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Thanksgiving 2011

1:01 PMDollie DeVille

After lots and lots of blogging this weekend, I am caught up to the end of November- Thanksgiving! This was the first year we stayed home and cooked just the two of us. It was great! 

The night before I prepared the turkey marinade using fresh herbs. 

I also started on the dessert- Southern Style Peach Cobbler!

Yum yum! 

All done! I even added a pie bird. It was to-die-for-delicious! 

The bird was coated with maple butter, on the outside and directly on the breast meat. 

We also made dressing from scratch to compliment the birds flavor, sausage, apple and cranberry. 

Zack checking the bird.

In the mean time we had an appetizer- 

sweet potato and pecan filo bites. 

Then I made the fresh green bean cassarole. 

Soon, the turkey was done! We used a New England Style Maple recipe- Yum! 

Checking on the dressing. 

We used the turkey drippings and blended all of the veggies into a delicious gravy!
 It was soooooo good!

I took a little break from cooking. I was pooped and hungry. 

Then Gravy the cat and I had a little dance. 

Then back to cooking! I used a vintage recipe for the green bean casserole. 

All done! Turkey, gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, rolls, and a parmesan potato pie! 


The table was all set. 

What a beautiful dinner! 

After a big dinner and wine hubby is pooped! 

We really have a lot to be thankful for. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving! 


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  1. I need your recipe for the sweet potato and pecan filo bites! Yummy!! Great job on your thanksgiving it looked perfect! Yay for staying on top of the picture taking and sharing. Even though you feel behind we all know you are busy in life and are just happy to see what you're up to when you get around to posting about it.


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