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Reader Love- Vintage Gifts

8:37 PMDollie DeVille

I love all of my readers, and some of them love me too! Recently I received a few vintage gifts from readers, so I thought I would post about it to tell them how much I appreciate it! 

The other day I walked into the house and found this in my living room: 

It must be for me- it has my name on it! 

This cute card said it was a housewarming/engagement gift from Susan at a Practice in Time! 

She sent me this beautiful floral print vintage apron 

and this vintage pink and white gingham apron! They are so sweet and I love them so much! She must have known that I collect vintage aprons! Thank you Susan! 

There was also the Pyrex dish I won in her giveaway. So this is like a gift for being her blog reader! 
I already have it on display in the kitchen and have a dinner party in the works so I can use it! Thank you so much Susan- this made my day! You packaged it carefully too- much appreciated! 

This next gift comes from possible my biggest fan, and sweetest person ever, Leslie Kahlenberg!

It is a vintage 1962 "just married" car decorating kit from Fiesta! 

This is so amazing, I had never seen anything like this! I comes with enough to decorate two cars for the bride and groom and two bridal party cars. 

There are streamers in cream, pink and teal: My wedding colors! I guess I chose era-appropriate colors pretty well for a vintage-themed wedding! 

This transparent tape is not very transparent anymore! 

2 just married posters. 

2 bridal party posters. 

1 smaller just married poster. 

1 smaller bridal party poster. 

I am so excited for this set to decorate the cars for the wedding ceremony, the bike for the ceremony (yes, I am taking a bike ride to get married), the hotel door possibly, and for the cars at the reception. So fun! Thank you Leslie for such a thoughtful and unique wedding gift! This is my first wedding gift and it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. 

If that wasn't enough, she also gave me this impeccable condition vintage day dress! I love the buttons and embroidery along the buttons.  It eve has the matching tie belt- those always get lost! Thank you so much Leslie, you are too sweet! 

I have the best readers ever. I am such a lucky girl!


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  1. Glad to see it all arrived safely! That viscose floral apron actually belonged to my mother's old maid aunt. She was a real character! Her nickname was Petie, real name Bernadine. She always treated herself to the best things money could buy, and since she lived by herself she could enjoy them. When she died, I inherited all her vintage clothing and furniture. I thought I'd pass some of it along to my blog friends, since I'll never be able to use it all! :) Hope you get a lot of use out of Petie's aprons!


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