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Venture Mania!

2:27 PMDollie DeVille

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Venture Mania show at Joes Great American Bar. This was my first Venture Mania show. They were opening up for Nokie Edwards the original guitarist for The Ventures! As you know, I love rockabilly music, but you may not know that I also love 60s rock and roll/garage. Therefore, I totally dig The Ventures and was super excited to see one of the original members live! 

I was not there just for fun though, I also worked Deke's Venture Mania merch booth! I don't have a ton of mid/late 60s clothes, so I just wore a sweater and jeans. It was cold out! Sandra looked fab in her gold top! 

Venture Mania is Deke Dickerson and Garret Immel (from the Ghastly Ones) on guitar, Mel Bergman on bass, and Chris Sprague on drums. 

Deke also had a showing of some vintage surf guitars. 

The group chatting, left to right: Sandra, Ross, Chris, Nicole, and Sally Jo. Fun fact: Nicole Marrujo was the gold lame butt model for the new Ventures Mania album! 

Next up was Nokie Edwards- the main event! 

He is an amazing guitar player. He did Walk Don't Run, Apache, Secret Agent Man, and many other Ventures songs. 

Sally and I enjoying the music! 

Chris was playing the bass with drum sticks! 

It was a great show! I have no idea why I waited so long to see Venture Mania in the first place. I highly recommend you seeing them if you ever get a chance. Or, at least pick up an album- especially if I am selling merch! 

Have you heard that The Ventures are playing the Viva Las Vegas car show? I am soooooo excited for that! I can't wait! 


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