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All Dolled Up With Nicole Katherine Designs: Montana Dungarees!

11:00 PMDollie DeVille

My first official sponsor post! I am ready to start this off with a bang!

I am so happy to be sharing Nicole Katherine Designs' Montana Dungarees with you today. Here is the photo from her website. I fell in love with these jeans immediately. They look as close to vintage as I have ever seen in a pair of reproduction jeans. A good pair of jeans is a must have in any girls wardrobe, but a high quality, figure flattering, high-waist pair of jeans is even more important in a rockabilly girl's wardrobe! After having such a good experience after ordering NKD's overalls I had high expectations, but, I was even more amazed with these Montana Dungarees! They fit like a dream! I was blown away and can't stop talking about them. So this post is a good excuse to sing Nicole Katherine Designs praises a little more!  

I paired the Montana Dungarees with the Linda blouse in red. I think it is a perfect combo! These separates really pair well together. I did some pig tails to complete the "All American" girl next door look. Did you know Nicole Katherine Designs are made in America? Remember to support small business in America! 

These jeans are cut long, for long tall Sallys, or for girls like me who MUST cuff her jeans! I love the extra cuffing room! It is also nice that you can change the cuff length (because they are not sewn in) depending on the shoes you are pairing with the outfit. 

I must say, my favorite thing is the rear view- 

Perfect to show off a shapely bottom! These jeans are cut using the new size chart, and offered from XS to 2XL, assuring that every gal can be a hep cat in these cool jeans! 

I approve! 

I think the inseam is more natural on these jeans compared to other vintage reproduction jeans I own. They feel more comfortable in the private region, especially while sitting down. I wore these during a 3 hour car ride with no discomfort at all! Now that's what I call a test drive! You can trust that I will give you the truth, 100% of the time, even the "private" details- pun intended! 

I love the curvy look of these jeans, I just can't get over it! I love the slightly narrower cut throughout the leg too! Maybe that helps to accentuate the hips and make the waist look tiny tiny.

Here is the hanger view. 

One of my favorite things about these jeans is that the zipper is on the side, not hidden awkwardly in a pocket like some others. It is also a good quality metal zipper, so it doesn't fall down like some other jeans I own. There also is no protruding button, the zipper just goes all the way to the top and is hidden in a fold. That's Jean-ius (get it?). This creates a perfectly smooth look! 

Rear view on the hanger. 

Another trait that is unique to the Montana Dungarees is the red stitching. To-Die-For! Just like vintage ranch wear jeans! This V cut on the bottom is extremely flattering too! 

I can say, hands down, these are the best jeans I have ever owned. The denim is not too stiff, the color is a perfect blue (not too dark and not too light), and the cut is impeccable. They look perfectly tailored but still feel comfortable. I highly recommend you follow this link and get a pair for yourself: 

Don't you just adore these Montana Dungarees? Give us your feedback! 


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  1. Haha! Dollie, you crack me up! I'm gonna have to check these out. I have the hardest time with jeans and feel most repros are WAY too wide in the leg. These sound perfect!

  2. I agree most repros do have a very wide leg. but these look fab!!! you look so good in them!!! I want some too!!

  3. Oh, they look great!! Perfect waistline and the width of the legs look just right!

    Do you know if there is any chance Nicole Katherine Designs will be at VLV? (as a vendor/shop that is)

  4. Can you unpick the cuff?? If so, do you think it would still look ok? I need the extra length and adore these jeans. Let me know.

  5. Miss Margarita, I know NKD is normally in the VLV fashion show, so she may have a boutique in her room, but I have not seen her have a vendor booth in the past years. I will ask her though and keep you all updated.

    Rockabilly Kitten, the cuff is not sewn in, I just rolled and cuffed them myself. They are nice and long for tall gals, so you will have no problem. You could probably even still add a small cuff at the bottom. I am 5'6 and wearing heels here, and added a double layer cuff.

  6. I am going to have to try and get some.I am 5'4 with long legs short torso and everytime I get jeans they are nice and long and the cuffs are good then once I wash them they don't do that anymore.The one thing I hate is sitting down and seeing my ankles when I want them long and a big cuff at all times.Unless I purposly want the cuff over the ankle.So frustrating.Thanks for sharing this.They look great and very comfy.Love your photos.

  7. Vintage kitten- I have a short torso too, an these hit at just the right spot. The website says they are made with a 5% shrinkage in mind, so it should be fine to wash them at home, unlike other brands that you have to take to get dry cleaned.

  8. definatley going to have to get some.I wore a pair of my freddies jeans and almost couldn't zip them and they didn't fit right anywhere.:(

  9. Hi, I just found your blog because of these dungarees. They are on my wish list. I'm currently trying to save up for a pair.

    The Fictionista


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