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Christmas Party and Gift Exchange at Amber Foxx's House

1:22 PMDollie DeVille

Every year we go to Amber and Bobby's house for a Christmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange. This year it was raining and my perfect 'do got all rained out, so I went straight to the pink room to do damage control. While I was there I ran into some lovely party guests: 

Mary Simich in a beautiful homemade frock by Southside Market. 

Nicole Bernstein with the cutest suspenders and scarf ever. 

Mary, Emily, and Chris lounging on the living room couch. 

Allison and Damien looking dapper. 

Zack, Chris, and Tommy. 

Tommy and Leslie always look so Mad Men! 

Memo showing off his cool tie. 

The hostess with the mostess, Amber Foxx, explaining the rules for the gift swap. 

The presents are all ready to open! 

Leslie is modeling the first gift to be opened....

What could it be?

A Jesus painting! Perfect for Christmas! 

Next up was a Liberace album! 

Zack got some wooden clogs! 

They didn't fit him, but they fit me, so he gave them to me. 

Jesse got a book with photos of pets and their owners, it was a hoot! 

Amber got a ceramic hillbilly jug for her collection. 

Allison got an atomic bar set, but I knew I would be stealing that from her. 

Sugarballs got a beer bottle holster- perfect for him! 

Someone stole Chris's gift, so he has to re-select. He picked wrong and got the MC Hammer pants and MC Hammer cassette tape. 

Allison's gift was stolen too, so she got something new- original Care Bear and Brave Little Toaster cells!

When it was my turn, I stole the atomic bar set again, for the 3rd and last time. I made sure that baby was coming home with me! I wore a vintage black sweater dress that my friend Alana got for my birthday. I love it! 

Mary was the one to pick the gift I brought- my 2012 pinup calendar! 

To boost sales, I had a lot of pretty girls show off the calendar....

Doesn't this make you want to buy it? Only $20 including shipping! Email me at if interested! 

Then we celebrated Tommy's birthday with cake! 

Look at Amber's beautiful Christmas tree! 

At the end of the afternoon there was a special delivery of a Christmas Story leg lamp! Sugarballs played in the box after.  

Another successful Christmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange! Thanks to Amber and Bobby for hosting! 


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