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Rockabilly Friday Night at Viva Cantina

9:23 PMDollie DeVille

We have a new venue to see live bands at: Viva Cantina! 

Karen Mamont aka The Reverend Martini has moved her Rockabilly Friday Night shows from Weber's to Viva Cantina in Burbank- a new, bigger, better location! So, we knew we had to go check it out and report back to ya all! 

This is the front view. The restaurant and bar is located next to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and across from a cool vintage bowling alley. 

They even had preferred parking for hot rods and kustoms! Zack and Alana posing next to the cars. 

Alana and I went western that night- muy bien! 

The shows are held in the Riverside Rancho room. There is a stage, dance floor, and booths. There is even room for DJ Vic to set up! 

Me, Alana, Dave "Pappy" Stuckey, and Cara! 

The boys liked the bar, even though the lines were long! They make a mean margarita though! 

The Chumbuckets at the bar. 

There is a lot of seating in the lounge.  Perfect for resting your feet and enjoying some delicious mexican food! 

The Chumbuckets were the band on for the evening. They even added a few additional instruments for this show. 

They play for the dancers, so the crowd loves them! 

Ramon of The Side-Wynders did a guest appearance for a song or two. Make sure to see them Saturday Night in the main ballroom of Viva Las Vegas. 

Lovely ladies. 

Zack and DJ Rockin' Vic

Records are used to decorate the ceiling. 

Fully stocked bar! 

After the band played, we did a little bopping. 

then some strolling....

Then more jiving! 

I forgot to mention the best part- this new location has no cover charge! You get to see all of the coolest LA bands free! 

The End! 

Thanks to The Reverend Martini and The Chumbuckets for putting on a great show. If you are local to Southern California, I would love to meet you at Viva Cantina one Friday night! 


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  1. How fun, I wish we had places like that out here in Indiana, but alas, it's sqaures-ville man...

  2. sounds like fun! My hubby and I would love to check it out..after all the I.E. isn't too far. Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi! I just started reading you blog like a month ago and I love it! I actually live in Long Beach so I recognize some of the places you talk about(go Retro Row WOOT WOOT!). I really enjoy classic rockabilly music. I would love to go see some of the revival bands, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you recommend any bands or venues to get my feet wet?

  4. Oh how I wish I lived closer. You seem to have such a fun life. We have 'rockabilly' friends in Maryland who have promised to take us with them next time they go dancing. We can't wait.

  5. looks brilliant fun :) i live in england and stumbled across your blog recently, needless to say my small home town is lacking in the cool bars department!
    p.s your hair is great v.jel!

  6. I'll have to keep this in mind the next time I head down south!


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