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Christmas Day 2011

10:36 PMDollie DeVille

I may be a little late, but I still have Christmas joy, so I wanted to share it with you too! I love Christmas more and more every year. Mostly because Zack and I try and make it really special every year. We put a lot of thought into our gifts (not just stuff picked up at the mall the night before), and we really focus on family time. During Christmas I bake a lot too, which makes me happy. On Christmas morning we slept in a little, then went out to the living room where Santa had filled our stockings and tree with gifts!

We never want to wait to get ready before we open our gifts, so it became a tradition to open them in our robes, no makeup, messy hair and all! 

Lots of presents! 

Even more back there! 

Our cat Gravy even gets into the Christmas spirit! She loved the paper, ribbon and boxes. 

This was Gravy's gift from Chris and Sandra- a catnip ball! She loves it. 

I got Zack this vintage atomic print robe because his old one sucks! 

Close up on the cool print. 

What could this big box be? How did Santa fit that through the cardboard fireplace? 

It's a Hi-Fi! 

1958 Emerson record cabinet. Pretty clean too! 

Santa brought me a vintage celluloid necklace! 

Close up of the necklace. 

Santa also brought Zack 375 original 45 records to go with the new player. You wouldn't believe how many cool songs are in that lot! Mostly rockabilly, county, honky tonk, 50s -60s pop and rock'n'roll on Decca, Starday, Columbia, RCA Victor, Capital,  and many many more. I will have to tell you all about it some time. The best one is probably Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins on Sun Records, because that is a classic! Also good songs by Johnny Horton, Billy Haley, The Ventures, Buck Owens, Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash......

The cat was really happy

and wascally! 

I got this cute vintage atomic print day dress- fits perfect! Zack is such a good shopper!

 I love the gold glitter lucite buttons! The print is so cool too.  

I also got this AMAZING green fish print Shaheen! 
I love the unique color, it is under represented in my closet. 

Close up of the fish print. 

This is now the permanent position of the record cabinet. 

Zack still playing with all those records. It took him all day just to open them all! 

45s as far as the eyes can see! 

Close up of the celluloid necklace. 
Zack played records all day! 

Sun Records <3. This thing can crank! 

I also got some home wares: A teal salad serving set, 

Pink baking gear to match my "new" rolling pin! 

A close up of the bee honey holders Sandra gave me! I love those little metal legs. 

Sandra also gave me a mint Aug 1965 Playboy to display in my dressing room. 

These vintage kitchen towels came from my grandma. I could use these! 

Some more Benefit, tweezers, and a honeybee pin from my sister. 

Zack got me these cute little deer....

and these Siamese cats! 

This vintage mink stole came passed down from my grandmother. 

A little pink hand blown ornament from Zack's mom. 

I also got two new lady head vases- in the back. The left one was from Zack's mom and the right one was from Zack's dad. Something tells me they had help selecting gifts this year! 

My shadow box is getting more filled out now! 

I also got a new pot holder from Amber, and a glass wash board from my sister. 

I was very spoiled this year! At least I know everything I got was vintage, therefore "green" while still stimulating the economy. Yay for vintage Christmas! After opening gifts we made a nice breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon. Then that night we had a traditional dinner with Zacks family.

I hope everyone had a peaceful, joyous, and beautiful Christmas! 


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  1. Wow Dollie, you scored well this year! I especially love the dresses and necklace Zack got you. That man has good taste! The record player is great too.
    x Molly

  2. I love your Santa Klaus and his 45 rpm !!! Wow !!! Originals !!!!! This is a deejay dream !!!

    Btw if Santa found the green dress on Ebay, i was also on the bid. Great you got it ha ha ha !!! You are marvelous in this dress. And the print is so rare.

    BTW i wish you a very good 2012 year to you and your family.


  3. LOVE the Shaheen dress, it looks FAB on you!

  4. What amazing gifts!!!! What a pleasure to receive vintage items but I have never received anything vintage for Xmas... My husband is such a BAD shopper always late for Xmas gift and my familly don't understand what I really love about vintage... so most of the time I receive money and buy myself what I want but it's not the same!!!!
    Love your green dress, the fishes are so cute!

  5. Aw what lovely, thoughtful gifts! Well done Zack and family!! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. So many nice things! I always love reading your posts

  8. Have fun enjoying all of your pretty new things. That Shaheen is beautiful!

  9. Very pretty set-up you have! I know that for me on Christmas sometimes it is so hard allowing pictures first thing as I look so bad. You look quite lovely though. Enjoy your goodies :)

  10. What marvelous 'booty' you have! :)

  11. Holy crap those dresses are to die for! Is there a label in grey one???? Novely print cotton dresses esp. with those fab buttons are SOOOO hard to find. Well done, Zack!!!!

  12. Wow you scored!Amazing!Love the hi fi and well everything

  13. That hi-fi is spectacular, and man you scored a haul! Great to see you posting again...

  14. Miss Dollie DeVille was Miss Spoiled Brat for Christmas it looks like! That record player is to die for!! LOVE IT! I am so excited - I am attending my very first Rockabilly event in a few weeks. YAY! Happy New year.

  15. Apparently it was nothing but our friends and extended rockabilly family that was bidding on that Shaheen. Several people have told us that they placed a bid as well.


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