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Fish Fry Hollywood Speakeasy

6:44 PMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago we went to Hollywood for the Fish Fry Speakeasy. It's a free monthly record hop put on by our friend Chris aka DJ Lucky La Rocka. It is a great place to meet up with your friends, grab a drink or two, and dance!

While I was there, Chris played one of my fav songs from Don Cavalli's The Pharoah record. I was so excited that I had to see this record in person. I have always wanted it but it is so hard to find and very expensive. If anyone has one lying around, feel free to send it to me! 

With Cara. I went casual and wore a pink sweater and barkcloth skirt. 

Dj Lucky La Rocka

Pablo and Zack 

some crowd shots 

nice looking crowd, right? 

After the socialized a bit and the bar closed, we decided to hit Bob's Big Boy in the way home! 

I was super excited! 

I had breakfast 

Zack had cherry coke and chili spaghetti 

We had to pose for pics with Bob! 

I though he could use break from holding that plate! 

Zack and Bob- a match made in heaven. 

Fun Fact: Zack and I's first date was at Bob's Big Boy when I was 17. Still going strong 7 years later! 


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  1. Where is that Big Boy? I went to the one in Downey (the old Broiler) when I was out there in November.

  2. I would love to pop to that club one day. I know Chris too, but as I'm in the UK it's unlikely to be for a while! If ever I come I'll let you know so I can say hi!!!

  3. Hello Mademoiselle,

    Don Cavalli is our french genius. I'm so fan. Hope you will find the LP, it's a must have.
    I've got only one Lp, but if i've found a second i will think about you :)



  4. i had no idea you were so young! you have accomplished quite a lot for your age. way to go!


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