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The Doll House- Turned Recording Studio

9:39 PMDollie DeVille

Two weeks ago I had my beautiful little doll house turned upside down. The house was full of music equipment, boys, pizza, and beer. Yes, the fiance's band, Blue Collar Combo was recording their CD! When I offered up our house, I had no idea what I was getting into! I thought it would be limited to the common rooms, but no, they set up and recorded in every room in the house, including the pink bathroom- as evident by this photo: 

I woke up from my slumber one morning, stumble into the bathroom and what do I find? A bar stool, guitar, and mic stand! You can imagine my confusion....

This was the living room, after the drums and other equipment were all packed up. 

with a new table set up with recording equipment. 

The amazing Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague was recording extraordinaire for the weekend. He provided all of the equipment and know-how to get the job done. He was a great help and the boys couldn't have done it without him. 

On the first night of recording I decided to get out of the house, so I went to Sandra Sprague's house! We did a little shopping and then ate dinner with Deke Dickerson at Brent's Deli and discussed the upcoming Deke's Guitar Geek Festival (which was last weekend, so stay tuned for the post on that.). The boys were extremely productive while we were away and had recorded 12 songs by the time we got home! On the second day of recording they did vocals, so Sandra and I decided to hang out there and work on some crafts. I snapped a few photos of them, but was unable to get photos of them with their instruments as they did that the day prior. It still give you some idea of the excitement around the house that weekend. 

We also got to get a sneak peak of the songs- I think she likes it! 

Dollie approved! 

The boys apparently liked my dressing room best for recording vocals. Here Brandon Dixon is singing Baby Baby. 

Zack Simpson singing Bacon. 

Meanwhile, Sandra made a bazillion pairs of clip on earrings! 

3 part harmony in progress. 

Travis Mullins singing Red Man Rock. 

While they finished up I cut out a vintage dress pattern with vintage fabric. More on that project soon! I also made some yummy chocolate chip cookies that everyone enjoyed. While it was a slight inconvenience to have all that going on in my house, I actually enjoyed it! I was nice to have all of the guys over for the weekend, but even nicer to know that they are that much closer to their new hit record! Zack and I got the first copy, and I must say, it's great! I see a Blue Collar Combo CD giveaway in the near future! 

If you are at Viva Las Vegas this April, make sure to see them on the main stage Friday night at 8:30pm! Make sure to get your copy of the new CD as well!


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  1. Your boy is really lucky to have such a wonderful fiance as yourself! You let him take over your pink room! it must of been fun to be in the middle of all that recording. almost like being at sun records, except maybe you can call it Dollies recording studio.

  2. I cant wait to get my hand on that CD, will they have it in vinyl too? I just love the sound of vinyl.

  3. @Vegannikki...We've been mulling over the idea of pressing it to vinyl as well. More likely a 45rpm of some album cuts, rather than a full length. At the moment the CD is our main focus, so look to see that first. Thanks!

  4. My husband has a recording studio in our can be quite the adventure!Sounds like you planned all kinds of recording-friendly fun.


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