Dinner With New Friends

2:43 PMDollie DeVille

The night after the Venture Mania show we went to the Sprague house for cocktails to meet some friends they had in town from Australia- Ross and Sarah Attwell.

 We met Ross the night before at the show, but I wanted to meet his wife Sarah because she is a blog reader!
After a drink we went around the corner to a Mexican restaurant. 

Chris, Sandra and Ross. 

Best Friends! 

Sarah and I! I wore a mexican circle shirt to fit the theme. I paired it with a vintage sweater, snood, and vintage jewelry. 

Ross, Deke, and Sarah's son. 

Group photo! 

We did that typical thing where we left the restaurant just to stand outside and talk more, all the while I was freezing my buns off, so Deke offered me his super warm jacket-what a nice guy!  

It was a fun night! I loved meeting Sarah and Ross!


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