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My Vintage Wedding- Rockabilly Prom

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I know you have all been dying to know the theme of my wedding reception (yeah right, I am so self-centered, I know), and today is the day I tell you! Drum roll please……


I have always dreamed of having a 1950’s prom themed wedding. Crazy fun idea, right? I  know, I am so excited! Poofy pastel prom dresses as far as the eye can see, live bands, balloons and streamers, the stroll……..ahhhh heaven! But we didn’t want it to be too bubble gum sweet, we wanted a little rock-n-roll too, so Rockabilly Prom was born! The colors are pastel pink, teal, (the 50’s part) mixed in with gold and a little black (the rock-n-roll part). I will be wearing a poofy prom dress, but while holding a beer- just what a juvenile delinquent in the 50s always dreamed of! I am a bit obsessed with 1950’s high school stuff, so I am uber excited about all of this! It’s not a traditional wedding reception by any means, but exactly what I always dreamed of. If my guests don’t agree, those squares can stay at home!

After hearing all of the details in coming posts you will think this doesn’t seem like a wedding reception at all (which Zack likes. For a musician he sure doesn’t like to be in the spotlight! He tried to tell me a first dance would make us seem arrogant!), but we will have some touches that make it seem like a wedding, such as the ceremonial cake cutting! We ordered a beautiful traditional tiered wedding cake in our main wedding color, pink. With the vintage cake topper from our elopement, of course! It cost a small fortune so we are really looking forward to it.

We mostly tried to take normal wedding tradition stuff and put a prom spin on it. Although, stuff like a limo with grand entrance, father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, rice throwing when we exit…..won’t be happening, much to the MIL’s dismay. But, that stuff is just not important to us. I mean, nowadays it seems like a sin to not have escort cards, a photo booth, and a Viennese hour (what the heck is that?), but that stuff is soooo far off our radar as a rockabilly couple. I think that all of those expensive extras that we “must have” just adds to the headache of planning! It also distracts from the real point of the day, celebrating the love of the couple. But, that is just what is right for me, doesn’t mean it is right for everyone. We are adding one (only one!) recent modern wedding trend- the candy bar! I couldn’t help it! I love sweets and always think the candy bars are so cute and fun. So that will be our favors to the guests. We are doing it all ourselves with stuff we got on sale to keep the cost low. I did a mini mock up the other day and it is so darn cute!

Following prom tradition, we ordered matching pink corsages instead of bouquets for the girls in my bridal party, or “Prom Court” as I like to call them! The boys will be sporting classic pink carnation boutonni√®res we ordered for them. I imagine it like the song, “White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation.” They will be darling! More on what will be worn in another post coming soon. For now I guess I should mention who my “Prom Court” is…..


Sandra Sprague
Amber Foxx
Deen Dioria
Alana Amarillas


Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague
Bobby Cavener
Brandon Dixon
Rene Cervantes 

We are so excited to have them to share our special evening with. I am most excited to see who the guests crown the Rockabilly Prom King and Queen! The suspense will kill me! And yes, there will be vintage crowns involved! Squeal!!! Then the prom king and queen will have their special dance and after the rest of the prom court will join in the celebratory dance.

But we can’t dance without music! You knew that was coming into play at some point, right? We have a ton of amazing musician friends who lovingly agreed to play for us. Because so many people are willing to play, they each only have to play a few songs, allowing everyone time to socialize, dance and have fun! We also have an amazing DJ who will be spinning vinyl 45s in between live bands! I anticipate that dancing the night away will be a highlight of the event. In order to foster the dance party atmosphere I might have a jive contest so the best jivers can show off a little! Sounds fun, right?

This is just a little taste of what is to come. I felt so bad planning this amazing (to me) party and leaving all of my loyal followers in the dark! So sorry about that. I am trying to make up for lost time now.  I will continue with the My Vintage Wedding series to include details on the venue we booked, the DIY crafting, etc. Stay tuned!


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  1. Wow! That sounds like so much fun! You and Zack are a great couple, I am so happy for you both.

  2. What a nice idea! A so american idea of course!!! I really love vintage prom dress and wore one for my wedding... a beautiful light pink dress.
    I remember the prom party in the movie Back to the future...

  3. I thin this is a fantstic idea! I couldnt help but chuckle as you and I have like wise thinking. Here on march 16th The Members of the Casablanca are hosting our annual Formal Spring Break Dance, and thi years them is (Prom 1958) on top OF THAT we picked our colors in December and much like your reception are colors are Coral and turquoise! We're also picking a prom queen and king how fun! I cannot wait to see pictures of your reception! It all sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

  4. That is such a cool idea ! Love the mix between prom dress and rockabilly. Have a lot of fun plainning that.

  5. Totally awesome! I'm jealous that you're doing something so cool and authentic!

  6. I think it's great that you are making a wedding that is more about who you guys are as a couple than one that is a cookie cutter wedding that Modern Bride magazine says you need to have. There's always gonna be someone sticking thier nose in telling you how to run your show, keep doing you and it will wind up being a day you will always remember as the best day ever.

    Lynn Brooks

  7. What I've always wanted....sigh :)

  8. I suggest you also conduct a taste-test. It's one of the yummiest parts of your wedding preparations, plus you're making your guests are getting only the best. Your groom-to-be's going to love this too!

    wedding ceremony budget

  9. I just found your blog! Fabulous! LOVE it! I'm a vintage gal, too, with a little Rockabilly and a lotta Lindy and a love for vintage sewing and decorating! I write short stories and novels with characters in "vintage" settings :)

    I've always wanted to have an "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" party. The closest I've come is to a Mad Men NYE, but my wedding was totally 1940s, so that counts. Your wedding will be spectacular. (or it was--can't tell when this blog posted). Congratulations and much happiness!

    ~ Tam Francis ~


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