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Deke's Guitar Geek Festival Day 1

7:49 PMDollie DeVille

The weekend before last I had the pleasure of attending Deke's Guitar Geek Festival #9.  The event was held at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel for the 3rd year running. 

I also had the honor of being merch girl extraordinaire and guitar model for the charity raffle. 

One of the event sponsors, Gretsch, donated some beautiful guitars to be raffled off to go to diabetes research. 

Deke was also hosting a "garage sale" with guitars, record players, etc for sale. 

close up of the goods! 

While working the merch booth I also got to see some amazing live acts, like one of my all time favorites, Joel Patterson (of the Modern Sounds). It was refreshing to see him solo, even though I love the other guys. 

Another highlight for the event is always Deke's guitar museum. Deke has the most extensive collection of this type I have ever seen. So it is a real treat for myself and others that he brings it out of storage one weekend a year for us to enjoy. 

He brings most of these guitars, amps, etc from his personal collection, but some are on temporary loan from the owners. 

Each piece has a tale: It's one of a kind, was owned by a famous guitar player of the past, or simply very cool and rare! 


glass case- fancy! 

Even pedal steels too! 

I wish I could post pictures up close and tell you about the unique history of each piece.....

but I am not THAT much of a guitar geek! 

I wore the Gretsch shirt I won in the Viva Las Vegas swimsuit collection to show my support for the event sponsor. I also wore my fabulous new Nicole Katherine Designs Montana Dungarees. I got a ton of compliments! 

Showing off the cool event posters for sale....

and the CD and DVDs! 

After Joel was done with his set I made sure to grab a photo with him. 

Next up on stage was Brian Lonbeck, or as I call him, the master of the double neck!  He is an amazing Joe Maphis style picker, who studied under him, and who played with Barbra Mandrell in the 60s. I don't know how much he is playing nowadays, but definitely see him if you ever get the chance, or see him in the Guitar Geek DVDs.    
Next we auctioned off a beautiful guitar-

a Gold Gretsch Doublejet with a Bigsby! Sweet! 

The lucky winner was a youngin'. 

Sally Jo and the lucky winner of the Gretsch. It's nice to see young people interested in this type of music. We have to keep it alive!  Maybe we'll be seeing him perform at a future Guitar Geek! 

Next up was Freddie Roulette- a blues steel guitarist. Everyone loved him. 

Then the All Harvey band played, featuring Deke, Joel, T.K. Smith, Sage, the Harvey family, etc all on Harvey's! 

Then we auctioned off a few more guitars from Gretsch to some lucky raffle ticket buyers! 

working hard! 

Next up was Nokie Edwards, the original guitar player of The Ventures. He performed with Venturesmania. 

They just released a new album, Bound & Sidejacked Again, and it's great! I recommend you get a copy too! 

With all this testosterone in the room, I had to make sure to get a picture with my gals! L to R: Alana, Sally Jo, Sandra Sprague, Amber Foxx and I. 

Then we raffled off the last guitar of the evening, an orange Eastwood Airline to match my shirt. 

The last band up for the evening was Paul Gilbert. He was more of a shredder, with lots of widdally-whaas. Not my style, but he was good at it for what it was. I think he had a lot of fans come over from the Namm show, so he had good support in the audience. 

Before I left I snapped a photo with Nokie. 

I had a blast at Deke's Guitar Geek Festival that night, and I got to do it all over again the next night! Stay tuned for the post on Saturday nights shenanigans. 


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  1. as usual, you look gorgeous and this event looks like loads of fun. It's like being in guitar heaven..I bet it was loads of fun. Love the picture of all the gals at the end too.

  2. I am those who came from Japan.
    Thank you for taking a photograph together with me.
    It became good recollections.
    Please come to Japan some day.
    See you!

  3. Looking fabulous as always! The event looks like fun! Deke Dickerson is such an amazing guitarist!

  4. Hi Dollie,

    I have all DVD's of the past shows, I know how great the festival is.
    Also, the Bigsby exhibit is so nice. I'm so jealous. I need to visit there someday.

    Thank you!!!


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