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Christmas Eve

9:04 PMDollie DeVille

Zack and I have a Christmas Eve tradition that we really love- every year on Christmas Eve we stay home and have a nice meal, just the two of us. We listen to music, play a game or two, and enjoy a drink. It is really nice and relaxing during a hectic time. It is also a nice way to reconnect after a busy month. We really look forward to it every year!  

This year we started with a super yummy appetizer, a pesto and tomato flat bread. 

We also put on a nice dinner outfit. 

Aren't you all so happy I figured out how to use the self-timer so I can take photos of both of us at the same time?

This year we made bacon-wraped filet mignon in a pepper sauce and a twice baked potato. 

We love our little kitchen table. Very intimate! 

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, drinks, and games. Then we were fast in bed to await the arrival of Santa Claus! 


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  1. YOu two and your house are/is absolutely adorable. What a nice tradition.

  2. Aww you two are great together. My Hubby and I also enjoyed christmas eve together. I love your x-mas tree by the way!


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