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My Vintage Wedding- Looks Nothing Like A Modern Wedding!

9:19 PMDollie DeVille

Hello friends, new and old! I am sorry for my absence lately. As you all realize, I am engaged and planning a wedding. But since I have not told you any of the details, you have no idea what, where, and most importantly when I am planning it. If you are a Facebook friend then you are much more “in the know,” as I post there pretty much daily. So, the reason for my lack of posts is because we are rapidly approaching my wedding- already! I never told you all this, but we are planning my bachelorette party at Viva Las Vegas, then my elopement/destination wedding shortly after, and then my reception a month later when we are back in town. It’s all coming up so fast! I have been in the thralls of wedding planning, but doing a pretty good job of keeping my head on straight (in my opinion). Therefore, really cementing in my head that an elopement/destination was the right thing for us.
What we are doing can’t really be classified as an elopement because it was planned out (a year in advance due to the high demand of the location!), so really it is more like a destination wedding for two! This elopement (what I will call it for the sake of this post) wedding is to-the-tee exactly what we have always wanted, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. It has the feeling of high school sweethearts who just woke up one day and decided to get married, while also having a few extra things that are important to us: like a photographer (to capture it for the family) a pretty bouquet, and a boutonniere. It is low-key, romantic and personal-just right for us. Although, it’s not exactly what our friends and family would have picked for us. Especially Zack’s mother who wanted us to have a golf course wedding, white limo, and all the traditional what-not (which in reality is not “traditional” anyway because most weddings weren’t like that when our grandparents got married. That is all modern mumbo-jumbo sold to us by the big bad white wedding industry). While I just couldn’t stomach the thought of that, we can compromise. So, we decided to plan a “formal” reception about a month after the ceremony back in town. This way our friends and family can share in our joy and celebrate the marriage with us. We will wear our wedding outfits again to please the parents, cut a cake, and do a first dance (sort of). But, being us, we still couldn’t conform to traditional white wedding standards, so we are having a really rockin’ themed reception (details to come in another post-stay tuned). This reception may be for the friends and family (and honestly, something we could do without), but if we have to plan it, pay for it, and execute it, it has to be 100% us. It’s not going to be sophisticated, chic or ritzy, but it’s not going to be a hillbilly barn dance either (but I would have loved that, no way would MIL go for that!).  What we want it to be is FUN FUN FUN! We will eat, drink, and dance the night away. Luckily, we have pretty modest tastes (compared to most modern wedding couples), so we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be happy. So, we are paying for it all in cash, all by ourselves (go us!). We also don’t have to save for a down payment on a house right after the wedding because we did that all over a year ago and already own our lil’ dream home (again, go us!).  So, like a said before, I have been mostly low stress and have really been enjoying our engagement. We have been super busy with wedding crafting though, so I look forward to everything being done so we can just enjoy some quiet along time together again. I have enjoyed the wedding crafting (I love DIY!), mostly because of the one on one time it has provided with my bridesmaids/honeybees and myself. I adore these girls second only to my soon-to-be husband, and I could not have done this whole “wedding” thing without their continued help and support. Nothing like a wedding to make everyone come together and feel all warm and fuzzy! Really, that is what a wedding is all about, so that is what I have been doing- basking in the joy of an upcoming wedding instead of sitting on my computer and talking about it.

We did have one setback though, that sent me into a bout of depression for, oh, about a week. We were counting on another large tax return from the purchase of our house to finance our dream honeymoon to High Rockabilly in Spain (last years tax return paid for the ring and ½ of the elopement costs, thank god). We don’t normally count our eggs before they hatch, but we trusted our tax guy when he said we were in for a large return. Unfortunately, he was dead wrong and we got nothing back. That meant that a lot of things were on the chopping block, the honeymoon being the most expensive was an obvious choice. We have been trying to go overseas for years and can’t seem to afford it, so I thought if we couldn’t do it this year we won’t ever be able to do it. I was heart broken to say the least.

We thought about canceling the reception to use that money for the honeymoon, but it wouldn’t cover all of the costs, and so much time and planning had already gone into it from our loved ones and us. I mean, people had already bought dresses and matching shoes! Save the dates had gone out, people had booked hotel rooms, everyone was so excited! So, we just couldn’t do that to everyone.

