A Few New Things!

12:21 PMDollie DeVille

I just wanted to share a few new purchases with you! 

One is this amazing vintage suit I got at an antique mall for only $12! 

It is extremely tailored, made of gabardine, with big shoulder pads! 

The tag says it is from Sears Roebuck and Co. I have a few vintage things from Sears that I love! 

I also got this blue wool suit, for $14! Ignore my strait hair, I was just at the hair dresser getting my cut and color done. 

This blue suit has two tags, I think this one is the makers label

and this one is the shops label where is was sold. 

This is the Union label 

I also got these cute fall toned clip on earrings for a few dollars. 

I got these while on vacation in Yosemite. They are wooden postcards with vintage style Yosemite landmark advertisements on them. I thought they would be cute in my dressing room. 

These were passed down to me from my Grandparents. They asked me if I wanted them, thinking I wouldn't, but I love them! I love the green and gold colors, and they look great on my shadow boxes! 

The next thing is something I actually bought for Christmas, but decided to put it to use for Halloween as well! 

It's a vintage cardboard firplace! I have loved them since I saw them in vintage photos and advertisements. I love the kitsh factor, and also that people of modest means used them at Christmas to hang their stockings. 

So for Halloween I added some spooky fabric, spider and pumpkin lights, and some black roses. 


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