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Rockabilly Wednesday Nights at Joe's!

10:23 PMDollie DeVille

You must excuse me, as I am about 3 months behind in my blogging! But, these are still good topics, so I will just keep truckin' along and hope to be caught up by Christmas! 

I wanted to let all of the locals know that Joe's in Burbank is now hosting a Rockabilly Night on Wednesdays! I know it's hard to get out on a weeknight (and they always stick the rockabilly nights on the weeknights) but they start and end these weeknight shows earlier for the working stiffs. So, you may be tired the next morning, but it is worth it to support the music. Also a bonus- they are free!

So a few weeks ago we went to see such a show on a Wednesday night- Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio from San Diego. It is rare they make it up to our neck of the woods, so we know we had to go out and support them. I know I have talked about them before, but they really are a talented group of young men! They put on a great show so I recommend you see them if you ever get the chance. 

Nicole and I, chatting before the show. 

You may recognize this raven-haired beauty as fellow blogger Temperamental Broad. I am happy to report that she has moved out to So Cal and I couldn't be happier that I get to see her more now! 

The boys played multiple sets which kept us entertained for hours! 

Sorry girls, but I believe these young men are all taken (and by some amazing ladies I must say!)

Their music always inspires dancing. That's Holly cutting a rug! 

I closed out the night chatting up my good friend Deen. What a sweetheart she is. 


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