1960's Mid-Century Modern

Nifty Neighbors Shag Pad

9:23 PMDollie DeVille

 We have a lovely couple that lives across the street from us and they have a very cool pad. So while we were there for dinner this week, I asked if I could snap a few pictures. I knew my readers would love to see their house !

Living room 

we stole that idea of the amoeba above the fireplace! 

comfy seating 

love all their cool atomic star burst clocks 

Record player

dining room 

love the diamond on the wall

cool art and tiki glasses

tiki bar in the kitchen

seating area in the kitchen, perfect when people want to congregate in the kitchen. 

Another bar area. I love that stool!

Even the pet bird has an atomic ranch house! 


beautiful dinner- chicken tacos, beans, and the edamame salad I made!

After dinner the boys had cigars 


Cool Deco dresser with lamp, star burst clock, etc. 

Even the back yard is all tiki theme. 

So, tell me, you LOVE it right?


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  1. Oh my word! That house is the house of my dreams! Such inspiration!

  2. Love it. Dollie I think we could expect no less of neighbors of yours :p

  3. What a lovely house!!!! So colorfull!
    An a records player with Harry Bellafonte what else to ask????

  4. What a beautiful place, I love the bold use of Orange in the dining room! One to add to the inspiration folder. Thanks to you and them for the share! :)

  5. Wow look great! Thanx for a great blog and awsome pic´s. Love from Meela in sweden

  6. WOW-O! What an amazing house, I love the diamond in the dinningroom, and the colors all throughout the house!

  7. not only do i love it, but i wish it was my house!!!!

  8. Wow, what a great house! I love their dining room. Did they make their flamingo wall art?

  9. Coolest house EVER. There's a record player like that in my Dad's childhood home in Northern Norway.. but we couldn't take it home since we came by plane :/ sucks!

  10. OMG I love love love that house! My favorite (besides the cardboard bird house-hilarious) is the dining room table & chairs. I especially love the fabric the chairs are upholstered in. I think I'm inspired to re-decorate my dining room :-)

  11. Say wow! I am the one who created those 3 cocktail paintings at your neighbors super Shag Pad!! …so cool to see them again…


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