet, and Elvis and Priscilla. The next game was one for me. She had asked Zack to answer a few questions days before the shower and then at the shower she asked me to answer the same questions as I thought he would. They were questions like: Where was your first kiss? What super hero would you be? What is your favorite band? We got most of them right, but I did use the opportunity to make a few jokes as his expense, but he wasn't there so he will never know!  

Every one loved the games, and especially the great prizes- makeup and hair products! 

The next game was a real fun one. The group was broken up into three teams and given a package of toilet paper. Each team had one "bride" they had to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper for. Then after the allotted time the brides had to do a fashion show and I had to pick which team had the best bridal TP look. While the teams were in different areas of the house making their outfits I got to take a peek and snap a few photos. It was such a hoot! Leslie's team was in the pink room and started out really nice with something that really resembled a dress. Alana's team was in the kitchen and started using paper towels and pink napkins, which was against the rules. Kathy's team was the most creative, making belts out of braided TP. 

The competition was really heating up when they did the cat walk fashion show. Alana was upset that she got disqualified for using non-TP materials, so she started ripping apart the other brides outfits, a la Lucy and Ethel in the "Friendship" episode. As much as I liked Leslie's outfit, it started falling apart on the runway, and the veil was a mess, so I picked the sweet six year old as the winner. How could I not? She had a well constructed dress, veil and TP wedding ring! It probably helped that her team included one professional costume maker and one amazing seamstress. 

Next up I got to open presents! There were so many! This hat box was a super cute one with a bow, teal spatulas, and a vintage shower card. From Reagan of course! I won't bore you with the 100 pictures of me opening all of the gifts......just a few! 

Amber made the yummiest ice cream sundaes ever! They even had homemade chocolate bowls! 

Leslie loved them! 

This was a very thoughtful gift from Emily- a handmade embroidered table cloth. I love it! 

I loved all the vintage lingerie I got! 

Amber is the best hostess ever! She always pays attention to detail, makes sure that everyone is comfortable and taken care of, and she is a blast to party with. This was the best bridal shower ever, and I don't feel arrogant for saying that. She put in so much work to make it special for me, and I and other other guests really appreciated it. Thank you so much Amber! I love you!!!

Here is some of my family. My future mother in law on the left, my mom in the center, and my auntie Lea to my right. Do you like my mom's side pony? She said she was "going 50s". Still looks 80s to me Mom! Gotta love her! 

Then Mary and Amber serenaded us. It wouldn't be my kinda party without some awesome music! 

Lil' Suzie Homemaker washing dishes. 

We had one more guest stop by the house with a gift- Derek Dupree with a vintage cocktail dress. I love it! 

Once I got home I got to play with all my new goodies. I made sure to take some close up photos because I know you all love to see the stuff I get. 

Look at this cool vintage Hallmark wrapping paper! I made sure to save it for the next bride. 

There was even a vintage Sears box under the vintage wrapping paper! You know I saved that too. My friends know the way to my heart! 

My friends and family are so generous that everything hardly fit on the couch for this photo! I am such a lucky girl to be loved so much! I was really "showered" with gifts! 

Nightgowns, undies and a dress.

Money toward our honeymoon for a massage and cocktails. I could sure go for that right about now! Also, lots of Macy's giftcards that I used to buy some much needed makeup! 

Fancy bar ware, vintage tumblers,  and an original Tallahassee Lassie 45rpm by Freddie Canon! 

Cake stands, lady head vase and lots of cute girly stuff! 

I also kept getting gifts that following week in the mail!

My biggest fan Brooke sent me a cute cherry print apron, my first ever Fiesta ware dinner set, and some birdie salt and pepper shakers! That is so sweet of you, thanks Brooke! My sister sent me some new bake ware too! Thanks Sis! 

My coworkers threw me a shower and gave me a ton of gift cards, some more bake ware, some margarita glasses, and a gift basked with wine and wine glasses. 

While I was rich with gift cards to Target and Macy's (where we registered), I went shopping: 

New work wear from Target: A Jason Wu top, another top, a wiggle shirt, and pink penny loafers. Also some lingerie that I thought Zack would like for the honeymoon. 

I went to the Benefit counter at Macy's and bought some new goodies. They know me so well there that they always give me free stuff, and this time I had my eye on that apron. I also got these saddle shoes at Macy's and some cute black and white gingham capris (not pictured). 

Thank you to everyone that came, and for people who sent gifts even though they couldn't come. A big thank you to Amber for hosting. Like I said, I couldn't imagine a better bridal shower! I am such a lucky girl. 

Now, I can't wait to be married in a few weeks!


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  1. What a wonderful shower!! I love all the attention to fun little details...even the signs saying what the food is with their little vintage cute! You are a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends :-)

  2. So cute! I will not stop washing dishes but I will bring an apron next time so I don't have big wet spots on me!

  3. Too funny that you know Leslie too! Her husband and my ex-husband used to be in the same car club, LOL.

  4. looks like so much fun! you have a great group of lady friends. and i must say that i absolutely love your moms side pony! my mom does things that she thinks are 50's all the time and i think she is adorable for trying to participate in things i enjoy. now viva, then the wedding... the next few weeks are going to fly by for you. how exciting!

  5. That all looks so wonderful. I love the American tradition of bridal showers, they're so classy and demure. We have hen parties here in England which are generally horrific with girls wearing not much more than their underwear, getting horribly drunk and making fools of themselves. Fortunately my bridesmaids know me well and my hen party consisted of a burlesque class, tea party and cocktails!
    Your dress is absolutely beautiful as usual. And all that vintage lingerie is glorious!
    My tip for a bride-to-be is never sleep on an argument and make sure you have a good, long smooch at least once a day! It's easy to give eachother loving pecks throughout the day but nothing beats a bloody good kiss :D

  6. Looks like so much fun!You scored some great things too!

  7. wow! lok slike you had an amazing shower. everything looks just perfect! i love the candy bar especially. and your mom's 50s/80s ponytail is super cute ;)

  8. How amazingly lovely!!! What a sweet and special shower...i adore the soft colors and attention to details. Thank you for sharing such a special moment in your life! Best of luck for happiness and lots of love!!!!!! You looked amazingly beautiful and so happy! huggs

  9. What a lovely shower!

    My best advice is never go to sleep angry. Always work it out and never be too proud to apologize.

  10. What an amazing shower! I especially liked the make-a-wedding-dress-out-of-toilet-paper game! How fun and creative!

    Having just gotten married in January, my advice would be to enjoy every second of your big day, as everyone always says your wedding day will go by very quickly...and it does! Mine was the best day of my life, and I wish we could do it all over again, exactly the same, as it was perfect, but it went by too quickly! :)

    Congratulations, and I shall look forward to reading your wedding blog post!!!!!

  11. Looks like a beautiful party.You look amazing.Love all the goodies you got.Love all the photos.x

  12. Don't second guess the potential these guys have to turn into a magical venue when the lobby at the club closes. I loved every minute of my wedding and I owe it all to them.


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