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My Vintage Wedding: Honeybee Crafting Party/Bridesmaids Luncheon

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago I had my Honeybee's and a few of my bridesmaids (not everyone could make it) for a crafting party/bridesmaid luncheon. So, I just wanted to share a little bit about the afternoon with you. But of the perks to getting married.....

lots of free delicious cake! 

We went to a new hip cake shop in town to get a price quote to see if our wedding cake was more expensive then it should be or not. The baker came up with a cake for us using our theme, but it still looked so modern and typical- exactly like you would see on "The Knot". Also, it was $150 more for 50 less servings then the previous quote we got. After that we were 100% set on the cake shop and design we chose. But the visit was not a total loss, we got free cupcakes to take home as our taste test! We enjoyed them immensely and may go back for cupcakes or cakepops in the future. 

Now, back to the main event- wedding crafting! 

I wanted to make a "congrats" pennant flag, so I started it before the gals arrived. 

This was my first time making one and it was so fun and easy! I will have to make more! 

Basically, you cut the fabric using a triangle pattern you make out of paper. Then you pin it on the cord how you want it (I liked this gold cord so I picked that, but a lot of people use bias tape) and then stitch it down with a sewing machine. Then you cut the letters out of felt and glue or sew them on (I have yet to finish that part). 

Reagan, my Honeybee V.P. and Deen, my bridesmaid. Love these gals to death! 

I made sure to hang up my flag banner before they came! 

I made us a cocktail with fresh juiced strawberry, lemon and lime. 

I made croissants and blueberry scones served with English lemon curd.  I also made a little honeybee hive cake and matching cupcakes! 

I put together a little veggie tray with hummus and made some chocolate chip cookies too! Reagan brought the chocolate from Hawaii! 

Once we had enough to eat and drink we started crafting. 

We were glittering my glass coke bottle centerpieces! 

I love my new up-do inspired by Constance in "American Horror Story." I want to age gracefully just like her! She is gorgeous! 

This is about 1/3 of my bottles, in my wedding colors- pink, teal and gold!

I am so thankful that they came to help out! I would have gone crazy glittering all of those bottles by myself. 

Once Sandra got there we took another break. 

Close up of my Hive cake! It had little bees flying out of the top. 

Honeybee hive honey jar. I have started collecting honeybee stuff since forming the ladies club. 

This close up of the food is making me hungry! 

Time to eat this cake! 

This is the top layer, just a perfect mini cake! 

After the cake and champagne we got back to work making more table centerpieces out of vinyl 45 records. We also made more little paper flags. No pictures yet, so I have to take some for you! 


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  1. Great Idea!
    Me and my hubby also used Cokebottles for decoration. But the glitter gives it a little more extra!

  2. What fun! I love your honey bee cake, it's so cute.
    I never realized how easy it would be to make a pennant garland-thingy like that...It looks so cute and seems like a great way to use up extra fabric scraps!

  3. So stinkin' adorable!!!! Can't wait to see more...I loved the beehive happy!!!!

  4. I love it! It looks like you all were having fun too. As a side note, I keep honeybees so I am adoring your honeybee items!

  5. That honeybee cake is the cutest thing I have ever seen! It looks too pretty to eat! Those coke bottles look fab!!

  6. What a cute cake! I can't wait to see how the rest of your decorations look.
    x Molly

  7. Love the bottles! I can't wait to see pics of your reception. :)

    And that beehive cake is adorable! You should post a "how to" on how you made it! :)

  8. the glittered coke bottles is such a great idea! your wedding is going to be awesome! p.s. i love your constance inspired hair ;)

  9. the glittered coke bottles is such a great idea! your wedding is going to be awesome! p.s. i love your constance inspired hair ;)

  10. What great ideas. Thank you for sharing them. I can't wait to see your wedding pictures.


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