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Hello all!

A few months ago I was contacted by TLC to be considered for their new show, My Collection Obsession (later changed to My Strange Obsession). I was referred by fellow blogger Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street, who also referred the fabulous Doris Mayday to the show scouts. I figured they would pick Doris for sure, so why bother right? I spoke with Doris about it because she is so friendly and open about it, and she said the scouts were talking to her but still considering other options because they were unsure what they wanted for the show. They said they wanted someone totally living in the 50s, like no internet, phone, etc. Obviously, no one really lives like that! But, I decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot, right? So they interviewed me over the phone and then asked that I make a 5 minute video to submit it to them. It was a busy week for us, but we did it quickly after work one night. We did it all in one take, even though a messed a few things up (I called the bathtub the stove-doh).

They ultimately emailed me back and said they went with Doris. They said it was because she is geographically closer to TLC in NYC. But I know it is because she is freakin' amazing, right? We are friends on facebook and she finds the coolest stuff out in the mid west! She also has a really unique paint theme in her house. I can't wait to see it all on the show!

So, since they won't be using me, I thought you all would enjoy to see the video! It is my very first YouTube video! Enjoy!

Make sure to catch the lovely Doris on TLC's My Strange Obsession and on Anderson Cooper promoting the show! I am sooooo excited for her and can't wait to see it! I will be DVRing this asap and you should too!


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  1. YOu are too gorgeous!
    I would luv to see a clip from that episode, any chnacer to get something uploaded when it's out?

  2. It was so fun to see a tour of your house! Just fabulous, all the way through. I'm a little glad that you didn't get picked for the show...although I'm sure it would've been fun for you to do the taping & all, from what I've seen of that show they edit it to make the featured people look pretty weird. There's a condescending tone to the show, like they're saying "hey America, look at these freaks", and I wouldn't want them to do that to you!

  3. Your little house is just charming and so american of course!!!! I love your DELUXE stove.

  4. So adorable!!! You look wonderful...
    i myself was contacted but quickly responded with Hell NO! ;0) not for me...your home looks amazing and you and hunny did a great job. I adore your sink! Did i sneek a peek of that sweet lil' pink straw/ bakelite handled bag you won over at my place...its like i was in your video too...tee hee ;) thanks for sharing...charming home & i loved your story about your gramps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMGOMGOMGOMG! I wondered what became of this referral! Woot!!

  6. What a gorgeous home you've created, I love that original fridge you have.

    Thank you for sharing, your blog as always is a great to read.

    Natasha :)

  7. you are so beautiful i just adore you and your house is a dream!!!


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