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Deke Dickerson at Bigs

11:36 AMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago we went to see Deke Dickeron at Bigs, so I thought I would share it, even if a little late! 

With Sandra and Sally Jo. I wore my favorite vintage fall dress!

Zack and Deke

Big Sandy

Karling and the Kats (featuring Sugarballs) opened up for Deke. They rocked as always. 

Karling is Darling!

Who knows what they are talking about....

Karling and Big Sandy

There was also burlesque by Jolie DuBeau

The beautiful Amber Foxx and I

Chris and Amber

Then the main event made a grand entrance- Deke, Sugarballs, and......and.....a gorilla?? 

Yes, that is correct- it is Cialis the Rockabilly Gorilla! What an honor to see him in person!  

The trio rocked out! 

The crowd was way into it! They love the gorilla! 

They changed up the instruments and the positions on stage during the show. 

Even Sugarballs did some monkeying around! 

The Big Sandy joined them for a song or two! 

I think that is Sugarballs standing on a cocktail table......

After the show Cialis monkeyed around with us for some photos! 

Too cute!

He was such a chick magnet! He was fuzzy and smelt like Fabreeze .

Some crazy party animals! 

I think we were doing a train.....Or maybe that song "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboys" came on....I think that was it! 

Don't even know what is going on here! 

Then I said, Save A Horse, Ride a Gorilla and piggybacked out of the bar on Cialis! 

What a fun night! Thanks to Karling and Deke for playing! 


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  1. You met Cialis!!! I'm so jealous :-)

  2. I was there! It was quite a lot of fun.

  3. Just found your wickedly cool blog! Gosh dang awesome. This night was particularly memorable.


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