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Deke's Guitar Geek Festival Day 2

10:05 PMDollie DeVille

On the second night of the guitar geek festival one of our oldest friends Brandon took us to Clearman's North Woods Inn for dinner. I always have wanted to go there! It stands out because you can see it right off the freeway and get this- the restaurant is covered in snow! 

See the snow in the roof???

The inside is all themed out like a log cabin. 

There is a big stone fire place, warm toned wood furniture.....

and a bear!!! Ahhhhh!!!

The bear is not alone though, he has friends like this buffalo

and this moose! 

This is also the kind of place that gives you free peanuts and you get to throw the shells on the floor. So fun! The food was super yummy too-I was so full when I we left! 

Once we got to the Guitar Geek Festival Deke was inviting a few people up on stage for an impromptu jam session. It was so fun and a great warm up for the evening. 

Then Nathan James and and James Harman took the stage. They did some great blues on a washboard guitar. I dug it- I love the blues! 

We had four more guitars that Gretsch donated, so we raffled one off between each band. This one was a beauty! I made sure to represent Fender by wearing an old highschool tee- "groupie looking for band members". 

Next up was a super fun act- Rick Vito as King Paris! He has something going for him with this King Paris act. Hard to even describe, you should youtube him!

He even had super cute belly dancers on stage with him! 

Next up was Freddie Roulette backed by Joel Patterson, Deke Dickerson and Chris Sprague- an All Star Band! 

Here is another beautiful guitar we raffled off. I kept trying to win them for myself, but I guess I am just not that lucky! 

Deke was always so nice to introduce me to the audience. I made a lot of new friends! 

Next up was the incredible....the amazing.....the talented........


Can't beat this show- period! 

After the show everyone ran straight to me-

to buy some Los StraitJackets merch! 

I fit right in! 

Who could follow that act???

The last act of the night was The Hellecasters. We are so lucky to have been able to see them play, apparently they have not played in over 10 years! They put on a fantastic show and were a real crowd favorite. 

After all the excitement of the weekend I was pooped! What a fantastic weekend it was though!
Thank you so much to all the of the bands that played, all of the event staff, and especially Deke Dickerson for puting this monumental event together! Also, thanks for having me be apart of it! 


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  1. Hello lovely groupie !
    You kill me at each post !!!! I wishi could see the show ! Los Straijackets and Deke !!! the perfect show !!! Awesome !!!!!

    Bye Bye.


  2. I love love LOVE Los Straitjackets! In fact, I said last night that if I could see them perform every day I wouldn't tire of them. Looks like you had a blast!

  3. You saw Hellecasters!! That's awesome!!!

  4. Miss DeVille,

    Please check your MM account for a recent PM from me regarding a possible photo shoot.

    Thank you, and congratulations on your engagement!

  5. OMG! I love Northwoods Inn!!! Did you have their famous Clearman's Cheese Spread? The hubby takes me there just for that. Everytime I go to Stater Brothers I have to stock up on their Cheese Spread they sell.

  6. That looks like a ton of fun! I used to go to Clearman's North Woods Inn ages ago...do they still have that incredibly yummy cheesy toast?

  7. Looks like the event was fun! Love your hair in the last photo! Fabulous!


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