We brain stormed mini-moon vacations. We knew we wanted to do something we had never done before, but something in California that would be within our tight budget. So, we decided on our absolute cheapest back up option- Palm Springs! We have only been there on a day trip to see Amber Foxx play, but we loved it and have really wanted to go back. I was so disappointed at first that I couldn’t see the good in it. But now after talks with Zack and lots of contemplation, I stopped being a brat and started to look forward to Palm Springs. I mean, most people our age doing it all on their own are not lucky enough to go on a honeymoon at all! And really, Palm Springs is totally cool to us and a place we have always wanted to go for a little get away. It is more in line with what a honeymoon would have been for a (well off) couple in the 50s. It also makes for a more suitable honeymoon in the fact that it will be just us and not a ton of friends and fans like the High would have been.  There will be more relaxing time, instead of us running all over town trying to get to the next thing, and it will be more private. The hotel we booked, The Orbit Inn, is a 21+ mid-century modern boutique hotel that is quiet, peaceful, and kid-free. We have always wanted to stay there. Each room is full of mid-mod furniture, a record player, and has views of the surrounding mountains. They also offer a free breakfast, free beach cruisers to take to town, and a free nightly cocktail hour! The room we booked has a fireplace, private patio and outdoor shower- romantic, yes? We can spend our days lounging by the salt-water pool, and our afternoons vintage shopping.  We can go on mid-mod home tours, and visit museums. And at night we can try the town’s nice restaurants. And since Palm Springs is only a few hours away, we can relive our honeymoon anytime we want! It’s not an overseas adventure, but what do we think we are, rich? We have a mortgage to pay for, for Christ sake! But we are now really looking forward to a peaceful getaway, just the two of us.

There you have it, the first mention of my modest elopement ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. It’s not “The Knot” worthy, but if anyone wants to look down on me for keeping my dreams within a realistic budget that we can actually afford, then you are reading the wrong blog!


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  1. Small weddings are always the best!
    Mine was decided only 3 weeks before the D-day!!! We were ony 12 peoples: parents, brothers and witnesses...
    A really small wedding but we were able to make a perfect 50's wedding with vintage dress and suit, vintage 50's cars and a nice 50's hotel-restaurant! It were hard for our parents to accept the fact that we didn't want a huge party...
    We didn't go in Honeymoon but 2 years later we were able to go to Hawaii and VLV so it will be probably the same for you and Zack, you will probably be able to come to Europe soon (if you can choose to not come in summer plane tickets are really cheaper!)

  2. Oh, here are some pictures of our small vintage wedding:

  3. Good for you for planning a wedding that fits your style AND your budget! My husband and I had a non-traditional wedding. We had fun. Our guests had fun. Our families, though a little baffled by some of our choices at the time, realize now that everything reflected who we are. I hope you have a lovely elopement, reception, and honeymoon.

  4. I am having a very low key, budget wedding in July and I cant wait. The decorations are thrifted or made and so many people have helped which has made it super special. If people want glitz and glam then go them, but I have been to too many weddings where that takes precdent over the important part - two people becoming married!! Your wedding sounds wonderful and right for you! What could be better or more romantic than that! :D

  5. Elopements are definately the way to go and I love that you are keeping it a secret! My husband and I eloped and it was one of the best choices we ever made. Have fun with the rest of your DIY wedding planning and try not to hot glue your fingers together too many times :)

  6. It's all going to work out fine, hon. I had the big one the first time and the elopment the second was much more meaningful. I still haven't gone on a honeymoon and it'll be 5 years for us this summer. One day! We're finally going on a long weekend vacation this May. You do what you can, and like you realized, you have greater priorities (like your mortgage). I'd much rather have a house than a big wedding.

  7. Very similar to what my husband and I did. We were in the process of buying a house when our wedding took place (we had hoped to find a house before then, but we didn't find the right place until right after the ceremony), and we didn't want the fancy wedding anyway. We had a rockabilly-esqu small ceremony in a historic bed and breakfast in Denver, did a lot of DIY decorations and favors, and my husband got married in a (vintage-repro)cowboy shirt. We had no money for a real honeymoon, so we spent the weekend in historic/luxury hotel in Denver and had a great time. Since we were only 23 at the time, it was so much fun to have a luxury "stay-cation" since we would never do that sort of thing otherwise. It was fun and the best part is, we didn't have to go into debt to do it. I think it would have been more pressure to have a big expensive trip, pressure to do so much to justify the cost. This way, we could just relax and enjoy our time together. Anyway, congratulations!

  8. It's easy to get sidetracked and forget who the wedding is for! I'm glad you are sticking to your guns, and budget, and planning an event that fits your personality!
    I love the Orbit In - the bikes are a great way to leisurely ride around and take in (drool over) all of the wonderful Midcentury homes. Be sure to look up into the mountains behind the hotel and spot the Frey House. It's a Midcentury architecture classic. And if you really feel like stretching your legs, there's a great hiking trail that wraps up around the house, into the mountains and affords wonderful views of the city!

    1. The room we booked, the Frey Longe, apperantly has a view of the Frey house. I did want to take that hike, so we will see if I can convince the husband to get some exercise. Ha ha ha.

      Thanks for the lovely comments all!!!

  9. Nice posts, thanks for sharing this to us. It was an inspiring wedding, looking forward always for more updates.


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